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Home » How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!

How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!


    How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!

    How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!

    I’m doing a series of videos ⁣about how to sell more on eBay. This week’s video is about ⁣the power of bullet points and how the world’s best⁣ marketers use ’em to sell more, and how we can do exactly the same thing to sell more on eBay.

    How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!

    Is anybody new to this channel? My name’s Neil Waterhouse⁣ and I’ve been selling online full-time for over 25 years. I’m the author of Million⁣ Dollar eBay Business from Home and creator of Dropship Formula. First of all, what is a bullet point? Bullet points list the features⁣ and benefits of a product.

    How To Sell More On eBay – The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points!

    However, it’s really important to convert features to benefits. As I’ll show you more⁣ bullet points with features and benefits that you add to your listing. For any item on eBay, the more valuable that the item appears to be to a buyer. The bullet point strategy is not new. The top advertising companies ⁣in the world figured this out a long time ago. For example, the largest car⁣manufacturer in the world is Toyota which sells over 10⁣ million cars each year. Toyota employs some of the leading, most exclusive advertising⁣ agents in the world to market their cars.

    The AMAZING Power Of Bullet Points

    Here’s an example of bullet⁣ points using a brochure for a new Toyota Corolla, which for many years the Toyota⁣ Corolla has been the best-selling car of the year worldwide.

    How To Sell More On eBay

    All of these ticks in this ⁣brochure are bullet points. Toyota, many other advertising ⁣companies have replaced the round bullet point with a tick. In the case of Toyota, a⁣red tick in the industry, these ticks are still ⁣called bullet points. If you take the time to read ⁣the bullet points in a brochure like this, you’ll notice⁣ you’ll feel the value of the car increasing your mind as you discover all the features and benefits that the car has.

    This is the power bullet points. Bullet points increase the ⁣perceived value of any item by simply pointing out all the features and benefits of the item. Toyota is not the only ⁣motor vehicle manufacturer to use bullet points in their brochures. Every motor vehicle brochure ⁣I’ve ever seen users bullet points and it’s for a very good reason. They work, they sell cars, and the good news is for selling on eBay and Amazon and your own website. If you have your own ⁣website, you only need around 20 bullet points per listing.

    How To Sell More On eBay

    And we split test this over and over, and bullet points for eBay. Listings are usually very easy ⁣to collect, as I’ll show you. So always aim for around 20 bullet points on⁣e Bay and Amazon listings. The more life-changing features and benefits that your listing ⁣highlights in the bullet points, the more valuable the item will appear ⁣to potential buyers. Bullet points. Highlight the top features and benefits of any eBay listing. However, bullet points must⁣ be measurable and specific. Humans buy benefits, not features. Probably one of the most famous ⁣quotes in marketing comes from Harvard Business School, ⁣professor Theodore Levitt.

    ⁣professor Theodore Levitt

    Levitt quotes, people don’t⁣ want to buy a quarter inch drill that want a quarter inch hole. Anything that is measurable ⁣and specific like a number or a specification in an ⁣eBay listing gives a listing credibility, measurable⁣, and specific features and benefits. Give a listing – Credibility. Avoid non-measurable wishy-washy features and you know things⁣like, you know, benefits, like a hundred percent⁣ satisfaction, guaranteed, you know, what does that even mean? You know, durable, great⁣quality, et cetera. Always convert features to benefits.

    Humans buy benefits not features. A question I get asked a lot ⁣is, why is the difference between a feature and a benefit? A quick answer is a feature ⁣is an aspect of your product. That aspect could be a⁣technical or a specification, or it could describe the item benefits or why that feature⁣ matters to your customer. In other words, how that⁣ feature makes their life better, how it improves their life. Here’s an example, and the four steps to quickly turn features into benefits. Number one, clearly⁣ define the feature itself. For example, if you’re selling say, a stainless steel barbecue, stainless steel would be a feature that can be quickly turned into a benefit.

    stainless steel barbecue

    Two, describe why or how the feature IE stainless steel is a benefit to the buyer. Simple, it won’t rust. Third, how is it different to⁣ other barbecues on the market? Competitors’ barbecues,⁣cheap, regular carbon steel and not stainless steel, so the competitor’s bar becue will rust. Four, why is stainless still better? Because it lasts a lifetime⁣to collect bullet points.

    Look at your supplier’s description and your competitors’ listing ⁣from those two sources. You can normally quickly ⁣collect 20 bullet points and use those for inspiration. If you can’t get 20 bullet⁣ points from your supply and or your competitors’ listing, then look at other competitors’ listings. Often eBay listing for another similar item, but even not an identical item, will give you more bullet point ideas.

    For example, with the ⁣barbecue to find, you know, the inspiration for⁣ stainless steel bullet point, stainless steel could be used for any stainless steel barbecue, not just an identical model. If you also want to know how to ⁣increase eBay sales by factor of 16, make sure you ⁣watch this video up here and I’ll put a link at the⁣end of this video and below. If you have any questions, please leave them the comment section below. Until next week, stay⁣safe. List more Selmore. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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