EBay http content warning from eBay

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How to fix EBay http content warning from eBay.

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7 Responses to EBay http content warning from eBay

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Hi Neil,

    The interesting thing with my listings are that i have https for all of my images and any link in my template. The actual ebay listing link is a http link, which is causing google chrome to highlight it as insecure. I’ve had some developers look over this as well and they couldn’t find any insecure links.

    If i change the ebay link to https, it works fine and comes up as insecure. So wouldn’t this be an eBay issue?


  2. cameron scott says:

    there is a tool ebay provides where you can just copy the ebay item number into the tool & hit scan then the tool actually gives you the template with the insecure links removed or made secure & you simply copy & paste the whole code into your description area (the box you copy and paste back into your ebay is called the filter box) its called sandbox its free & works a treat ask ebay

  3. christiaan Van Taarling says:

    Great advice Neil, with great explanation.

  4. Frank says:

    Hi Neal
    Very clear and concise explanation ..reminder I needed do not let tech difficulties stop you from doing things ..

  5. Andrew says:

    Very true Ibrahim.
    All of our images in the template were https

    It was the logo provided by eBay to link to our eBay store that was http only. This gave us great amusement.

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