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One of the biggest secrets to success


This short video talks about one of the biggest secrets to success.

Hi, guys, Neil Waterhouse, stuck on my wall is this, SIWISNT. Success is what or who I say no to. And this is not just for business, it’s for many different aspects of life from business, to health, to friends, to pets, to our partners, and most definitely to our hobbies as well. Throughout life we’re continuously bombarded with shiny new objects, and every time we allocate part of our life to the next shiny new object, we have to take away time from something else.

 Time, of course, is finite, if we give our time to anything new, we have to give less time to something else. The secret to success is, to almost anything in life is mastery, and the easiest way to master anything is from small, continuous baby steps. If your goal is to spend more time with your children, this again requires saying no to many of the distractions that, you know, that just continually come up. If the goal is to build an online business, mastery again comes from continuous small baby steps, and again, it requires saying no to, you know, to all the continuous distractions that, they come up once, daily basis these days with emails, et cetera.

One of my hobbies in life is building and flying radio controlled aircraft, and I often have a very hard time keeping my credit card in my pocket every time I see a new plane that I like, but I do because a while back I realized that I had 26 aircraft, and there’s only 52 weeks in a year. Which meant I can only fly each aircraft on average twice a year. The problem with flying each aircraft only twice a year is I could never master each aircraft. This taught me a valuable lesson in life, it’s exactly the same with business, less is always more.

 There are so many opportunities to make money online from social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as drop shipping, selling used items, importing, private labeling, you know, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Now as the host and founder of the four largest eBay and Amazon medic groups in Australia, I continuously see the distinction between the most successful sellers and the people who want to be successful. And then this distinction is the most successful sellers lock in and master one task and then they outsource it before moving to the next shiny new object. On the other side of the scale, I see other people that continually chase the next shiny silver object.

They find it, they start it, and then as soon as they find the first hurdle that, you know, hurdles continually always come up with everything in life, rather than find the solution, they go searching for the next shiny object, and they do that again until they find the next hurdle. Then again, they search for the next shiny new object, and then they continue to go round, and round, and round in this cycle.

If they’d just mastered one of those strategies, they’d now be what many people would classify as an expert. This is the same with pretty much everything in life. From photography, to snow skiing, to dog train, to exercising, to painting, to gardening, to surfing, to building businesses. Success is what or who you say no to. That’s all for this week, please scroll down below and leave me a comment. Until next week, list more, sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.


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14 thoughts on “One of the biggest secrets to success”

  1. Just one more brilliant teaching video Neil– thanks so much

    For me there were two big takeaways.

    When learning something such as Dropshipping for example, Mastery is far more important than speed.
    Just master Lesson 1 before even think about moving onto Lesson 2. (Something that schools definitely don’t do)

    And secondly there is great power in taking tiny steps, day-in, day-out.
    If you do that religiously you will always achieve your goals. There is nothing else that can possibly happen

    As you often say Neil “Baby Steps Move Mountains” — they really do !!

  2. Success is what you say NO too……. i luv it !! (no more chasing shiny objects – focus on ONE thing at once…) thank you Neil for another excellent video… cheers Jenny

  3. Neil– I have already signed up for your course. BUT you continue to give value! I am trying to educate my adult children (4) with your videos etc. etc. I taught them “work ethic”– their words not mine. Once I’m successful (& i will be) in e-com, as taught by you, I’m sure they’ll listen more intently. Thank-you for the video– you sum up where I’m at in three minutes! Oh by the way, as an aussie, the backdrops to all of your videos are wonderful. cheers Andrew Hudson

  4. Neil,
    You always Inspire me to with every video you make,
    I have tried amazon, bought a course to A.H. unfortunately didn’t succeed.
    then I bought your Book and started selling on Ebay, and making good money, not much but it gives me hope to continue selling, now I quit my full time Job and bought your course and I am certain that I will succeed if I will master it with your help.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Neil, I am trying to learn your course on my iPad, but I cannot find your portal for asking questions, I cannot find 5 drop shipping retailers and I purchased you book February 21 and that hasn’t arrived yet, so I am not feeling very confident that I can do your course. Help.
    Thank you
    Claire Rose

  6. Hi Neil and other avid watchers,

    Isn’t it so true, as a 60 y/o I have been through exactly what your trying to impress upon us all and whilst I want to list it all “now” In my mind there’s so much I don’t know.

    Reminding me on the truths: “Take Baby Steps” is greatly received

  7. Hi Neil – you are so right in the hurdle syndrome you’re describing. I needed your input to realize that I am really bad at this and take your message as a wake up call.

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