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New eBay Amazon Dropshipping Seminar

eBay Seminar


How To Sell On eBay & Amazon Seminar
What to Sell
Top Selling Items

Where to source new and used Products?
Where to Get Free Inventory To Sell?
How to Source From China?
Hundreds of
 Selling Tips RevealedJust One Tip Can Double Your Sales
eBay Best Match Tricks Revealed
The Secrets eBay Won’t Tell You to Get Your Listings
to the Top of
eBay‘s Best Match Search Results
in Less Than 30 Minutes
How to Automate
How To Build A Multi Million Dollar Online Business
 From Home

And tons more….

Step By Step Blueprint To Build A

Million Dollar Online Business

And More…

  • Learn how to build a million dollar Dropship business from home without spending a cent of your money or borrowing any money.
  • Learn how to find free products to sell 
  • Learn how to make thousands of dollars profit each month from buying badly listed items and then reselling them.
  • Learn how to build a multi-million dollar import business
  • And much much more…
  • No Fluff and no upsells. Just non stop steps and procedures for you to make more money on Amazon and eBay

Are you considering making your full time income online?

Do you have an eBay or Amazon business and want to take it to the next level?

Would you like to be personally instructed live by a Multi-Million dollar seller , author of “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home– A Step By Step Guide”, Amazon and eBay Invited guest speaker, creator of Dropship Formula™?

Join Neil Waterhouse – Multi-Million Dollar Seller, author of best seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home”, eBay ‘invited’ guest speaker, Amazon Invited guest speaker, Alibaba ‘invited’ guest speaker, Professional eBay Sellers Alliance ‘invited’ guest speaker, – For a full, information packed day where he will be showing you exactly how you can build a multi-million dollar online business from home, from scratch, and how you can even do it with no money as well as revealing best match tricks to getting listings to the top of search results.

ebay seminar

Some of the topics covered include:


  • Step by step blueprint of exactly how to build a million dollar online  business from scratch
  • How to build an exit strategy so the business works without you
  • How to make it impossible for Chinese sellers to compete with you
  • What mistakes new sellers make and how to avoid them
  • How to purchase items from inexperienced  sellers for a fraction of market value
  • How to start with zero money
  • How to build and run, a multi-million dollar  online business from home


  • What to sell on – choosing the best products to sell
  • How to know if a niche / product is in high demand
  • Where and how to source used products and new products
  • Which category, niche, trend..?
  • How to get free inventory to sell without leaving home
  • How to find dropshippers fast
  • How to use Terapeak to find products and research competitors


  • How to photograph items
  • Best lighting
  • Best camera settings
  • Best resolution
  • Best background
  • Watermarking
  • Hosting Photo
  • Search engine optimization for images and photos


 Best Match Tricks

  • Search engine optimisation eBay listings forAmazon, eBay and Google
  • Unlocking eBay’s Cassini search engine
  • What we’ve learnt from split testing hundreds of thousands of  listings. What improves search results and what doesn’t
  • Tips and tricks which eBay and Amzon will not disclose to get listings to the top of the best match search results
  • How to set up a store so it is found by all major search engines
  • How to optimise listings for mobile devices


  • How to source items from China
  • Where to source items from China
  • How to import on the cheap
  • Tips for dealing with Alibaba and the ordering process
  • Which Chinese suppliers to buy from and which ones not to
  • How to negotiate with suppliers
  • A to Z of importing. The whole importing process explained
  • How to import with zero duty, customs or freight forwarder charges
  • International Freight Forwarders
  • How to import via air and sea
  • All import costs and how to slash them

sydney_ebay_seminarSydney eBay Seminar


  • Shipping, how to ship and the cheapest way to ship to customers
  • Automation
  • How to make your business run 24/7 365 without you
  • How to automate emails
  • How to automate inventory management
  • How to get automatic positive feedback without asking
  • How to keep control of hundreds then thousands of sales
  • How to reduce customer questions


  • How to promote your business
  • How to take a viewer from viewer to buyer
  • How to drive traffic from eBay to your website

