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eBay Tips – Are those one per-centers holding you back from selling more on eBay


One percenters are those tasks that over 12 months add less than 1% extra profit to your bottom line. Selling more on eBay.

How do we recognise those and replace them with tasks which will make radical differences to your profits?  We need to know how to selling more on eBay. How do we not accidentally just build a business which requires more time than if you had just gone and got a job!

In this video I share what I do to recognise these time wasting tasks as well as share how we either get rid of them altogether or outsource them.

As eBay business owners, our job is to build our eBay businesses, not to get bogged down with mundane time sucking tasks.

Instead we need to focus our time on the tasks which builds the business so it gives you a better quality of life by providing more time and more profit.

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3 thoughts on “eBay Tips – Are those one per-centers holding you back from selling more on eBay”

  1. Thanks Neil
    Good structure and thought starter.
    Pete Williams talks a lot to this in regards to what is core work versus mechanical.

    I’d love to get together with some other eBayers and come up a big list and jointly trained / shared resource.
    Bit like some of your group members share containers.

    The natural place to start for me is to remotely print out the paperwork and shipping labels for each order at a certain time (s) each day.

    Editing images and uploading them to variations is a time killer especially with my 1.8mbs rural connection.
    Anyway thanks for starting this list and be interested to see what others add.


    $2 – outsource to VA’s – eg social media, sending emails
    $5 – graphic artists, html editors, ameding templates, uploading photos etc
    $8 – teenagers , high school workers who pick pack despatch assistant work in the warehouse
    $15 – pay for high end programmers, book keepers, trouble shooters.
    $20 – full time pick and packers
    $100 – Stuff we should do to build the business professionally
    $1000 – big ideas work

    1. Thanks Anthony for your great feedback.

      Your 1.8mbs rural connection must be a real pain. Have you checked with Telstra and NBN lately to see if there are any updates to NBN?.

      We also live rural on a farm and NBN put a dish on our roof pointing at a base station. Looks like a satellite dish however it points horizontal instead of vertical to a satellite.

  2. i guess for us who are new, or me its about researching the products & its only now after many many hours of looking thru products & making a list of dropshippers or importers that i can just see what im looking at, i think as time goes on i will learn how to outsource different tasks that i dont really need to do, but i imagine you also have to weigh up the task 7 what it costs to outsource verses the time it would take to do it. I think you once said that it is good to learn how to do every task required for an ebay business then outsource once you have achgieved that so you know exactly what you are expecting from the people doing the work for you.

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