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How to sell your first item on eBay


    How to sell your first item on eBay

    How to sell your first item on eBay

    In this week’s quick⁣ video, I’ll show you how to sell your first item on eBay. Whether you’re looking at⁣just selling off on eBay, a few used items lying around the house, or you’re looking at building⁣ a full-time, eBay business, selling new items. It all starts out with learning how to sell your first item on eBay. If anybody new this channel,⁣my name’s Neil Waterhouse, and I’ve been selling online⁣ full-time for over 25 years. I’m the author of a million-dollar eBay business from home and creator of Dropship Formula.

    So no matter whether you’re ⁣looking at just selling one item or building a full-time eBay business, I would highly recommend⁣ for the very first item that you sell on eBay to just⁣ use a used or second-hand item. Selling used items is a ⁣great way to learn how to sell on eBay and most full-time. EBay sellers first started with selling used items, myself included. Almost all of us have ⁣got some used items lying around in a cupboard, a garage,⁣a shared attic, laundry, et cetera, that are not being used, and they’re just sitting ⁣there collecting dust.

    These are great items to ⁣learn how to sell on eBay with and have the bonus of turning ⁣them into cash so you can use that cash or you know,⁣something more useful. Used items to sell on eBay⁣ could be some kids’ toys that aren’t being used anymore. Old tools, kitchenware, clothes,⁣shoes, car parts, furniture bags, Lego unused computer⁣e quipment, CDs, DVDs, old vinyl records, jewelry⁣ board games, et cetera. But this example, in this week’s video, I’m going to list a used lawnmower that we, we don’t use anymore. So the first thing I need to⁣do is figure out the keywords that match the item that I’m selling.

    I need to figure out the ⁣most popular most search for keywords for what I’m ⁣going to sell on eBay, IE, this lawnmower, and then ⁣find out the keywords that buyers are searching⁣ for to find what I’m selling. Let me show you for this item, the make and model I shown on the mower, but it’s exactly the same process. If the item that you are selling⁣ does not have an exact make and model for this item, I⁣can google the keyword phrase, massport utility five⁣30, then click on images to find a similar lawnmower and bingo.

    There it is. Now I can click⁣on that image in Google, which takes me to a website that is selling this identical lawnmower. Now on this website, I⁣ can see all the features and benefits of this lawnmower, and I can use this information for inspiration for my eBay listing. I can also see how much ⁣it’s being sold for. The next step is to⁣ see how much this mower or similar mowers are⁣ being sold for on eBay, and find out which keywords ⁣buys are top into the search box to find the similar item by lawnmower.

    So first of all, I’ll do a search on eBay for massport utility five 30. Now eBay shows me the search results for this keyword phrase. Next, check the sold items check box, which is down on the left-hand side. So eBay only shows items that have sold. When you check the sold ⁣items checkbox on eBay, all prices will turn green, meaning these – Items are sold I. eBay also shows the⁣ dates the items are sold. Here I can see a new identical ⁣mower has sold for $899. However, it’s brand new and mine isn’t. When this happens and you⁣ don’t see any used items to compare the price⁣to, we use the 75% rule which is list the item for⁣ 75% of the replacement price, IE $674 and be prepared to accept⁣offers up to 10% less if the item is not sold after 30 days.

    For used items, we drop⁣the price 10% every month until it’s sold. Next is to find out which ⁣keywords buyers are typing into eBay to find a lawnmower. To do this, go the search box on eBay and start typing a ⁣keyword or keyword phrase and eBay’s auto-suggestion tool, like the search box will ⁣automatically show you other hot, popular keywords that people ⁣are typing into the search box. As you can see, after⁣ typing just five letters, eBay is showing Massport lawnmower. You can also do the same thing with Google and Amazon to find more⁣ hot keywords using Google and Amazon’s auto suggestion tool.

    Oh yeah, the search box. For example, if I search ⁣Google for lawnmower, one of the top keywords is petrol. Once you’ve done this research and collected the hot,⁣most popular keywords, the next step is to list the item on eBay. To list an item on eBay. On any page on eBay,⁣click the sell hyperlink, then create listing, single listing. Then tell eBay what you’re ⁣listing in this example, I’ll type lawnmower. Then click the blue search button here. eBay tries to index or match the item that you’re⁣selling with other similar or identical listings.

    For this example, I’ll click the Continue without match button. Next, I’ll click used. Then eBay will ask you to upload photos. Here you can upload up to 12 photos and try to always upload least six photos. Buyers love to see lots of photos. Next, enter the hot, popular keywords that you found earlier ⁣into the title section. For the title. eBay allows⁣you up to 80 characters, and as a general rule of thumb, the more relevant hot keywords ⁣that you add into the title, the more views your listing will get. As a rule of thumb, a title with 80 characters will get⁣1.5 times more views than a listing with only 60 characters.

    Next, make sure eBay has put your item in the correct category. If not, you’ll need to⁣click the edit button to change the category. If you get stuck here, choosing⁣ a category, go back to eBay and have a look at the⁣ category for the items that have previously sold. The category shows at the ⁣top of every eBay listing. Next, enter the condition⁣in the description field. Use the information that⁣you collected earlier to create your description.

    Next, choose buy it now or auction. For this example, I’ll⁣ select buy it now. Next, – Enter the price and enter ⁣the minimum price you’ll accept as an offer as well as the⁣ price to decline offers. Next, tell eBay if you’re⁣ going to ship the item or is it a pickup only. For this item, I’ll set local pickup only as I don’t fancy boxing⁣upper used lawnmower. Next, click the blue list it button. Now you’ll see your listing is live.

    If you also want to know how ⁣to quickly find a hot niche and quickly find items that are sold over a⁣thousand times on eBay, make sure you watch this video up here and I’ll put a link at the⁣end of the video and below. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. Until next week, stay⁣ safe. List more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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