Computer skills

  • The 5 pieces of HTML a seller needs to know
  • How to create a professional looking store and website
  • How to set up your own website


  • How to minimise Fees
  • How to build a $1 million plus online business with no money and without borrowing a cent and without leaving your house
  • How to set the foundations for a Million Dollar Business
  • What is hot 
  • What is trending
  • How to find “free” inventory to sell without leaving your house
  • What mistakes beginners make and how to learn from them
  • How to make thousands of dollars a month buying and selling badly listed items
  • How to Dropship including how to find suppliers and products
  • How to determine the market size for each product
  • How to source products locally and from overseas
  • A break down of the importing process inc. terminology, import duties, dealing with Chinese, processes with coming in via shipping container
  • Working through Alibaba and protecting yourself from suppliers
  • Best items to sell 
  • How to market on eBay and Amazon. Beginners and advanced.
  • How to photograph your items
  • Search engine optimisation for Amazon, eBay and Google
  • How to get listings to the top the search results
  • Strategies to use when competing against another seller who has the same product
  • How to import on the cheap
  • Direct sourcing contacts overseas in China and elsewhere
  • Shipping, how to ship and the cheapest way to ship to customers
  • Simple record keeping method to record product and profit
  • How to automate
  • How to create templates that convert traffic
  • How to outsource overseas staff from $1.44 per hour
  • Cost effective postal charges
  • The cheapest methods to ship goods from China
  • Understanding sea freight from China and avoiding getting trapped by high local agent charges.
  • The cheapest methods to ship goods to customers
  • How to send items with postage charges free
  • How to package items professionally
  • Inventory Storage
  • How to use Amazon  FBA and third-party logistics companies for order fulfillment for your eBay business
  • How and where to start as beginner
  • How to handle disputes regarding – incorrect item received – damaged items – returning items – paying for return postage, etc
  • How to build a brand so customers trust you more
  • Advanced marketing skills
  • The new defect rating, the do’s and don’ts
  • Which accounting system to use?
  • How to continually sell off parts of your business to purchase capital items like real estate.
  • and more…


What if you implemented just one idea and doubled your sales?

Neil Waterhouse Bio.
neil waterhouse

  • Multi-Million Dollar Seller
  • Author – Best Seller “Million Dollar eBay Business from Home – A Step by Step Guide”
  • eBay Invited Guest Speaker
  • Alibaba Invited Guest Speaker
  • Amazon Invited Guest Speaker
  • eBay Professional Sellers Alliance Invited Guest Speaker
  • Internet Conference Invited Guest Speaker
  • Invited editorial contributor – Ecommerce Bytes
  • Invited editorial contributor – Australian Businesses For Sale
  • Invited editorial contributor – Web Retailer
  • Channel Advisor – 1st Australian Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller
  • Australia Post eParcel Invited beta tester
  • Australia Post’s 1st Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller to use eParcel
  • Founder and Host – Sydney eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
  • Founder and Host – Melbourne eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
  • Founder and Host – Brisbane eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
  • Founder and Host – Adelaide eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
  • CEO, Waterhouse Research, #1 Supplier of eBay arbitrages to Australia, USA, Canada, UK
  • Full time online seller since 2005
  • 24 years importing experience



“Really good information and plenty of it packed into the day. The small points are often the most useful as they make all the difference. Neil speaks with such a depth of practical knowledge. I know I can improve my business straight away.”

Michael Osborne – Victoria Australia


“Incredible amount of information and Neil is a wealth of knowledge. Keeps it basic so even someone with limited know how can understand the fundamentals to succeed. Do the the seminar!”

Glenn Ball – Victoria

“Very informative, feeling inspired. Lots of content covered. Thank you Neil for sharing your knowledge”

Louise Napdetano Sydney Australia


“Thanks Neil, the seminar was great. The same night, I made a few changes to one of my listings and it jumped from the second page to mid first page”

Dr Chaminda Gunathilake – Queensland Australia


“It was comprehensive. Really loved it”

Scott Stacey – Sydney Australia


“Great content and review. Thank you Neil!”

