Optimizing / SEO eBay Amazon FBA Listings Scientifically


Optimising eBay Amazon Listings for SEO Scientifically

Transcribe of “Optimising eBay / Amazon Listings – Scientifically”

– Hi, guys, Neil Waterhouse. One mistake I see a lot of beginners make is they list an item on eBay, Amazon, or their own website, they let it run for a short period of time, then they come and make some changes to it to try to improve its sales conversion ratio and SEO.

Now, the big problem with this is, if you make more than one change at a time, you’ve got no idea what effect each change made. If you make, say, three changes to your listing, two of your changes might have helped, but the market might not have liked the third change.

Fully optimize SEO eBay Amazon listings every time

This is why it’s so important for you, or if you already have outsourced virtual assistants, to put your best foot forward every time, and fully optimize every listing every time. Then if you do come back later to make some changes to it, only change one thing at a time. There’s a scientific term used for testing different variations to see which one is better, called statistical significance.

Statistical significance

Now, statistical significance means you’ve tested the variations enough so if you ran the same test again, there’s a 95% chance that you get the same winner. It’s very important to never jump the gun too quick when testing different listing variations. Now, it’s just like flipping a coin.

The rate of getting heads when you flip the coin should, of course, be 50%. If you flip the coin an infinite number of times, you’d expect it to come out heads half the time. Unfortunately, with eBay, Amazon, and website listings, we don’t have time to flip the quarter an infinite number of times. So, maybe we only flip it a hundred times, and we get 55 heads and 45 tails.

Use every eBay Amazon SEO optimization techniques that you know

Do we conclude that heads are more likely than tails? What if you only flip it 10 times or five times? You know, when you got numbers this low, the difference between measure is merely due to chance, not a real difference. So, bottom line is, always fully optimize every eBay Amazon SEO listing the same way, every single time, using every optimization technique that you know, then later on in 30 days, when you’re doing the tuning, make one change only. So, that’s all for this week. Please scroll on down and leave me a comment below.

Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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