How important is price for an eBay dropship business

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How important is price for an eBay drop ship business? Can you build a large dropship business without being having the lowest price on eBay?

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16 Responses to How important is price for an eBay dropship business

  1. Geoff Johnson says:

    A great YouTube posting Neil, to keep us all up to date!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the insight, the education and sharing your knowledge. I agree with you 100%, keywords are the crucial in succesful selling dropship merchandise and not the price. My items constitute less that 5% of my sales, the rest from dropshipping. I have never competed or compromise on price I make sure that I use the correct keywords so when listing items I can spend a considerable time brain storming all the variations and they pay off handsomely.
    Another item I look for if the suppliers sales pitch is lousy, I will sexy it up. Just google similar items and extract bit here and there and apply a little variation to the wording if possible.
    Sometimes I virtually sell other sellers items for them, even with their lower prices they are not able to compete with me, why because they use lazy keywords.
    Any thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Thanks Abraham. This certainly is a good opportunity for purchasing items which are badly listed and then relisting them.

      We have a separate eBay account for just doing this.

  3. Nal says:

    very good!!

  4. Bob Case says:

    Nice, succint, lookin’ good Neil!

  5. cameron scott says:

    nice & relevant thx

  6. Richard Hosking says:

    Thanks Neil

    That makes it clear. Great point about shopper apathy leading to paying more for an item.

  7. Angus says:

    Good video mate. I will sometimes pay more for an item from a seller that has more information, details on benefits, review or open-the-box videos even if I think his product is actually the same as the cheaper one that has a poorly put together less informative listing. I feel more certain I am getting what I want, and I appreciate the effort they put into telling me.

  8. Stevie says:

    Excellent video – thank you!

  9. Cassaundra Rangip says:

    Thanks Neil. You have helped me so much!!!! Thank you!!

  10. Rayvie says:

    Good Video. Thank you for sharing!

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