Melody Lee – Melbourne Australia


“Great tips. Building on solid foundations”

Graham Kite – Sydney Australia

Monique (1)

“Awesome, very relevant material”

Myke and Monique Field – Sydney Australia


“All important areas about ebay have been covered. Up-to-date and very clear and practical hints and tips. Thank you Neil”

Amir Jamal – Sydney Australia


“Compared to other seminars I have attended, I find this awesome value! A Lot of useful knowledge acquired today, thank you. “

Peter Skvaril – Tasmania Australia

Monique (2) - Copy

Great for the beginner and advanced seller. Thank you, well done. Recommend! “

Sharon – Sydney Australia

Monique (2)

“Very worthwhile, excellent information. Thank you. “

Michelle – Sydney Australia

Monique (3) - Copy

“Neil is a wealth of information”

Steven Clark – Sydney Australia

ebay seminar

“Very good and I learnt a lot more stuff about ebay that I have never known before”

Le Beng Tan – Victoria Australia

ebay seminar

“Very informative with a great amount of information provided. Excellent value for money”

Sean Murphy – Victoria Australia

More testimonials

“Excellent overall – huge value for money. As always so many strategies on: (1) How to save money. (2) How to make money.”

Mal Hales – Victoria Australia

“Great! Loved it! “

Rachel Lacy – Victoria Australia

“Found it to be very knowledgeable, can’t wait to start. I thought I know a bit about eBay, but now I know alot more!! Thank you for your time.”

Andrea Declos – Victoria Australia

“Firstly I’ll just let you know I was blown away by your presentation yesterday. Such a thorough presentation on everything EBay related from beginners to advanced Even though we have been selling on EBay for a long time I learnt so much yesterday that can be applied to our business
I flew in from Perth late the day before so I was pretty tired but your talk was so inspiring that it got me fired up and at dinner with my family after they couldn’t shut me up about ideas we can apply to our business
Honestly mate sometimes the daily grind can be boring but when I get inspired like I did yesterday then inspiration leads to business growth. Business growth then leads to excitement within in our whole business that leads to more inspired working
So thanks a lot for sharing with us what you did yesterday. I hope the new eBay sellers in particular appreciate the wealth of knowledge you gave them to get them going, doing it right from day 1.Good ideas are nothing without execution so now for the execution.”

Robert Moynan – Perth Western Australia

“Fantastic, lots of great information. Can’t wait to get home and put into practice. Great valie for money.”

Karen Warren – Hope Valley South Australia

“Relaxed learning environment. Easy to follow. Small group atmosphere is great. Great event. Thanks.

Graeme – Queensland

“The most thorough and and professional eBay seminar I have attended. Information is relevant and educational for all levels of ebay user”

Caroline Taylor – Melbourne Australia

“Very informative – huge amount to process on the day – thoroughly enjoyable. Picked up many gems!!”

Suzanne Jossi – Melbourne Australia

“I enjoyed and got loads of value”

Leanne Justice – Melbourne Australia

“Been really good. Been very impressed with how well you know your business – all the key figures etc!!”

Daniel Tanner – Melbourne Australia

“Very informative, great to hear from Neil who is someone who is actually practicing what he teaches. Neil is very approachable and a wealth of information. I thought it was great Neil constantly asking whether we had any questions. Looking forward to going through the content slides and “executing” the strategies and using the tools discussed.”

Jared Ebeling – Melbourne Australia

“Excellent! Covered everything even more than what I expected”

Janet Simmons – Melbourne Australia

“Simplified a lot of things for me eg postage which was my main concern. Also gave me more insight to importing.”

Amanda Corazzol – Queensland Australia

“Very informative, easy to understand, enjoyable day – thanks Neil”

Philippa Lopez – Sydney Australia

“I have been to many eBay seminars by many so-called “eBay experts” only to find out their knowledge was skin deep and all they were trying to do was sell me their next package, often for thousands of dollars! This is by far the best eBay seminar I have ever been too. You did not try to sell me anything and you did not hold back anything. Your depth of knowledge is simply incredible.”

James Hockey – Sydney Australia

“I really liked it and it was very informative “

Martina Parker – Sydney Australia

“Excellent seminar Neil as always. Love that we can ask questions and share information along the way in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Thanks for a great day!”

