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Home » Why eBay sellers should have multiple eBay accounts

Why eBay sellers should have multiple eBay accounts


Why have multiple ebay accounts.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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13 thoughts on “Why eBay sellers should have multiple eBay accounts”

  1. Another informative vid. Lovin the new video format (rather than the old written). Ive been selling on ebay for years but listening to you / reading your stuff.. i always learn something new. thanx again Neil 🙂

  2. Hi Neil.
    Great information thankyou. I have an ebay business and its always a fear that something may go wrong with the account. This was great advice I will open a second account now.
    I have just introduced drop shipping in to my ebay business to complement the import side of things. I have seen that from introducing the drop shipping my profits have risen but negative feedback has also increased due to longer postage times.
    I will look in to opening a separate account now for both import and drop shipping. Great idea!
    Thanks for the information and when I arrive back in Australia I will be dropping in to a seminar. I already have your book and its boosted my progress a lot.
    All the best

  3. As always, some great advice! I remember your mentioning a second (or more) accounts in your book, but it didn’t quite sink in. This video really brings it home. I will follow up.
    I also agree with Tracie (above), I really like the video format!! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks, Doug

  4. Hi Neil,
    That’s great info, thanks. Just one question. When setting up another Ebay account should we also create another Paypal or use the same one? Also, with email addresses attached to Ebay, do you recommend a different one for each account?

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