How to leverage eBay to make thousands of dollars more…


If you walk into any internet marketing conference or read any book about internet marketing, the words “there is big money is in your database” are drummed into us, and for good reason.

In the early days I never quite got it, and then one day I came home after attending yet another internet seminar and decided I would bite the bullet and give it a try.

At the time I had an email database of around 500 customers who had purchased previously.  I quickly whipped up an email about a new item (took approx 10 mins) then loaded it into the email program and went to bed.  To my amazement, in the morning there were 37 new orders giving an extra profit of over $2,000! Not bad for 10 minutes work…

From then on I was sold on email marketing.

Over the years we have refined this a lot by testing the best times to send emails however the concept is exactly the same.
Today we set schedules for these emails to go out, so while you are at the beach or your favourite restaurant, your bank account can grow by often thousands of dollars.

I would love to hear of your experiences with this concept…


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