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How To Sell On eBay – Complete Guide


    Today I am going show you how to sell on eBay – Complete Guide

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    How To Sell On eBay

    Welcome everyone to tonight.. to about How to sell on eBay. Who here in this room has not sold anything on eBay in their whole entire life? Quite a few. Alright. So who here’s got over, say, 1000 feedback?

    – [Audience Member] Nearly.

    – Okay, alright, good stuff, okay. So, the people who’ve got experience, I do ask, if you could take a little bit of time, after tonight, if anyone asks you questions, please give a little bit of time, we all start off at the beginning, and I do believe, truly, in the law of abundance, I believe there is enough to go around for everybody. Alright, so let’s get rock and rolling, so tonight’s all about how to sell on eBay.

    The how to sell on eBay, slides will be available tonight to everyone

    How to sell on eBay, slides will be available tonight to everyone. So you don’t have to write everything down. I’ll give you a link at the end of tonight where you can download  the how to sell on eBay slides. Nothing is ever allowed to be sold at these events, whether I’m presenting or anyone else. No one is allowed to sell any products, so anyone who’s got a firm grip on their credit card, you can release it, because there’ll be nothing sold at any of these events.

    How To Sell On eBay

    So, our vision, our purpose, for these events, is simply this, to help more people build online businesses. To enjoy the freedom that the internet gives us. Most of us were all brought up to believe that the only way to succeed in life was to do good at school, go to university, get a job, work ’til you’re 65, play bowls and die. And we don’t have to do that, we can actually work from home or from anywhere else. So, like I mentioned here, if you’re a full-time seller, please take a little bit of time out for everyone else.

    How To Make Money On eBay

    Okay, so who am I, for those of you who don’t know my story, I started wholesaling and importing over 30 years ago. I started selling online in 1998. I started building eBay businesses, pretty much outta desperation because I was a single father, divorced, and I didn’t want to go get a job, so I started looking around for alternatives to getting a job, and the online, as it was emerging back then, because it was only very very new, that’s my chosen, and that’s what I chose to do.

    So that’s my story, we started off in Sydney

    So that’s my story, we started off in Sydney, we now live four hours north of Sydney, on a farm, and we don’t have any inventory, or staff, on the whole property. So it’s all done virtually, I’m going to go through tonight, about how to do all that now. Alright, so, if I use any words tonight, that you guys aren’t used to, please tell me, because I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, and you do get used to using certain words and you forget that other people don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, so, if I use words you don’t know, please ask.

    There are no stupid questions

    There are no stupid questions, there are no silly questions. If I’m at an event, I don’t understand something, I’m the idiot at the front with his hand up asking all the stupid questions, because I know, these little questions is what glues the whole thing together. So please, any questions, please ask. And a lotta people come to me and say, “But Neil, I’ve never done this before.” Well, welcome to the rest of humanity. We’re all born blank. And none of us knew this stuff, so, as it says here if you want something you’ve never had before, you must be willing to learn something new. It’s amazing how many times people tell me that. And of course, it’s all about baby steps, little, tiny, tiny, tiny steps, to achieve the result you want to get. Okay, so tonight, how to sell on eBay.

    Why sell on eBay?

    Let’s start with why an eBay business. Work from home and how to sell on eBay. You can work from coffee shops all over the planet, yesterday I spent the whole day at Sydney Airport, because they canceled my 7:00 AM flight, and then they re-booked me on a 3:30 which then end up leaving after 4:00 so I spent my whole day working from my computer at the coffee shops at Sydney Airport, and you can do this from literally anywhere on the planet.

    Can be 99% automated, sell on eBay in your spare time

    Can be 99% automated, sell on eBay in your spare time. 8 billion dollar marketplace, worldwide. It’s 177 million active users, I’ll show you the graphs in a second, I’ll just show you this data. Zero start-up costs, as I’ll show you tonight, how you can get it going, start with zero money. Flexible hours, access to over 177 million active users, from your PC. And from your favorite chair. You can grow up to literally any size. Unlimited products, no office fit out costs.

