Mindset For Success

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Whatever your goal is in life, whether it’s to be a a full
time eBay or Amazon seller, live a healthy long life, spend
more time with your family or any other goal, mindset is

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5 Responses to Mindset For Success

  1. Walter says:

    Thanks Neil. It’s been taking a while for me to get going. Wholeheartedly agree with the mindset and know that is the root that I must tackle first. Move and sort the clutter and obstacles and set a determined path to drive forwards with eBay. Yes obstacles are real and different for each one of us, but there will always be more to come so the mindset needs to be adjusted to cater for those obstacles, then the business can start to grow. … Just beginning to grasp that

  2. Rex Elleray says:

    Hey Neil, great clip, thanks…
    Few short minutes of critical perspective and inspiration
    Best Regards, Rex

  3. mac says:

    Hey Neil, great clip I follow you to learn to reach the ultimate goal,thanks

  4. Anne Smith says:

    Thanks Neil
    Excellent info again


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