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Home » KOGAN Dropshipping – How To Get LOWER Prices

KOGAN Dropshipping – How To Get LOWER Prices


    KOGAN Dropshipping – How To Get LOWER Prices

    KOGAN Dropshipping – How To Get LOWER Prices

    I’ve got a question from ⁣Matt Leham asking How do you get cheaper prices from Kogan? Matt goes on to say, you can’t figure out how other drop-ship ⁣sellers are purchasing and selling Kogan products so cheap. Great question, Matt. And in this week’s quick video, I’ll show you several ways⁣to get the cheapest prices from Kogan for drop shipping. If anybody new to this channel,⁣my name’s Neil Waterhouse. I’ve been selling online⁣ full-time for 24 years. I’m the author of Million⁣ Dollar eBay Business from Home and the creator⁣ of Drop Ship Formula. So let’s launch straight ⁣into the web on Hogan’s website. They show this page that says ⁣the prices that we have listed on our website are the lowest possible.

    So at phase value, it looks like there are no other⁣ options to get better prices from Kogan, but there are ⁣several ways to get better prices for drop shipping. As I’ll show you in this quick video let’s first start with shipping. Let’s say you’re looking⁣at this 24-inch television which is $229.

    But when ⁣I go to the shopping cart shipping is an additional $27 99 which makes it a total⁣cost of $256 99 cents. With Kogan, there’s several⁣ways of getting free shipping. The first way to get free shipping from Kogan is Kogan has a ⁣membership site called First by joining first, many items including this TV have free shipping.

    kogan Dropshipping
    kogan Dropshipping

    Now, there is a cost to join⁣KO’s first membership program so it’s not for everybody, but if KO’s one of your drop ship supplies it should pay for it self very fast.


    The annual fee to join Kogan⁣or to join Kogan first is $79 but Kogan also offers a 14-day free trial so you can test it out for free. So while we’re talking about First Kogan does not offer free⁣ shipping on some big heavy items like these TVs are 65 inches and larger. So instead of offering free shipping, Kogan offers exclusive⁣ discounts for the first members to see the discount, simply ⁣click on any of the items, and as you can see on this⁣ item, there’s a $20 discount plus a $12 38 rewards credit.

    If you’re a drop-ship seller,⁣these reward credits quickly add up, and they can be used⁣to purchase more inventory from Kogan for your⁣future drop-ship sales. So essentially, these reward⁣ credits are a discount also with free shipping with Kogan. There are also three other⁣ ways to get free shipping without joining first. First. Kogan often has ⁣promotions like this one today that have a coupon code that you can use at the checkout page. Next, none of these free ⁣shipping coupon codes are listed on Aus Bargain, but that⁣can be hard to find.

    So to make your life⁣ easier and to save you time I’ll put a link at the end of this video to the Euro URL that takes you straight to the Kogan coupon codes. The next Way to get free shipping is⁣ when searching for an item click the free shipping checkbox so you only see items with free shipping. The next way of getting⁣ lower prices on Kogan and by far the biggest ⁣needle mover method is by setting up a fully automatic ⁣process that takes advantage of Hogan’s continuous sales where Kogan continually⁣ offers discounts often greater than 50% off.

    Let me show you, Kogan⁣ calls these sales hot deals. Now, the problem in the⁣past with continuous sales with Kogan and any other drop⁣sheet supplier that does sales with deep discounts is the ⁣sales don’t last forever. There’s a date when the sale price ends and the price goes back up. And if you’re not using ⁣automation, you have to manually go and update all the prices⁣ when the sale ends. However, you, if you use a program like Scarcity Manager⁣to monitor your supplies inventory levels, scarcity Manager also tracks cogens prices so can ⁣automatically adjust your buy and sell prices 24 7 365,⁣even while you’re sleeping.

    This is awesome for supplies like Kogan that have ⁣regular sales as a software automatically adjust your sale⁣prices when the sales start and most importantly when the sales end. This for me, was a real game changer in terms of drop ship revenue and profit. Many suppliers, including ⁣Kogan, regularly have sales where they offer deep ⁣discounts I e future percent off, and more. If you use a program gas⁣manager that automatically tracks your supplier’s prices and automatically updates your prices you can continually best ⁣competitors every time Kogan or another one of your ⁣suppliers has a sale. For example, let’s say one of your drops your items is a $500 television ⁣and Kogan drops a price 50%.

    If you’re using a⁣program like Scar Manager your sale price will⁣ automatically drop 50% to say $250 which can give you a huge ⁣edge of your competitors who are still selling the ⁣same television for $500. By the time your competitors⁣ realize the prices dropped, you could have sold a ton of them. As I said before, this was⁣a real game-changer for us. If you also want to know how to find you dropped your suppliers best selling items make sure you watch this video up here and I’ll put a link on ⁣the video and below. If you have any questions please leave them in the ⁣common section below. Until next week, stay safe. Ms. Moore Selmore, this ⁣is Near Waterhouse.

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