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Home » Amazon Finally Launches In Australia And First Sales Are In!

Amazon Finally Launches In Australia And First Sales Are In!


We know Amazon Finally Launches In Australia

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Amazon Finally Launches In Australia And First Sales Are In!”

  1. Hi Neil
    I am only new to this whole e-commerce game and am looking forward to learn and
    grow with your assistance and everybody else on board. I like what I see so far
    Thanks Leona

  2. Gday neil. You mention that amazon can be a good supplier for an eBay dropship business (which is a long running debate in the U.S).
    Will amazon send goods to customers unmarked though? If I purchased something on eBay and it arrived in an amazon package i’d be s p e w i n g.

    1. Hi Bernard im looking at this too & have joined a couple of amazon greoups all of the people who i speak to say the same thing that the parcel will arrive in an amazon box but 19 out of 20 people doint care & you will get the odd one who complains or checks on amazon the price & you can simply apologise & say your normal supplier ran out & you didnt want them to have to cancel so you sourced it on amazon & you are happy to reimburse them the profit part of the cost minus any fees

      1. Good comments Cameron. Thank you. I wonder whether this might be more the case in the U.S where most people probably receive something not having remembered whether they bought an item from amazon or not (given they’re used to receiving packages from amazon). However in oz there will be people who aren’t used to receiving packages from amazon and they will really be noticed. At least in the early days of amazon.

  3. great stuff neil it is exciting, i drive past costco in richmond rd in sydney many times in my horrid day job & wrote it into my list for retailers for my dropshipping, will be great when they open… awesome

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