eBay Tips – How to improve eBay sales from buyers using Mobile / Smart Devices

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eBay Tips – This video shows how to see what percentage of sales you are getting now from eBay buyers who use their mobile devices to purchase.
The video also shows the number one fix to improve sales from buyers using smart / mobile devices for items your are selling on eBay.

Please leave a comment and let me know what percentage of sales you are getting from mobile…

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6 Responses to eBay Tips – How to improve eBay sales from buyers using Mobile / Smart Devices

  1. Carmel Muggeridge says:

    You are so right Neil re mobile optimisation – an this includes straight ahead and sideways. I even have trouble viewing your weekly emails on my iPhone as doesnt clearly fit on the screen

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hi Neil, I received an email from ebay a few weeks ago saying they are making some big changes next to reduce and eliminate active content in listings. Alot of the templates I’m looking at putting in to my listings have alot of active content. Do you have any comments in this regard? I sorta figured that if I buy a template and put it in place now it may only be useful for a year and then have to change to something else which doesn’t have active content.

    • Hi Jonathan, I have heard this as well and over the last 17 years of doing eBay I have heard a zillion other things that might happen. Some did and many didn’t.

      We can only focus on what works today. E-commerce is always changing and if something changes in a year, we will need to make adjustments then. EBay normally always gives a good heads up time when significant changes are being made so everybody can accommodate.

  3. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for the tips on mobile devices and how to find what percentage of my sale were from them through Paypal.

  4. James George says:

    Hi Neil, My Paypal account has no option for downloading files. Perhaps there is a difference between a personal and business account?

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