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How to leverage eBay to make thousands of dollars more…


Do you want to know how to leverage eBay to make thousands of dollars, this tips for you. If you walk into any internet marketing conference or read any book about internet marketing, the words “there is big money is in your database” are drummed into us, and for good reason.

In the early days I never quite got it, and then one day I came home after attending yet another internet seminar and decided I would bite the bullet and give it a try.

At the time I had an email database of around 500 customers who had purchased previously.  I quickly whipped up an email about a new item (took approx 10 mins) then loaded it into the email program and went to bed.  To my amazement, in the morning there were 37 new orders giving an extra profit of over $2,000! Not bad for 10 minutes work…

From then on I was sold on email marketing.

Over the years we have refined this a lot by testing the best times to send emails however the concept is exactly the same.
Today we set schedules for these emails to go out, so while you are at the beach or your favourite restaurant, your bank account can grow by often thousands of dollars.

I would love to hear of your experiences with this concept…

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21 thoughts on “How to leverage eBay to make thousands of dollars more…”

  1. Hi Neil,
    What do you do when you don’t have your own list but you have a product i.e. a book or a course and you would like to promote it through other peoples list? Is it possible to do Joint Venture with ebay merchants who have large lists? I am wondering if you have any experience doing JV with ebay merchants.

    1. Hi Dusty. When you don’t have you’re own list, but you need a list, you can purchase the use of someone else’s list on Udimi or similar. Platforms like this have a mixture of great lists and not-so-great lists, but you will learn how to filter out the latter. Payment is an upfront payment based on people reached / clicks; as opposed to sharing of the proceeds (which is more akin to a JV model). Not suggesting that this is as ideal as having your own list per Neil’s article.

  2. How exactly do you send an email for this?
    How do I list my eBay customers (how do I find them – that is the 2000 eBay customers)?
    Is there an email program I can use for my 3500 web site customers.
    Any helpful comments would be useful.

    1. Hi Trevor,
      What sort of models do you do?

      In regards to listing 2000 customers, we use Constant Contact however Mail Chimp is also popular.

      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



  3. Warning! be very careful when buy from suppliers selling brand name products.
    Just got slapped from Ebay for selling a counterfeit product.
    Problem is you have no idea if it is or isn’t counterfeit.
    No name is the safe way to go.

  4. Hi Neil,
    Regarding Trevor’s comment about how to find your eBay customers. Do programmes like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact actually find your previous customer details for you? Or does it only start to collect their data when you join up? I tried to start up a mail shot programme with aWeber and found it quite difficult without a website and just an eBay featured shop. I gave up eventually as it was taking up too much time. and although customer services were quick to answer queries they were not detailed enough for me to make any real progress. No sitting on the beach for me I’m afraid ! Well not yet.

  5. Hi Neil!
    Great post!
    For the past 3 years I’ve captured every piece of information I can get from every eBay sale into an Excel spreadsheet. That includes my buyer’s email address because eBay only leaves it up for 45 days. I just figured that someday it might be useful. I’ve already used the almost 5,000 addresses to ask for selfies with the item they bought for testimonials (I only asked some of them – not all, and I received more than enough replies!) So now it will come in handy again. I can hardly wait!

  6. Hi Neil

    Can i get my eBay customers email address from the paypal transaction, then send them news about new items , discounted items, etc ?

  7. Neil,
    We have been collecting the information from eBay sales for a few years now – but never used it. Are you emailing customers using the addresses supplied via the eBay purchase details? If so, would you still use addresses that were from two / three years ago? Is the ‘offer’ you send them closely related to their original purchase, or can it be unrelated?

  8. Im the same as John Soko, I have been collecting over a 1000 emails but these are a big variety of items or products would you suggest grouping these contact emails into niche or just bulk email all of them with an offer ? also i had a customer actually message me saying dont send promo material to her email, I hadnt actually sent anything I think she was looking at an item & ebay must have messaged her with a reminder so i guess if people get the craps you just delete them from the list

  9. Great post as always Neil! Just wondering if eBay has ever ‘caught you’ marketing to previous customers (as it’s against their TOS). Do they care? Are there any risks? I have a database with thousands of eBay customer email addresses, but I’ve always been a bit scared to market by email (in case eBay penalised me). Am I being a wimp?

  10. Is it okay to use my E-bay customer contact details as long as I direct those customers to the product/special offer etc I have listed on E-Bay

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