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What is the hardest part of get ebay money faster


Get ebay money faster, Whenever I hold seminars on eBay or e-commerce, I always start with asking the audience “what is holding you back today, from making more money online?” then I shut up and listen.

Over 95% of the time the most popular question is “I need to find more products which make money”.

Get ebay money faster, If this is what is holding you back from making more money on eBay today, we have some very exciting news for you. We can now show you exactly which products make eBay sellers the most money and exactly where to purchase them so you can have your share of the 14 Billion Dollars which will change hands on eBay this year and also helpful to learn how to make money with ebay.

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Neil Waterhouse

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Neil Waterhouse is the author of “Million Dollar eBay Business from Home – A Step By Step Guide” and an eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller.

In 2009 Neil was recognized by eBay and asked to speak on the Top Seller Panel. Through Neil’s seminars, books, articles and consulting, Neil has helped over 100,000 people grow their eBay businesses. Neil is the CEO of Waterhouse Research, a research company which finds which products on eBay are making eBay sellers from 30% to over 200% profit as well as providing a list of the top 100 product suppliers. For more information,  see

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What is the hardest part of making money on eBay

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4 thoughts on “What is the hardest part of get ebay money faster”

  1. Neil,
    I received your “Million Dollar eBay Business” last week. The book is detailed enough to inform me exactly how to get started, how to determine what to sell, how to price it and all the details to be successful.
    I want to thank you for sharing your information and writing this invaluable 241 page book which contains no fluff or useless padding for page content. It can be used for readers worldwide.
    Charlie Porter
    Houston, Texas, USA

  2. Great info. Neil. I also read your book and I’m implementing lots of good things as I get started with my ebay business. I’m also utilizing your research arm to find good arbitrages, as I want to build my business on a solid foundation. In this regard, I would like to see an article on automating your ebay business and the tools that you use to do so. I know some of the tools may not be used until my business has gained a certain amount of sales but other tools should probably be used from day 1 to track important information.
    For example, what accounting and inventory systems do you recommend so that I can keep good track of my business and in compliance with Uncle Sam/IRS?



  3. Hi Neil. New eBay seller starting out here. I am a one man band at this time. I’m noticing that on eBay Australia the price people are selling items including shipping (average price $50) are at very very low margins. I determine this by the buy price from Alibaba for 100-200 quantities and postage by EMS versus what they are selling the items for on eBay. Even with brutal negotiation the buy prices for me on my chosen products are still too high to be able to make a profit if I was to sell them for around the same as “everyone else” on eBay unless it’s expected to make $4-5 profit per sale on a $30-50 item factoring in eBay/Paypal fees, deduct shipping, packing costs, etc, As a beginning business those margins are pretty inadequate to be sustainable. You’d have to be selling 30 items a day, along with others and that it’s impossible to service without staff. Do you have to be prepared to make pretty much nothing to start with for a while until you can 1) add enough products to create a volume of turnover 2) get some staff to handle the volume? If so, how long would I need to be treading water for? Or am I just simply not choosing the right products? Right now it looks like eBay sellers can (and are willing) only make chump change margins on selling new items.

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