Long Form Ad Copy Versus Short For eBay Amazon Listings


Long Form Ad Copy Versus Short For eBay Amazon Listings

Transcribe of “Long Form Ad Copy Versus Short For eBay Amazon Listings”

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. Received an email from Kerry Warner. Asking how long a listing should be, in other words, do long form ad copy listings get more sales than short listings. And to cut a long story short, there’s an old saying in marketing. The Ad Copy can never be too long, it can only be too boring. The same goes for eBay, Amazon listings, as well as listings on your own website if you have your own website.

Long Form Listings on ebay, Amazon and your own website should be very similar

Listings on all these three platforms should be very similar. Now without going into a full lecture about optimization, your listing should provide all the answers, to all the questions your potential customers may have about whatever product that you’re listing. Many sellers don’t do this, and they virtually force potential buyers to go and looking at your competitor listings to find answers to their questions.

Every listing, should have a very short story about the product

Every listing, should have a very short story about the product. Now this short story’s what’s known in the industry as the elevator pitch, that is, you have from the ground floor to the 10th floor, in the elevator, to explain what on earth it is that your selling. Never ever assume your buyer is an expert about the product that you’re selling. This is a very common mistake that a lot of beginners make.

Always take the time to create a one to two paragraph short story about every product you’re selling. Now this doesn’t take long, and very often the basis for your short story is on your suppliers website. Now if not, a quick bit of research can give you all the information you need to create your your own unique short story.

You should also have bullet points illustrating the key features of the items that your selling

You should also have bullet points illustrating the key features of the items that your selling. On Amazon, you should have a minimum of five bullet points. But you should always aim for 20 bullet points, like you do with eBay and your own website. Now the more bullet points, the more perceived value the item has.  That’s why car manufacturers produce pages, and pages and pages and pages of bullet points. Because every time you read a bullet point, that you relate to.  Increases the value of the vehicle, and it’s the same with everything. Now you should always convert your features of the bullet points to benefits. Now measurable and specific features give your listing, and or you product credibility, but human beings buy benefits, and not features.

Convert features to benefits by using the so what principle

Convert features to benefits by using the so what principle. That is, lets say for example, your selling an electric heater, with an integrated timer. You say to yourself, integrated timer, so what? You do a quick bit of research and come up with something. Like banish the dread of getting out of bed on a cold morning for good, with a heater that starts 10 minutes before your alarm goes off

Long Form Ad Copy.

Now this is the so what principle in action, converting a boring feature using long form ad copy into a life changing benefit. Use the so what strategy to convert boring benefits, sorry boring features, into life changing benefits. Anyway, that was a bit off track, so Kerry, to answer your question, can your listings be too long? No, they can only be too boring. That’s all for this week, until next week, list more, sell more, this Neil Waterhouse.

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