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How To Find Buyers Phone Number and Email Address on Ebay


I got a question asking “How  do you find the buyers email address and phone number on eBay?”
This is how you do it.

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Hi, guys, Neil Waterhouse.

Got a question from Ken Franklin asking, “How do you find the buyer’s email address and phone number on eBay?”

Steps on finding Buyers Email Address and Phone Number on eBay

This is how you do it:

First, go to the top right on any page on eBay and click on My eBay.

Then scroll down and select Selling/Sold.

Then click on ‘See all orders’.

Now, to the left of each of your orders, click the little down arrow, and then select:

‘View Record.’

So now you should be able to see the customer’s email address and also their phone number. Now sometimes eBay’s got a lot better than this, but in the past, like five years ago, ten years ago, a lot of buyers and sellers didn’t put down their phone number, so there’s a lot more of them now. But you sometimes will find a blank, but it’s over nine times out of ten the phone numbers are going to be there now.

eBay Seller Hub

And also, the way I’ve shown this is using eBay Seller Hub. If you’re seeing a different page layout on eBay to what I’m showing you now, Seller Hub may not be enabled on your account, and I’ll put a link on the screen where you can enable it.

Seller Hub was free

And last time I checked, Seller Hub was free. Now for those that don’t know, eBay bought out eBay Seller Hub back in October 2017.

So that’s all for this week, just a quick video.

Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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9 thoughts on “How To Find Buyers Phone Number and Email Address on Ebay”

  1. Hi Neil.

    I think this video may be outdated as the screens and options you’re showing no longer exist and the ability to obtain customer emails from what I can see is no longer an option.

    If I’m wrong please advise how email addresses can be obtained.



  2. What you see will depend on if you have a Store and even which Store subscription. The process Neil shows is not quite what I see, but is very similar. I use a $60/m Store and Seller Hub

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