eBay and E-commerce Statistics

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Men & Women are increasingly leaving traditional jobs in favour of entrepreneurship and are setting up business from home. In fact, these ‘Home based’ businesses are part of the fastest growing sector of the economy with a 20% increase in the past five years. Mobile ebay app is also very helpful in making profits from home.

According to Business Review Weekly:
• Businesses started by Men / Women are far more likely to be at home, with about 71% started at home
• 54% say a good mentor is paramount to being successful.

More and more, men & women are utilising the power and the leverage of the Internet to grow their business, and for very good reason:

According to Nielson the average person views over 200 web pages per month

In doing so, the average user
• visits 89 different websites
• 22% visit social media sites
• 55% of all people use the Internet every day in the western world

Incidentally, e-commerce is now a 1.4 trillion dollar market and it shows no sign of stopping.

Did You Know:
• More than 480,000 people make a full time income from selling items on eBay Australia
• With more than 2 billion items listed on eBay in the past year, and close to $50 billion sold, eBay is the perfect place to start an online business.

Why eBay?
• eBay is the world’s second largest online market place, usurped only by Amazon
• eBay is in the top 10 of all loved brands and the eBay App is the most download e-commerce App
• eBay has more than 100 million active users globally
• eBay incorporates excellent coverage of all demographic groups
• eBay customers spend on average 2 hours per month on eBay

To your success

Neil Waterhouse

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