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Does Weather Effect Selling On eBay?


Effective selling on ebay. Why do sales on eBay fluctuate on different days and different weeks?

How does the weather and other events affect sales on eBay on a daily basis?

This was a great question sent in from Janet Johnson and this same question plagued me for years until
we did some testing.

Knowing which factors that influence sales takes out a lot of the guesswork and stops
us stressing if sales briefly slow down for one of these events.

You need to know how to effective selling on ebay. Different types of weather has different effects on sales.
Some types of weather increase sales on eBay.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think…

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7 thoughts on “Does Weather Effect Selling On eBay?”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Great topic! This was very interesting and somewhat enlightening.

    I always had my theory on how certain events caused a increase or decrease in retail activity, this video has provided a lot of answers.

    Thanks Neil!

  2. Hi Neil,
    Interesting. When we had the bricks and mortar shop, we always dreaded upcoming state or federal elections. People just stopped coming in and buying. Yet, as you say, after the election, sales picked up again, regardless of the outcome. Go figure. We could never work it out but it happened all the time. Of course a rainy day kept everyone away as well.

  3. Well, that explains a lot about why my busiest packing day is usually Monday! Personally, and particularly in a niche market, I believe sales are not significantly effected by events described but simply alter when those purchases are made.
    Just a thought.

  4. Totally agree Neil with your weather comments, we see the same thing happen in our home and garden niche when there are weather patterns and elections!
    Thanks for the video’s to, great tips!

  5. Thanks Neil for the video and we see the exact same thing happen in our business in both times of weather patterns and elections.

    Thanks for the useful videos to, they have great tips and insights.

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