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Building an eBay Business compared to 10+ years ago


How different is it to run a full time eBay business
compared to 10+ years ago?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think…

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10 thoughts on “Building an eBay Business compared to 10+ years ago”

  1. Hi Neil, thank you for your insights, however, for a newbie like me it would be helpful if you would explain terms like 3PL and not assume everyone knows what that is. I assume it is a third party shipper? Not sure what the L stands for.

    Have a good day.

    1. Hi Leigh,

      3PL mean Third Party Logistics. Essentially a company that takes receipt of your products, stores them , picks and packs and send them to your customers.

  2. Thanks Neil, we are new to ebay and was referred by a fellow ebay seller. we have ordered your book and am looking forward to receiving it. I would like to chat further with you and perhaps do some one on one coaching.

  3. Hi Neil

    that was such a great reply and such a great question. Thank you for your honesty and generosity, as always your advice is incredibly helpful and much appreciated.


  4. Hi Neil.
    Great Information. Thankyou.
    I have had your book for around 6 months and it did wonders for me.
    What I would love to learn in more Detail is how to drop ship successfully?
    I’m going to look In to the 3pl as an option as at the moment I rent a storage unit and have a staff member do the order preparation then the courier comes to collect it ( I’m overseas at the moment).
    Again thanks and when I’m back in Australia I will come to your seminar for sure.

  5. Hi

    Is it feasible for a brand new eBay Business starting up with just a few thousand dollars / pounds capital, to go straight into the 3PL Model?

    What would be the minimum (sensible) entry-level ‘stock value’ to stand a reasonable chance of making 3PL Work?

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