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Home » EBay tips -How To Create a Gallery Image Using Canva

EBay tips -How To Create a Gallery Image Using Canva


This video shows how to create an eBay gallery image using Canva to increase click through rates.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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12 thoughts on “EBay tips -How To Create a Gallery Image Using Canva”

  1. Your videos make it look easy Neil… and with your instructions, it is. I still need to work out how to remove the backgrounds on my images to begin with. Thanks for your help as always.

    1. Hi Sue. If you find removing the background too difficult there is a business on the net called Pixelz which does this and they are very cheap. I’ve used them many times.
      That way you can just use canva to create your listing gallery image.
      I hope this helps.

  2. thanx Neil, ive been selling on ebay for a zillion years and for the last few ive been using Fotor ..which now charges a nominal annual subscription for their premium stuff.. and worth it.. but ive not been able to work out how to embed other images or even if its possible with fotor… so heading to CANVA now… every single time i watch your vids i learn something new! One question… can sellers ‘frame’ their pics (i heard ebay has ‘banned’ framing but ebay ‘help’ pages are now so convoluted that i cant afford the time to wade thru it all) and do you think framing makes a difference.. pics look better but it can be quite time consuming and not sure if its worth the effort. , tracie

  3. Hi there Neil, and fellow enthusiasts.

    Definitely gets the creative juices flowing, as a newbie I’m still doing a lot of learning “and practice listing” Just started using “” to try get rid of the background and create transparency. Enjoying your course, Using the knowledge, and I’m a perfect example of those people that get distracted trying to get everything 100% perfect 80/20 is probably a better idea.. 😀😀

    David of Adelaide, & as I’m from Adelaide maybe”70/30″ ?

    p.s. Probably got the store address wrong… Ooopps

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