Rob Bateman – Melbourne Australia

“The seminar was fantastic. Very happy with content”

Donna body – Castle Hill NSW

“Extremely comprehensive, very informative.”

Maria Garrigo – Earlwood NSW

“Thank you so much. Got a lot out of the seminar. Thank you for setting it near Town Hall railway station too! (Easier for flight to Adelaide).”

Cahill Chan – Queenstown South Australia

“Great content and loved in-depth details.”

Gary Nickless – Caringbah NSW

“Thanks very much. Generous with your time and knowledge!”

Michael Giblett – East Fremantle Western Australia

“Highly recommended for anyone wanting to start an eBay business the right way from the start “

Attila Dobi – Rye Victoria

“Relaxed and easy-going room. Approachable, questions encouraged. Enjoyable learning that has excited me about our new business”

Jackie McCormick – Shell Harbour NSW

“I am really impressed with the detail of the information provided. Easy to follow and well presented.”

Louise Gunton – Wentworth Falls NSW

Brilliant information. Neil shares his wealth of experience and does not hold back anything. Very impressed that Neil does not upsell or promote other courses. Loved it.”

Tara Jackson – Hindmarsh Adelaide

“A very interesting and informative day. Neil has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share! Excellent information, easy to listen to and understand. Lots to think about and act on. Thanks Neil”

Sandy Carr – Nambour Queensland

“Been to a lot of expensive professional development sessions that spent much of the time referring to or promoting their expensive upsell. Not Neil. I was thrilled that his workshop was 100% pure content. Neil knows his stuff and was happy to share everything, so refreshing. Not pretentious, just a good bloke, fantastic value, nothing was too much to ask. I would recommend Neil’s course to anyone.

John Edwards- Tarneit Victoria

“This is a great seminar”

Helen Xian – South Yarra Victoria

” I found the pace really good. I find most seminars tend to go too slow then your mind tends to switch off and start wandering. A faster pace helps you to concentrate and stay alert.”

Shane Smith – Mill Park Victoria

“Very comprehensive, adding to my existing knowledge and very beneficial”

Scott Bradley – Mount Gambier South Australia

“Neil has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to take lots of questions”

Emanuela Camera – Marrickville New South Wales

“Very informative, now I’ve got all the info I need to get started. Incredible points that I would never have found out about if I didn’t come here today.”

Davide Marciano – Reservoir Victoria

“Thank You. Learnt so much in a short time. It’s worth it to come down from Sydney.”

Neil Kaplan – Macquarie Park New South Wales

“We enjoyed the interaction, honesty and question/answer times. Thank you for keeping it understandable with slides and explanations.

Ben and Bianca Spence – Coffs Harbour New South Wales

“Definitely something for everyone there, from newbies to million dollar Seller’s. All helps to make eBay a better place to sell and profit from.”

Pippa Brien – Moorabbin Victoria

“Provided great insight and a better understanding of how to sell and increase sales on eBay”

Craig Williamson – Romsey Victoria

“Extensive and comprehensive.”

Veronica Pizer – Melbourne Victoria

“Presentation was very professional and most informative. I’ve learnt a lot having attended the seminar which I’ll definitely put in practice on my eBay store”

Chris Papadopoulos – Mill Park Victoria

“Very detailed and informative. Frequent “gold nuggets” of information and tips were shared”

Ian Paunkov – Glen Waverley Victoria

“Thank you very much for a really useful, relevant and informative day”

Belinda Thompson – Watsonia North Victoria

“A fantastic day. Very insightful and well worth the time spent.”

Justin Thompson – Watsonia North Victoria

“A great day with like minded people. Neil is very confident yet presents in a relaxed manner”

Mick Van Geyzel – Brassall Queensland

“Very informative plus interactive. Professional presentation. Love the smaller class size, allows all questions to be answered. Good value for money. Thank you”

Christine Craft – Woodridge Queensland

“Great paced – plenty of info. Questions were welcomed and answered. Easy to listen and understand.”

