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EBay Coupon Codes


eBay Coupon Codes. This video shows how and when it is possible for eBay buyers and sellers to get an extra 10% margin using eBay funded coupons. eBay Coupon Codes 

Transcribe of “eBay coupon codes”

Hi, this is Neil Waterhouse. Have you ever noticed the larger eBay sellers on eBay offering coupon codes in the listings? Offering discounts of say 10%? Did you know that often, it is eBay that is coughing up the 10% discount and not the seller? I’ll put on the screen an example of a seller using a coupon code. Now the coupon code I’m showing you here it’s a coupon code from eBay. And what that means is eBay is giving a 10% discount.

What that means is eBay is giving a 10% discount

In other words, the 10% is coming out of eBay’s pockets, and not the seller’s. Most small eBay sellers think only the large sellers can offer those coupon codes, however, it’s not true. Small eBay sellers can also take advantage of these codes. Now the cool thing here is, if you’re selling in the same category as, you know, say another seller who is offering a coupon, say a larger seller, you can almost certainly offer exactly the same coupon code you know, to your buyers. Now, this in respective of how big or small a seller you are. Even if you have only one item listed on eBay you can still offer the same coupon code to your buyers.

If you’re an eBay dropship seller, this can give you a 10% advantage over the competitors

If you’re an eBay dropship seller, this can give you a 10% advantage over the competitors. You know, which is a huge advantage and the good news is, most of your competitors are not aware they can do this. So how do you find out, if and when, discount coupons are available? If you’re a large enough eBay seller, you’ll have an eBay rep, and they may contact you. However, if you’re a small eBay seller, you may get an email advising you of the promotion. However, the best and quickest way, to always know if there’s a coupon working in your category, is one of two ways.

The best and quickest way, to always know if there’s a coupon working in your category

Now, first, do a search on eBay for your keywords. I’ll do an example, an example, I’ll put it on the screen. I’ll do a search for the toolbox. Now, I’ll scroll down the search results and as you can see, there might be several sellers who are putting the coupon codes at the top of their gallery images. In this case, the coupon code is CAU10. Now for those who don’t know what a gallery image is. eBay Coupon Codes

The gallery image is the image that shows up in the search results

The gallery image is the image that shows up in the search results when you do a search for anything on eBay. I’ll put a screenshot up for that as well. Now, in the screenshot, notice also, the adding of the coupon code in the sub-title as well, and this can work very well. The second place to find coupon codes is in the payments section. Now, just before I started recording this video I started looking to see if I could find any of these, but unfortunately, I can’t see any today to show you, however, I’ll put on the screen where they show. And just keep an eye out and you’ll see them appear.

How do you know if the coupon code works

Now how do you know if the coupon code works, or if the coupon’s still valid if you can’t find any references from eBay? The best way is to do a test purchase of one of your items. Now, to do this, purchase one of your items from a spare eBay account. eBay Coupon Codes

For those who don’t know, yes, you’re allowed to have multiple eBay accounts, and you’re also allowed to purchase your own products. However, you’re most certainly not allowed to bid on any of your products that are listed under say an auction format. However, you can purchase them, if you’re not selling them via auction.

You can only purchase items from yourself

You can only purchase items from yourself though if they’re listed as Buy it Now, and not an auction. So, to see if the code works, purchase one of your items using your spare eBay account and when you get to the payment section there’s a box where you can enter the coupon code just before you pay. Just on that, on the subject of expiring coupon codes. If a customer purchases an item from you and you’ve advertised the coupon code, however, the coupon code’s expired.

The buyers will normally contact you before paying

The buyers will normally contact you before paying. Saying hey, the coupon code doesn’t work or it’s expired. Now one advantage here is, as the customer’s not paid, they cannot leave you negative feedback. Another note with coupons is, they come and go. All coupons have an expiry date and eBay doesn’t offer coupon codes all the time, however, always keep you’re eye out for them, as you can get a very sharp increase in sales. And the increase in sales dramatically helps your impression to sell ratio, which I’ll explain a bit before, so, even if the coupon code is expired, you’re listing will still have a higher impression to sell ratio than it did before the extra sales generated by the coupon code.

If you have a virtual assistant, add this task of checking to see if there are any new coupons weekly

Now, if you have a virtual assistant, add this task of checking to see if there are any new coupons weekly, and add it to their task list. That’s all for this week, please leave a comment below. If you see this video anywhere besides my blog,, please come on over. For eBay and Amazon hints and tips and tricks. If you think this video might help anybody else, please give a share from the links below. Until next week, List More, Sell More, this is Neil Waterhouse.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “EBay Coupon Codes”

  1. Thank you for this very invaluable piece of information, Neil, that will not only help with my marketing, but will not cost me a cent to implement. Sounds like a win-win! I have been selling on ebay for 3 years and never knew about this.

    I plan to transcribe your video, so if you would like me to send it to you when I am done please let me know. It might be valuable for your other readers to have the info in writing as well as your great video.

  2. Thanks very informative and helpful as usual, Neil. QUESTION : once we have found an active coupon promotion for an item that we have also, and we have put the banner up on the main gallery picture as well as coupon code in the sub-title — then how do we get this discount and coupon to come up when the customer clicks “Buy It Now”. Do we talk to PayPal or eBay or both? Eager for your reply, and thank you again, Lynne

  3. Good tip Neil. Thanks.
    Many coupons only tend to work for specific sellers involved in the promotion. So for this strategy to work I presume the coupon would have to cover all products sitewide (rare) or all products within a particular category. Is this what you mean?

  4. Brilliant as always Neil. I don’t know how you find out all this cutting edge info — I do know there are many of us who are rapt that you do on our behalf. The best part of all is that the sage advice you share in many of your videos helps us increase our eBay income. Good on ya Neil — you’re a ripper. Keep up the great work !!

  5. Another Excellent video …. information in easy to follow format.. thank you Neil – looking forward to the next one,,, regards Jenny

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