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In 2017  we saw another increase of eBay buyers choosing to purchase items via their smart devices as opposed to using their desktop/notebook computers. Never has it been more crucial for eBay and e-commerce sellers to make sure their listings are smart device compatible.

In 2017 we noticed buyers are willing to purchase more expensive items as their trust of e-commerce and PayPal increases.

In 2018 we will see the trend continue of buyers choosing to purchase items using their smart devices. Buyers can be standing in a queue at Starbucks or on a train on the way to work or they could be lying on the sofa late at night using their iPad.

It seems such a short time ago that if you walked around the city at lunchtime, you would see everybody eating their lunch reading a newspaper. Today it is almost rare to see somebody reading a newspaper. Everybody has their face stuck to a smart device and often they are buying something.

There is no doubt that it is much more convenient to purchase goods online 24/7 365 days, than to drive to the local mall, find a parking space etc. In 2018 we will unfortunately see more and more bricks and mortar stores shut down as buyers choose to purchase goods online instead. This week in Australia one of Australia’s largest electronics chains ‘Dick Smith’ announced they have been placed into receivership.

In 2017 we saw an increase of Chinese sellers enter the eBay market with small items which they can post cheaply from China. To combat this, we have moved to only importing items from China which the Chinese eBay sellers cannot post as “letters”. In 2018 we will see more Chinese sellers entering the market however they can only compete with small items.

In 2017 we saw an increase in the number of third party logistics companies (3PL’s) entering the market including Amazon FBA opening more warehouses all over the world. This is very exciting for eBay sellers as 3PL’s enable small and large eBay sellers to grow without needing to rent a warehouse. They also enable eBay sellers to have their goods stored in a central city which means an eBay seller can live anywhere on the planet as long as they have an internet connection. Today it is hard to justify owning your own warehouse.

In 2017 we saw an increase in the amount of eBay sellers taking advantage of using low cost overseas outsourced staff. By combining outsourced staff with 3PL’s, eBay sellers can quite easily run a large eBay business from home with no staff or stock in their house. In 2018 we will see more eBay entrepreneurs taking advantage of this.

All in all, 2018 is going to be a very big year with eBay and e-commerce as more and more buyers learn how easy it is to purchase goods with their smart devices and also feel safer than ever to purchase more expensive items online.

For eBay sellers, 2018 offers huge opportunities for those who recognise the power of outsourcing staff and using third-party logistics companies in major towns. In addition, recognising which products to sell that the Chinese are unable to ship and updating their listings to suit smart devices.

Neil Waterhouse is the author of “Million Dollar EBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide” https://www.neilwaterhouse.com

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