Denise Condon – Jimboomba Queensland

“Excellent course. Great content, very suitable for beginner and experts etc. Well done Neil – thank you.”

Hayden Boyd – ACT

Good relevant knowledge. Cover wide range of area of eBay business. Great value.”

“Excellently delivered relevant and correctly focused.”

Kevin Gaskell – Gosnells Western Australia

“Well presented in the very understandable way. Thanks Neil, lost to digests, valuable info.”

Walter and Nathanial Reibeling

“Great! Good content, extremely relevant”

Cameron Scott – Woodford New South Wales

“Really appreciated the ability to ask questions .Presentation kept moving at a good rate.”

Angus Suter – The Ponds NSW

“Great Seminar, very informative, highly motivational”

Fred Sucar – Concord NSW

“Extremely informative, thoroughly enjoyed.

Kate Finlayson – Albany Creek Queensland

“Extremely well presented and explained in plain English so could easily understand. Even questions asked were explained in a way I could understand as a beginner.

Bred Luniss – Parramatta New South Wales

“The seminar was great,lovely to meet new people and I am always in awe of your patience and how generous you are with the tips you pass on.”

Barbara Copley – Bellair South Australia

“Great content, lots of knowledge and insight”

Nando – The Barton South Australia

“Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, its a rare thing”

Ruth Polger – Hawthorn East Victoria

“Fantastic Neil. Absolutely fantastic”

Ryan Crompton – Yallambie Victoria

“Great detail and very relevant to my success. Excellent presentation.”

Shannon Holmes – Elwood Victoria

“Excellent! It’s been a very practical and useful course. Neil is a fantastic presenter who has a great depth of knowledge of all things eBay and heaps more!

Kirsten Lowe – St Peters NSW

“Neil is an amazing presenter. Was comprehensive on all aspects of online businesses beyond eBay. Very generous and very patient.”

Harvey Chan – St Peters NSW

“Found it very informative. Cleared up some things which will help immensely. Thank you.”

Ivana Fabris – Kyneton Victoria

“Very good. Has covered a lot of things which were a mystery to me. This will save me a lot of time. Thanks for your time and help.”

Julie Denton – Kyneton Victoria

“Very informative, lots of information, useful for beginners and advanced sellers

Peter Horak – Endeveour Hills Victoria

“I found it very useful and informative. I have no previous experience selling online so it has given me some great ideas.”

Dina Alexander – Melbourne Victoria

“Excellent seminar for beginners like me. I learnt a lot. Thank you”

Sivaram Chandrasekaram – South Yarra Victoria

“Great detail was given, very comprehensive”

Grant Leonard – Golden Grove South Australia

“Very informative – approachable. All questions answered.”

Fraser Thomas – Myrniong Victoria

“Well presented, good information. Good lessons learned.”

Jack Thomas  – Myrniong Victoria

“Content rich, presented with a desire to help rather than upsell. Even attending a second time gives deeper understanding of many of the topics.”

Rex Elleray – Eight Mile Plains Queensland

“Great seminar. Great presenter, kept me engaged.”

Quentin Baxter – Buderim Queensland

“Excellent! Hi content”

Chris Novak – Brisbane Queensland

“It was very informative, hands-on. Thank you very much Neil”

Eyal Goffman-  Junction Village Victoria

“Highly informative”

Stuart Douglas – Robina Queensland

“Very informative and easy to understand. I’m excited to start using all the advanced knowledge I’ve gained today.”

Natalie Fredricks – Churchable Queensland

“Awesome seminar. Learn lots of things, really opened my mind to eBay business and drop shipping.”

Robert Meiers – Coopers Plains Queensland

“Great presentation bucket loads of information.”

Richard King – Mount Crosby Queensland

“Really awesome”

Suzanne Downey – Wynnum Queensland

“Enjoyed the day and definitely value for money. Has given me the next step to achieve my dreams.”

Chris Zongas Beverly Park NSW

“this seminar is fantastic value for money. Thanks Neil – really appreciate it!”

Voula Koulas – Belmore NSW

“really good, well done!”

