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How do I start an eBay business


    Hi Neil, How do I start an eBay business? I am a student and just want to make a few dollars for now then build it to a million dollar eBay business.”

    How do I start an eBay business?

    If you want to start an eBay business, here is what you need.

    1. Computer or laptop with internet access
    2. Printer
    3. eBay account (easy)
    4.a PayPal account (easy)
    5. Digital camera or use your phone
    6. Item weight scale (optional)
    7. Shipping supplies you can get for free at
    8. old stuff in your closet, basement, attic,or garage you don’t need any more.

    Here are some places to buy stuff cheap and sell them on ebay for a profit.

    Goodwill stores
    Salvation army
    Liqudation that is at least 70% off
    Flea markets
    Thrift stores
    Antique stores
    Other auction sites
    Rummage sales
    Yard sales
    Garage sales
    Dollar stores to buy ebay products cheap to resell on ebay the same thing like fatfingers the same as fatfingers and 0bids

    Here are some quick tips to get you started.

    •Take good pictures-for the best shots, use indirect daylight (not bright sun) and NO FLASH! Make sure the background is pleasant and non-distracting, a white back ground is the best and take pictures from every angle.
    •Choose the right category for your item and try to be as specific as possible so that potential buyers will be able to find your listing.
    •Write a good description and be sure to mention the brand name in the title. Be as specific about the details as possible. If you are stuck for what to write, look up similar items that are currently selling well for inspiration.
    •Make sure your item fits into a postage box before listing. Keep a few medium & large size postage boxes on hand.
    •Charge the USPS flat rate fee for shipping. This way there are no questions about shipping and no surprises at the end.
    •Answer buyer questions quickly, be sure to pay attention to any questions that come in (always check your junk folder too!) and answer them clearly and honestly right away. If it is a question about item specifics then it is a good idea to post your answer publicly so that other potential buyers can see the answer as well.
    •Wait for payment before shipping. Most buyers will pay quickly but never ship an item until you have received your payment!
    •Ship your item as soon as possible as soon as you’ve been paid. eBay makes this process very simple–you can actually pay for shipping and print your label at home. If you already have the box then all you have to do is tape it up, slap on the pre-paid label, & let your mail carrier pick it up or drop it off at the nearest post office!
    •Give feedback–be sure to write a positive note on your buyer’s feedback page. They will hopefully then return the favour so that you can have even more successful sales in the future!

    Once you have made some money. I highly recommend you start selling new items as there is a lot more profit and you only have to list the items once. You also don’t have to go out looking for inventory. It takes much less time with new items as you can automate over 90% of your eBay business. Also, after you have create a listing for a new product, you can sell the items over and over. We have some items which we have been selling over and over since 2005.

    When you get to the stage of the selling new items, let me know and I will send you a copy of the top 30 listing tips, trick and strategies. You can also sale items through ebay iphone.

    Good luck Jason with your new eBay business, eBay is a lot of fun and over 460,000 people have made full time eBay businesses.

    To your success,


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