    E-commerce, it’s the largest growth market on the planet

    E-commerce, it’s the largest growth market on the planet. There’s no royalties or franchise fees, but there are eBay fees for selling on eBay or for Amazon, Amazon fees, etc, I’ll go through those fees tonight in how To Sell On eBay. It’s very low operating costs, because you don’t need an office, you don’t need a warehouse. If anyone’s ever fitted out a store, an office, or a warehouse, or a restaurant you know the cost of that can be quite astronomical.

    Very good tax benefits

    Very good tax benefits. You can sell the businesses for capital, which means, you take a niche out, so let’s say you have a lot of pet products, you take the pet products out of one business, put them in another, get 12 months data on it, and then you can sell ’em off. We’ve sold them many times in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, and you can do the same. No website unless you want one, no social media, no pay-per-click advertising, no Google advertising. You can build a business hobby or professional, so a hobby business makes less than the award wage. A professional business makes the award wage or more. Is that correct, actually? Lincoln is an accountant down here, so he’s going to check everything I say.

    Amazon and eBay are free abundant traffic

    Okay, so, abundant free traffic, what is Amazon and eBay, it’s simply this. It’s abundant free traffic. So, what I mean by that is. If you go, you can advertise in many places, a lot of people say, “Oh yes, but eBay, it’s expensive”, and we’ll go through the fees tonight. But, look how many people you’ve got to view your items. So if you get a website, anyone who’s got a website will know, if you just get a website, you’re going to pretty much get zero traffic to it, unless you got some methodology in place to drive traffic. Whether that’s social media, it’s Google AdWords, it’s Facebook Marketing, whatever, you have to have some medium to get traffic to your website, otherwise this is just the drop in the ocean. Amazon and eBay is free abundant traffic, you can list something right now, and it costs you zero to list it, and you get all this traffic to it.

    So, selling on eBay, as you as can see here, up to, in the last data I’ve got, 177 million active users. In Australia, latest data I can get, is eBay’s still way ahead, Amazon is growing, and we’d be crazy not to think that Amazon could not grow a lot more than that. Australia’s been quite slow to take it on, but, they are a Goliath, so we’ll just sit back and watch. A lot of people say, “Well should I sell on eBay, “should I sell on Amazon, should I sell on my website?” The answer is you should sell on all three.

    But not at the beginning, master one. So, there’s over eight million unique visitors on Is there any questions so far? It’s always very quiet at the beginning, then it’ll ramp up. Yep, first person.

    – [Audience Member] Shopify, what’s that, and how does that–

    What is Shopify?

    – What is Shopify, okay, so Shopify, if you want to sell stuff on your own website, you’ve got a choice of just buying a domain name, building that website. Or the shortcut is, you go by Shopify store. And change your domain name to your Shopify store, basically it’s a simple way to put your products on a website. Alright, so it’s about 25 bucks a month, and it goes up from there, so if you got 10, 100, whatever number products, a thousand, whatever, you can start up a Shopify site, and being able to list ’em all on there. Now, the only thing is, because it’s a website, you’re going to get virtually no traffic to it. Unless you’ve got some methodology in place. I say this because a lot of people think, “Oh, let’s put a Shopify store, “everyone on the planet will find it.” No they won’t. Anyone tried that? So you gotta have some medium in place. Does that answer your question?

    – [Audience Member] Yes, please.

    Research eBay sellers to find their top-selling eBay products

    – Cool, okay. So, what we do, and I’m going to be talking a lot about this tonight. There’s two ways, first thing I’m going to start with is eBay product research. Beause there’s two ways of doing product research, you can research products. Or you research eBay sellers to find their top-selling eBay products. And I’m a huge fan of that, because you can find proven products. So what we do, is we let everybody list everything on eBay, and then we come along and we find out what stuff is selling. And there’s two things we want to look for: profit margins, and velocity.


