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In this week’s quick video, I’ll show you how to get ⁣discount prices at Bunnings. The discount strategies that I’ll show you in this video can be applied to your own personal purchases of Bunnings and or if you’re using Bunnings⁣as one of your suppliers. You can also get the same discounts if anybody new this channel. My name’s Neil Waterhouse. I’ve been selling online ⁣full-time for 24 years. I’m the author of Million⁣ Dollar eBay Business from Home and creator ⁣of Drop Sheet Formula. So let’s launch straight into Work. First, let’s get rid of⁣the Bunnings discount myths that are currently being⁣ banted around the internet. First of all, Bunnings does⁣ not have sales or specials. Bunnings mantra is they⁣offer the lowest prices all year round, but they⁣ don’t have sales or specials.

BUNNINGS - How To Get DISCOUNT Prices 2023

Even when you look at the⁣ latest Bunnings catalogs unlike most other shop ⁣catalogs, the prices shown in the Bunnings promotional⁣ catalogs are not sale prices. Buddings catalogs simply⁣ highlight products they are not products on sale. The next Bunnings myth is that you can use Bunnings ⁣discount coupon codes a checkout to get cheaper prices. In fact, if you Google⁣ Bunnings coupon codes you’ll see a ton of websites promoting ⁣Bunnings coupon codes.

BUNNINGS - How To Get DISCOUNT Prices 2023

These are all false, and⁣ most of them are only there because they earn a commission⁣ every time you click on them via affiliate links. To prove this, when you⁣ check out on Bunnings there is absolutely no place⁣ to enter a coupon code.

BUNNINGS - How To Get DISCOUNT Prices 2023

So if Bunnings doesn’t have sales specials or often coupon codes, how ⁣can you get a discount? There are three ways.

First of all, the best way,⁣first, the best way is to apply for a Bunnings Power Pass and most people can get one⁣to cut a long story short a Power Pass will ⁣instantly today give you 5% off over 95% of their products, ⁣and as you purchase more the discount percentage of 5% increases. It’s free to apply online for a Power Pass and it takes only a few⁣ minutes, and after you’ve completed the online ⁣application, Bunnings immediately emails you a Power Pass ⁣that you can print out and you can start using it today. Then a week or so later,⁣you’ll receive your Plastic Power Pass card. The entry-level Power ⁣Pass gives you up to 5% off most products, and to⁣ move up to the next level you need to spend over⁣$719 or to round off $720 over two months.

The next level up is the Power⁣ Powers Pro, and you need to spend $720 to 1,599 or to ⁣round it up $1,600 again for two months, and⁣then you’ll get up to 6% off most products. From there, there’s the⁣ incremental steps up to the top level, which ⁣is the Power Pass Ultimate where if you spend more ⁣than $6,400 over two Months, your Power Pass discount ⁣will give you a 9% discount as in nine, as in like one less than 10%. To get your own Power pass Google Bunning’s Power⁣ Pass to find the link and I’ll also put a link to that where you apply⁣ at the end of this video. When you go to that page,⁣click on apply for Power Pass then apply for Power Pass,⁣ then enter your details.

BUNNINGS - How To Get DISCOUNT Prices 2023

BUNNINGS - How To Get DISCOUNT Prices 2023

Now, the big question most people have is am I applicable for Bunnings Power Pass? The short answer is yes most people can get a Power ⁣Pass in the application.

Bunnings will ask you if⁣ you have an acn, an avn or a you a sole trader, own⁣a builder or an apprentice. There’s many different ways you can fill out the application, but one ⁣way that I know that’s worked for many people that’s working over and over is by entering an ABN⁣and then selecting handyman. If you don’t already have an ABN number they are free to get online. However, always check⁣ with your accountant first before applying for an bm. Choosing Handyman meets ⁣the Power Pass criteria and after all, you know⁣who isn’t a handyman only. Last night, one of my kids⁣ asked me to change a light bulb so that must make me a handyman so the Bunnings Power ⁣Pass is the best way to get continuous discounts at Bunnings.

However, if you’re using ⁣Bunnings as one of your suppliers then there are still two more⁣ ways to increase your profits. The first is to use a ⁣credit card that gives the most reward points and so these reward points can⁣be converted in many things including gift vouchers⁣at plays like JB HiFi Harvey Norman, et cetera, to⁣purchase phones, tablets, TVs et cetera, but those items can be sold or drop shipped to increase profits. Don’t underestimate the ⁣value of reward points as it’s free money and⁣over, say, 12 months period. If you’re using the card for inventory purchases you can rack up hundreds of thousands of frequent fly points.

I’m not going to go into the⁣best card for reward points in this video as I’ve done that before in a previous week’s video,⁣but if you miss that video I’ll put a link to that video⁣at the end of this video. The next way to again, increase margins is by collecting free flyby s⁣points every time you purchase something from Bunnings. To do that, all you do is⁣enter your fly bys card number into your Bunnings online ⁣account and or present your club ice card. When you’re in-store purchasing⁣ something Bunnings gives one flybys point for every⁣dollar that you spend and the conversion ratio is for⁣fly bys is 200 points to one. In other words, 200 flyby s⁣points gives you one Australian dollar credit to⁣spend at places like Kohl’s. In other words, a 0.5% conversion ratio.

For every dollar that you⁣spend at Bunnings, you get half of 1% or half of 1 cent⁣to spend at Kohl’s. Not a huge amount. However, over time, if ⁣you’re using Bunnings As one of your supplies, it all adds up and it’s all for free and it⁣ increases your profit margins. Just before I wrap this video up a couple of important notes. The first is if you’re using a Bunnings⁣Power Pass to get a discount you cannot also collect⁣flybys points for the same transaction.

However, if you do have a Power Pass⁣or you’re using a Power Pass you can still pay by⁣credit card and therefore get your Power Pass⁣ discount and also rack up more free reward points thus further increasing your⁣profit margins two ways. The second note is there⁣are two brands or two popular brands that ⁣the Power Pass will not give a discount for and⁣ their Ryobi and a Zeto as Bunnings classify these⁣ brands as DIY and not trade. If you also want to see how ⁣to increase eBay sales fast make sure you watch this⁣ video up here and also put a link at the end of this video. If you have any questions at all please leave them in the ⁣comment section below. Until next week, list more Selmore. This is Near Waterhouse.

The discount strategies I’ll show you can be applied to your purchases at Bunnings, and if you’re using Bunnings as one of your suppliers, you can also get the same discounts.

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