Drop Shipping For Beginners

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Drop Shipping For Beginners.

Transcribe of “Drop Shipping For Beginners”

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. Of course today, the day when I shoot the video, of course the drought decides to break. But anyway, I’m going to shoot anyway, then I’m getting wet. So anyways, so here it goes. Anyway, imagine an online business where you don’t need to pre-purchase any upfront inventory.

Two different ways to build drop-shipping businesses

Where you sell products first, get paid first and then you place orders from your supplier after you’ve been paid. Well, that’s drop-shipping. And in this video, I want to show you two different ways we build drop-shipping businesses including: how to build a drop-ship business without spending any money pre-purchasing inventory or spending money on advertising.

drop-shipping strategy

And don’t forget, you know, thanks to the internet, it doesn’t matter where you live, you know, you can build a drop-ship business all over the planet as I’ll show you in a sec. Now, the first drop-shipping strategy is you set up your own website, using a platform like a Shopify store and you can also use your own independent website. Personally, we use WordPress and Magento for our websites.

It really is up to you which website platform you prefer

And it really is up to you, you know, which website platform you prefer. There are tons of options including WooCommerce, Needles, SoloCommerce, BigCommerce, televise, you know, and a multitude of others. But bottom line is, with this first drop-shipping strategy, you have a website and you list products on that website from your suppliers, and when they sell, you log onto your supplier’s website and order it from there. And then your supplier ships to home direct to supplier. It’s so dodgy customers say.

There’s no wrapping, packing, you don’t touch the product yourself

You know, there’s no wrapping, packing, you don’t touch the product yourself. Basically your suppliers do the hard work for you. Now, for this strategy, a popular supplier is Chinese based AliExpress. But you can also use local suppliers as well as other overseas suppliers including Banggood. However, AliExpress, Banggood, and other overseas suppliers can be okay suppliers for your own website, but you most definitely should not use those for Ebay and Amazon. Many Ebay and Amazon buyers will not wait sometimes weeks for delivery.

Make this first drop-shipping strategy using your own website

Now, going to make this first drop-shipping strategy using your own website, to make this first strategy work, you must have some strategy or methodology in place to drive traffic to your website. As a website, with any kind of advertising strategy, driving traffic to it is literally the drop in the ocean or the needle in a haystack.

Have some kind of advertising methodology in place

But bottom line is, people, they won’t find your products or your website unless you have some kind of advertising methodology in place. And the most popular strategy these days to drive traffic to websites include Facebook advertising, where you can target people who have previously expressed an interest in something by liking pages on Facebook. For example, if you’re selling say telescopes, you could target anybody on Facebook who has clicked the like button on any astronomy pages.

Market all those similar people on Facebook

Then you could also build, what Facebook calls, a look alike audience. And then you could market to that audience as well. We could market all those similar people on Facebook. You could also advertise on places like Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. You could also advertise on Google Adwords, YouTube, which is of course owned by Google. And you can also do what is known in the industry as search engine optimization.

Learning how to do the advertising

Now, for most beginners, this type of advertising is like rocket science and it also costs money. So, you might be thinking, well, I like the idea of drop-shipping, as it’s all online and you don’t need to pre-purchase any upfront inventory. And you get paid first so you’re always cash flow positive, but, you don’t like the idea of learning how to do the advertising, you also don’t want to, you know, spend money on the advertising.

Another way for free advertising

Well, there is another way and that is to list products for free on online websites that get a lot of traffic. And the two main places are Ebay and Amazon, however, there’s also other sites like Gumtree, Facebook, BuySwapSell, et cetera. Now, although I said they’re free, Ebay allows you to list up to 40 items for free.

Ebay allows you to list up to 40 items for free

And if you’re having a basic store which costs around $25.00 a month, depending on which country you’re in, you can list up to 600 items for free. You can also get different level stores which will allow you to list even more items for free. Amazon also has a store fee which is around $50.00 per month, again, depending on which country you’re in. Gumtree and Facebook, BuySwapSell are totally free.

Drop-shipping on Ebay and Amazon

Now, when drop-shipping on Ebay and Amazon, you have to make sure your customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. And for this reason, I highly recommend you only use suppliers in your own country. You can build drop-ship businesses, you know literally all over the world, Ebay for instance is in 27 different countries. We’ve built these business many times in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, you know, you can also sell these businesses off the capital, but that’s another video.

Quick beginner’s introduction to drop-shipping

So that’s a quick beginner’s introduction to drop-shipping. I’m not going to go in depth in these videos as I’ve already done that in other videos, but you know, if drop-shipping is something you’d like to pursue, I’ll put a link on the screen to a free video course where it shows you how to find drop-ship suppliers, et cetera. That’s all for this week. Wherever you’re watching this video, please scroll down and leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more. This is a very wet Neil Waterhouse.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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