How To Outsource Work To Philippines Virtual Assistants For $1 PH

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How To Outsource Work To Philippines Virtual Assistants For $1 per hour


Transcribe of “How To Outsource Work To Philippines Virtual Assistants For $1 PH”

– So, today I want to share with you my number six lesson. I’ve learnt from being in business for over 30 years. And this lesson’s one of those big secrets. From going from a four or five digit hobby-sized business to a six, seven, eight digit business and beyond.

Now this lesson is all about how to grow your business by outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines. From one dollar per hour.

Outsourcing definition

Now, just so we’re on the same page, the term outsourcing means getting work done in a different location. From where you’re physically located now. In the online industry, the term outsourcing it’s normally referred to as using virtual assintants like in countries like the Philippines where the cost of labor is much less than in first-world countries like in Australia, USA, Canada, UK et cetera.

What is a Virtual Assistant

In fact, I’m going to be showing you exactly where you can get staff from one dollar per hour. And just before we get into that, and again so we’re on the same page, the term virtual assistant means a person that works for you from a remote virtual location. Most virtual assistants that you use are in countries like, say the Philippines, and the majority work from their homes.

You see, that’s why they’re called virtual assistants. In the industry though, virtual assistants they’re normally referred to as VAs, which of course is an acronym for virtual assistant.

So now we’re on the same page, like I mentioned before in the beginning, outsourcing is one of my favorite topics simply because implementing VAs, or virtual assistants, gives you back time in your life that you can do other things that give you the most pleasure. That can be anything from picking up the kids from school, sleeping in for as long as you like on any day of the week, or taking long holidays.

Outsourcing Hour of life for $1 per hour

And today we’re blessed that we can literally buy an hour of life for one dollar per hour. And these hours that you buy back can be used to either leverage the time to build you business much faster and/or to give some time off to do things in life that, you know, give you the most joy that you love the most.

Bottom line is, if you can do work on your business that makes more than one dollar per hour, you should be outsourcing that work to one dollar an hour staff or a VA, which basically, so you can generate a lot more than, per hour then you do in one dollar. It’s the same principle with getting a cleaner for your house or your car, if you can make more money per hour doing something else, then you should be outsourcing the cleaning work.

Hundred dollar per hour work because of outsourcing to the Phillipines

I call this the hundred dollar per hour work because, as you grow your business you should only be doing work that generates a hundred dollars plus per hour, and you should be outsourcing the rest. And then there’s my favorite, the thousand dollar per hour work. You know, think about it.

Looking back in your life, when did you get those great ideas in your life? Was it when you were you flat out, head down at work? Or did you get those great ideas standing in the shower, lying in bed in the morning before you wake up, or sorry, after you wake up but before you get up, or while doing your favorite hobby?

Or were you on holidays? Most people get those great ideas, or as we call them, the thousand dollar per hour ideas when they’re relaxing, doing something totally different from work and not even thinking about work. This is the thousand dollar per hour work and this is why it’s so crucial to take time off, to enjoy your hobbies, spend time with your family, and crucial to take holidays.

Great thousand dollar per hour ideas with outsourcing

This is when you get those great thousand dollar per hour ideas. Now, anybody that’s been following me for some time knows my favorite hobby in life is building radio controlled, building and flying radio controlled planes.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had great ideas come to me while I’ve been driving to flying events, at flying events, and spending time in the shed building model planes. And the crazy thing is I’m not thinking about anything at all to do with work. Nothing, nothing to do with work at all. It’s the same with most people. That’s why we regularly hear the phrase about people having those great ideas in the shower. This is why it’s so critical to get away from work, to take some time off, to enjoy life, and just to get those thousand dollar per hour ideas.

Instant access to outsourcing virtual assistants all over the world

And the best part is today we’re absolutely blessed to have instant access to virtual assistants all over the world. Never before in the history of mankind has it been easier to outsource your work. If you can do it on a computer, you can record your screen and get somebody else to do it from one dollar per hour.

Free step-by-step to get virtual assistants

Now, if you want to know more about where to get virtual assistants from one dollar per hour, and also how to train them, I’ve made a free step-by-step PDF which you can download now, which has all the links in them. I prefer to do that than put the links on the screen because then people complain they have to write downthose links.

So I’ve made it a free PDF for you, and it shows all the links, how to get them and where they are and you can download it right now.

I’ll put a link on the screen and also put it below. I’ve made it as a PDF so I can continually keep the PDF updated with the latest sources when required. Anyway, that’s all for this week.

Please scroll on down and leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.


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