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Neil’s students have now sold over 1 Billion dollars of products on eBay, Amazon, and their own websites.

 There are now over 480,000 people making a full-time income on eBay alone, you can be the next one.

According to Business Review Weekly:

• Businesses started by Men / Women are far more likely to be at home, with about 71% started at home
• 54% say a good mentor is paramount to being successful.

Speed of implementation is the key to building your eBay business or Amazon business fast. The faster you implement the methodology, the faster your business grows.

Having your own personal coach saves you time and money by not wasting time and money figuring things out by yourself. Coaching also dramatically speeds up implementation.

For a limited time you can now be personally coached,  one on-one, over the phone, live with Multi-Million Dollar Seller Neil Waterhouse.

Neil’s private coaching clients range from multi-million dollar eBay / e-commerce sellers to brand-new e-commerce start-ups who want to get up and running fast. Neil teaches you right from signing in as a guest user to launching your products on e-commerce platforms.

Neil’s clients are spread all over the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.

If you want the fastest results, personal coaching is the way to do it. 

After booking, you will immediately receive an email with Neil’s calendar where you can choose a time slot that suits you both. 

Neil Waterhouse short Bio:

Amazon Invited Guest Speaker
Creator of Dropship Formula ™
Author “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide”
eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller
eBay “Invited” Guest Speaker
Alibaba Invited Guest Speaker
Founder and host Sydney eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
Founder and host Brisbane eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
Founder and host Melbourne eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group
Founder and host Adelaide eBay and Amazon Sellers Meetup Group

Professional eBay Sellers Alliance “Invited” Top Seller guest Speaker
Internet Conference “Invited” Guest Speaker
1st eBay Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller for Australia Post Eparcel
1st eBay Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller for Channel Advisor Australia
Channel 9 TV News Invited Expert Speaker
Regular on Radio Talk shows all over the world
25 years full-time selling online
Over 35 years of importing experience
Member – National Speakers Association
Member – eBay Developers Program
Member Amazon Developer Program

30-minute telephone consult with Neil Waterhouse 
Investment $307
60-minute telephone consult with Neil Waterhouse
Investment $497