Amazon FBA Australia

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This short video explains what Amazon FBA is and also shows how to set up FBA.

Transcribe of “Amazon FBA Australia”

Hi this is Neil Waterhouse. Last week Amazon announced that FBA is now available with Australia. For those who don’t know, FBA is short for Fulfillment by Amazon. In other words you can now send your products to the Amazon warehouse in Dandenong Australia, which of course is in Victoria.

FBA fulfill your orders

And they’ll fulfill your orders you know, for you. Amazon Australia will now warehouse your products and they’ll ship your products to customers. When selling on Amazon you now have two choices. There’s the original FBS which means fulfillment by seller, where you warehouse your own products. Then every time you get an order you ship the product to the customer. But now there’s FBA, which is fulfillment by Amazon.

Amazon now has over 400 FBA warehouses around the world

Now with the Amazon FBA Australia, Amazon now has over 400 FBA warehouses around the world. To be currently have products on hand you can now list them on Amazon Australia, then send the goods to Amazon. And they when they sell Amazon will ship the items for you, and they’ll also manage customer support for you. Happy days. Amazon will also unpack orders from your suppliers. If you’re an importer, you can have your goods sent straight from South China to the Amazon warehouse,, and Amazon will unpack your goods for you.

Amazon will unpack your goods for you

You can also log in to your Amazon seller central page, and have Amazon ship one or more of your products to your house, office or anywhere else, so you can photograph or do whatever you wish to do. Here is how you add Amazon FBA to your Amazon Australia account. First log onto your Amazon seller central page. Here’s a link I’ll put at the bottom of this page. Next click on settings at the top right hand corner. Then select info. Then click on manage, as per the screen shot. Here you’ll need to add FBA as one of your services. Now those steps I just went through are the ones you need to do first, to add FBA to Amazon Australia account.

Add FBA to Amazon Australia account

Once you’ve done that, you can then choose which of your items you wish to convert to Fulfillment by Amazon. Of course you can just do one item, you can do ten, you can do a thousand. However many products you’ve got you don’t have to do them all by FBA. Now to do that, click on inventory at the top and select manage inventory. Next click the check box next to whichever inventory items you wish to use FBA. Then click on the action button and click change to fulfill by Amazon. Then you can again click on this action button again. And this time select, send/replenishment inventory. And then you just follow it through. It’ll give you instructions of what to print out, put on the box et cetera et cetera. So that’s it, until next week. This is all so long, this is Neil Waterhouse.

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4 Responses to Amazon FBA Australia

  1. Denise says:

    How long doea it take for a response. I have filled out the registration form a couple of times but have had no response – no follow up email.

  2. Mark Umansky says:

    Same here. It’s been months since i’ve registered and still have not heard back from them.

  3. Brian says:

    Can third part sellers sell on amazon in Australia yet? Cheers Brian.

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