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Home » How To Increase eBay Feedback For Free In 2023!

How To Increase eBay Feedback For Free In 2023!


    How To Increase eBay Feedback For Free In 2023!

    How To Increase eBay Feedback For Free In 2023!

    In this week’s quick video, I’ll show you my 2 favourite ways of how to increase your eBay feedback for free. Anybody near this channel? My is Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling online ⁣full-time for over 25 years. I’m the author of a million-dollar eBay business from home and creator of Dropship Formula. So over the years I’ve seen all different creative ways to increase eBay feedback ⁣from selling baseball cards to black hat techniques ⁣like buying feedback.

    There’s no need to do those ⁣techniques that cost you money and for the black hat⁣ techniques can get you banned. This week’s quick video I’ll show you the two ⁣techniques we’ve used for over 20 years to increase⁣e Bay feedback for free. Now, the first strategy to ⁣increase eBay feedback, especially for beginners, is to simply ⁣just change your buying habits from purchasing items ⁣from your local mall to instead purchase the same items from eBay.

    On average, 40% of the eBay sellers that you buy from will leave you feedback and feedback from buying and ⁣selling looks exactly the same. We are all continually⁣ purchasing items in our lives so next time you need to purchase anything like say a new toner cartridge for your printer or a⁣new case for your phone consider purchasing it from eBay. It’ll very often be cheaper⁣on eBay than purchasing it from your local mall and⁣it’ll get delivered to you.

    This way, you’re not⁣ spending any extra money you’re still buying exactly the same items and not only are you not⁣ spending any extra money but you’ll normally be⁣ saving money as the items on eBay will normally be⁣cheaper than your local mall. Plus, you’ll also save time and money from not spending time petrol⁣ driving to your local mall. Also, try to encourage⁣ your family members to also change their buying habits and purchase some of their next purchases from eBay instead of their local mall.

    That way you’ll increase your⁣ eBay feedback even faster. Purchasing items from eBay is ⁣also a very good experience if you wish to become⁣a full-time eBay seller as you see the buying cycle ⁣from a buyer’s perspective. The second strategy of how to ⁣increase your eBay feedback is to sell some used items⁣that you might have lying around the house. Most of us have some stuff⁣lying around the house shed garage, attic, basement,⁣et cetera, collecting dust.

    We call this Feng Way⁣ collateral Clearing the house. Missing these used items,⁣again is very good experience if you wish to become⁣a full-time eBay seller and you’ll also convert⁣ these used items that are collecting dust into cash that you can use for something else more useful. Those full-time eBay sellers,⁣including myself, started off their businesses selling⁣ used items before moving on to new items. When listing used items, you⁣ don’t need to use a flash eBay listing template or fancy photos.

    In fact, it’s the opposite. When listing used items,⁣just keep it simple. The quickest way to list used⁣ items is with a smart device like a phone or a tablet,⁣and then use the eBay app on your smart device. To photograph and list⁣ the item, you simply walk up the item, click sell on⁣the eBay app, and then fill out the relevant information. And when you get to the photo section you simply take a photo⁣ with your phone or tablet After you’ve listed the item ⁣using your phone or tablet you can then, if you wish, go to your computer and⁣ revise the item if needed.

    Again, this is terrific experience if you want to become a ⁣full-time eBay seller and you’ll get feedback from around 40% of the items that you⁣sell, and you’ll turn your unused items that are⁣ collecting dust now into cash. You need to only get your feedback up to around 20 to start selling ⁣professionally around 20. Feedback is only enough to create trust with potential buyers.

    If you also want to know how⁣to quickly find a hot niche and quickly find items that you’ve sold over a thousand times make sure you watch this video up here. If you have any questions please live in the convers section below. Until next week, stay safely, small sell. This is your Waterhouse.

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