How to fast track your eBay Business

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Is it lack of high profit products that is holding you back from making more money on eBay?

The hardest part of building an eBay business has always been finding products which have a history of making high profits after all expenses.

For this reason I made available our product intelligence and called it Waterhouse Research

Waterhouse Research now offers pre-orders and bulk orders for product research.

Prices are as follows:

$47 Bronze: Product currently making between $250 and $500 for the last 90 days.

$97 Silver: Product currently making between $501 and $1,000 for the last 90 days.

$197 Gold: Product currently making between $1,001 and $3,000 for the last 90 days.

$297 Platinum: Product currently making between $3,001 and $5,000+ for the last 90 days

Product intelligence includes all supplier details, average eBay sale price over the last 90 days etc…

For more information or to place orders, please contact

Best regards
Neil Waterhouse
Author – Million Dollar eBay Business from Home – A Step by Step guide –
Which Items make eBay Sellers the most money on eBay?

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About Neil Waterhouse

Bio: Husband Father Full time online seller since 1998 Author Best Seller “Million Dollar ebay Business From Home” Multi Million Dollar seller Amazon invited guest speaker eBay invited guest speaker Alibaba invited guest speaker 1st eBay multi million dollar seller for Australia Post Eparcel 1st multi million dollar seller for Channel Advisor Australia Founder, speaker 4 largest eBay & Amazon Meetup Groups in Australia with over 6,000 members Creator of DropShip Formula™ Professional eBay Sellers Alliance invited guest speaker Retail Global invited guest speaker Channel 9 Invited Guest Speaker Radio Control jet fanatic!
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7 Responses to How to fast track your eBay Business

  1. wadelmhdi says:

    Hi Neilhouse I want try this product’s really is very good to make profit and how can received item bay email

  2. Hi Neil,

    Can i start ordering now or is there a wait
    So you only give me info for one product for one payment is this correct?

  3. Louise says:

    Hi Neil
    I was wondering, do you offer the service by request in a specific area, eg. looking for a single Silver level in the pets category?

  4. John Soko says:

    Hi Neil !
    … when you say for example, on the Gold product category ‘making $1001 to $3000 for the last 90 days’, that is, the product has generated at least $1k to $3k clear profit after all costs within the 90 day period? Typically, how much history is provided on sales prior to the 90 days that this figure was achieved?
    Thankyou Neil.

  5. Mike Williams says:

    Hi Neil,

    If you went for silver (example) do you also get the bronze or do you need to purchase both?



  6. Mike Williams says:

    Hi Neil,

    Does your service list UK products, by that I mean products for the UK market, not necessarily produced in the UK?



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