    Velocity is how many times an item sells on eBay per month. I’ll be referring to that tonight, a lot. So we want profit margins, times how many times an item sells. So we come along, and we just, look to see what’s sticking, this is the child friendly version of course. So, most businesses on the planet, all operate on the the 80/20 rule. 80% of their revenue, comes from only 20% of their products. And, what I’m going to be teaching you tonight is all about how to outsource everything to the Philipines.

    Use outsource VAs to source best-selling products

    So you want to use outsourced VAs, and a VA is a virtual assistant. So we can get virtual assistants from $1 to $2 per hour, and they run the whole shebang for you. All the different tasks, so you master a task, then you outsource it. Now, when you run VAs, if they have to guess, there’s a greater than 50% chance they’ll screw it up.

    So everything is a yes or no, very dialectic thinking, there’s no But box, so when they come to you and say “Yes Neil, but…”, nope, sorry, there’s no But box, there’s either yes or no. So everything I’m showing you tonight is certain numbers, or KPIs, key performance indicators. So no guessing. Don’t guess, only use data. All tasks must be duplicatable.

    If you learn to be the most whiz-bang eBay product research person, the problem with that is, you can’t replace yourself. Unless you pay someone like a 100k per year you are duplicatable. So I really do believe this is the glory days. It’s never been easier to do these businesses. So, today, there’s no need to guess. You don’t need any capital at all, as I’ll show you tonight in how to sell on eBay. It’s very easy to outsource everything. Very easy to automate. The tools and software simply wasn’t there two years ago that’s available today.

    It’s so much easier, you know, than when I started off, I used to continually fly to the US, I used to go to the eBay events in Chicago, the eBay live events, I used to go to the Channel Advisor Catalyst Events, in North Carolina, in the UK and in London. And that’s the only way I could hang around with successful eBay sellers, so we could swap ideas. You don’t need to do that anymore.

    The path of how to sell on eBay literally has already been laid. So, buyers today, now are spending, on average, over $4000 per annum. That’s keeps growing and growing and growing every month. It’s never been that high.

    Buyers trust E-commerce

    Buyers trust E-commerce, more than ever. People prefer to buy with PayPal than they do with credit card, because they know if something goes wrong, they can just send it back, get their money back. So people trust the system much more than they do with credit cards. This is a big thing. Over 90% of sellers use best guess marketing. In other words they’re just winging it all. Over 90% of them.

    Now so, if you learn how to optimize eBay listings, you can beat over 90% of the sellers. And if you look at the data, here’s an example of one product. This particular product on eBay, the eBay seller at number 10, has sold 659 of these, giving a gross revenue of 56K. Where the number one eBay seller, has done 2089, and done 278K. If this person here tuned their listing, there’s no reason they can’t get up here. But they don’t, hardly anyone tunes listings. Hardly anyone, I find it quite amazing. So, there’s loads of automation software out there. Yes?

    – [Audience Member] Were they over the same time period?

    – Yes, exactly the same time period. 90 days. A question at the back?

    – [Audience Member] What do you mean by tuning?

    What is eBay Tuning?

    – eBay tuning is when you list an item on eBay , you fully optimize it when you list it, 30 days later, you come and look at your eBay listing and you look at your competitor, and you compare, if you’ve outsold your competitor, you do nothing. If you haven’t outsold, you make one adjustment. It’s really critical you do that, because what a lot of people do is, they go 30 days later, make five adjustments. And you can’t do that, because, do you remember back to school days, there’s a thing called statistical significance. And that means that if you run the same test again, there’s a greater than 98% chance you’ll get the same result. So if you make two changes, you don’t know, was one good, one one bad. Which is why you must fully optimize first.

    Then 30 days later tune. Okay, so there’s loads of software, we’re going to go through bits of it tonight, that are pertinent and relevant. I’m not going to go through all of them, but there’s tons of software, if you can think of a task, you can either use software or you can use a virtual assistant. Today, we’re blessed with third-party logistics companies. Which means, you don’t have to fill up your house and your garage and your attic and everything else with inventory, if you want to carry inventory, I’m going to show you tonight how not to carry inventory, but if you do want to do in

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