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Over 30% increase in sales – Best tips for selling on ebay


Best tips for selling on ebay, eBay’s new search engine “Cassini” likes you to list all of your items at once so it can get some history of how many times it shows your listing  compared to how many purchases it gets. i.e if you have 50 of one item, eBay encourages you to list all 50 at once.

Best tips for selling on ebay

This is great for eBay, however… humans often need a reason to purchase NOW and if a buyer sees that an eBay seller has many listed, there is no real reason for the buyer to buy right now.

Airlines realised this many years ago which is why they only show a few seats available at any one time.  Even if  flight has 200 seats available, they will only show a few.  By doing this is gets potential flyers to want to book their seats immediately as they do not want to miss out on the few remaining seats. Of course as soon as they book the airline automatically releases a few more seats.

Now we can do the exacxt same strategy with ebay.

As an example, let’s say you saw this on eBay “58 sold, over 10 remaining” compared to 58 Sold, 2 remaining”.  Our tests show the 2 remaining will outsell the 10 remaining every time.

You can do this strategy manually however the downside of that is you need to be continually logging into eBay every time you get a sale and add more stock before you run out however you can use Scarcity Manager to automate for you and it only costs $5 per month + 2 cents for every update.

Scarcity Manager can located at

To your success

Neil Waterhouse

Neil Waterhouse

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7 thoughts on “Over 30% increase in sales – Best tips for selling on ebay”

  1. Dear Neil,

    Thanks for the tip
    On a different note – what is the meaning of a ‘ testing – do not buy’ listing?



  2. A fantastic idea! As a seller, ive never (or very rarely) used ebay’s multilist tool for the very reasons youve mentioned re urgency…and as a buyer i am slow to purchase when i know there are many available because i know i have plenty of time to research and compare prices …Definitely well worth the $5 per month + 2c !

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