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Backup plan. How to backup your files for eBay, Amazon and your own website


How to backup your files for ebay? Do you remember where you were standing or sitting when a life changing event occurred in your life?

I remember clearly where I was standing when I discovered over 5,000 of our eBay listings had gone

Here is how to make sure this does not happen to you.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “Backup plan. How to backup your files for eBay, Amazon and your own website”

  1. Thank you Neil. Crucial info here.

    Do you host your webserver with AWS?

    What software do you suggest for snapshots? Or is the required software included with hosting?

  2. Great info. I did not know about snapshots. I have been told by Hostgator I can not store my photos on there site. Who do you use? Thanks Neil

  3. thanks neil I just spoke to my webhost after this greengeeks they do a emergency backup every 24 hours but say its our responsibility to back up all files I asked them about a snapshot & they said they dont support it ? bit confused ,, but ill back up from now on as I have had 3 listings do exactly what you explained they scrambled & the bits were everywhere & no-one to this day knows why, the code of the template basically disappeared … i would have kittens if all the listings went down the same road.. thanks again great advice as per usual

  4. Neil, thanks for sharing this warning. I’ve been thinking about a dedicated server vs. shared, and the snapshot approach is really the answer. Does Carbonite backup provide the same snapshot approach? Or do you need your own software and schedule to do it?

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