Fransiscus Setiawan – Carlingford NSW

“informative valuable information. Will save me lots of time”

Mohammed Murad – Lakemba NSW

“Awesome information. Amazing that Neil takes a time out to teach such great info”

James Hewison – Surry Hills NSW

“Awesome contents. Great presenter”

Valerio Bernardo – Southbank Victoria

Amazing! Neil shares the secrets of how to make money online that you can only learn by selling millions of dollars online yourself.  Neil’s depth of knowledge is incredible.
In the past I have wasted time and money learning from so called “guru’s” who have never owned Million Dollar online businesses. Highly recommend Neil’s seminar”

Martin Caldwell – Toorak Victoria

Over 460,000 people have left their jobs and now run full time online businesses and you can too.

  • ebay Seminar

Don’t miss this very rare opportunity to be taught step by step exactly how to build a multi-million dollar business by a multi-million dollar seller.

Brisbane eBay Amazon Seminar
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Mantra Queen Street
570 Queen Street
Brisbane Queensland
Brisbane Sold Out

Melbourne eBay Amazon Seminar
Time: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Location: Melbourne Australia
Mantra St Kilda
568 St Kilda Rd
St Kilda Melbourne 3182
Melbourne – Sold Out

Sydney eBay Amazon Seminar

Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Sydney NSW Australia

Sydney – Sold Out

Strictly limited seats to keep the groups small so everybody gets their questions answered.

                • ebay Seminar
            • How to Register: Registration is strictly limited. If the past is any indication of the future, spaces fill up very quickly. If you are interested in attending, click here to register immediately to be assured of a space. Don’t wait and “do it later.”
            • Guarantee (100% No B.S., Iron Clad, Double Guarantee): I understand some of you don’t know me. That is why I make the following iron clad double guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you don’t feel like you have received more than your moneys worth by the break, simply hand in your materials for a complete 100% refund. No weasel clauses, no hassles, no questions asked. In addition to that, if you do not generate an additional $5,000 over the next year as a result of these ideas and concepts, please call me and we will send you a quick and courteous refund. I have never had to give anyone their money back from a seminar. I think this is because of the incredible amount of usable information I pack into such a short period of time.
            • Early Registration Bonus: The first 5 people to register are entitled to a special free gift worth $99.
            • Methods of Payment: Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.
            • Fees: $297 for the first person and $197 for partners or additional people from the same organisation. This includes all seminar materials. Coffee and tea provided.
            • Who Should Not Attend? If you are the type of person who is content to do things the way you always have, this seminar is definitely not for you. If you don’t have an open mind or want to learn the latest ideas that have been tested with spectacular results, it would be best not to attend.
            • A Plan of Action: You will leave this seminar with a comprehensive plan to boost sales and ensure long term growth. You will walk out knowing exactly what to do next. I will give you a plan, without needing a big bucks budget, to make your competitors heads spin.
            • Unable to Attend?: It is always preferable to attend any seminar in person. That way you get your individual concerns and questions answered. However, if it is absolutely impossible for you to make it, call us and we will arrange for a special price on our “home study” materials. Telephone follow up is included.
            • Tax Deductibility: In all likelihood this seminar is tax detectable. Check with your accountant to be sure.
            • Certificate of Attendance: Everyone who attends this seminar will receive a certificate of completion. Please don’t be fooled by various certification programs you see advertised in the industry. The only certifications you need are your results and your numbers. I will take an eBay business owner from zero to a million dollar turnover over any eBay business owner with some piece of paper on their wall. The only indicator of how good you are, are your numbers. The numbers don’t lie.
            • Cancellations: If for any reason you have to cancel your reservation, I will refund your money in full if it is more than 14 days before the seminar. After that time I will give you full credit towards a future seminar, my consulting time, my products, or any combination of those items. Cancellation guidelines are set out to ensure that no one is closed out from attending who wanted to come only to have someone else show up.
            • Note: Hundreds of people have been exposed to this material and felt it was the most valuable information they have ever heard in the eBay industry. If you don’t agree, you don’t pay. Plain and simple.

Click here to reserve your place now.

ebay Seminar

To your success

Neil Waterhouse

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