How To Find Items To Sell On eBay & Amazon Using Watchcount

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How to find items to sell on eBay and Amazon using Watchcount.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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10 Responses to How To Find Items To Sell On eBay & Amazon Using Watchcount

  1. Gerard says:

    Brilliant ! Thank you for this valuable piece of information Neil

  2. shlomo dekel says:

    Hi Neil !
    I am using Watchcount. This is excellent tool for the eBay sellers.


  3. Anna Robertson says:

    Thanks Neil, can’t wait for the next dropshipping course!

  4. anne Maree Tweedy says:

    Just found your website and videos. Absolutely fantastic. I live on a remote rural property at North Star & have been trying to find an ecommerce business to run from home, especially during droughts. If there was one to start with, what would suggest, Ebay, dropshipping or Amazon?

    Thanks again.

  5. Jennie Swain says:

    Hi Neil, I thought I posted a comment but who knows what I did wrong. So try again lol.
    With watch count do I use my power words to search?
    Also was wondering if simply wholesale is a good site to use when we get to that? Or am I jumping ahead?

  6. dyann says:

    awesome, gives you a real incit to what people are interested in

  7. Gaye says:

    Thanks Neil looking forward to the webinar this evening and the journey ahead

  8. Carmel Muggeridge says:

    Neil, I presume you mean searching into the country you are selling into, not the country you live in. Great advice, thank you.

  9. Reg Thorpe says:

    Would you believe, I have been selling on eBay since 2004, and importing in a small way since
    2010 and I NEVER knew about WATCHCOUNT – Thank you so much Neil,……….and I have been following
    Neil’s interesting videos for some time and this week I finally plucked up the courage to Register for his
    very very reasonably priced Dropship Academy Course – for $497 it is a bargain ,…for people such as me who have
    traded on eBay for some time, yes , ofcourse I am familiar with a lot of what this course teaches, but there is so much
    in this course that I did not know which will be absolutely invaluable for me………
    Reg Thorpe

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