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Home » What is a 3PL and why many selling on eBay are moving to 3PL’s / Fulfillment?

What is a 3PL and why many selling on eBay are moving to 3PL’s / Fulfillment?


What is a 3pl? This video shows why many eBay sellers, big and small are choosing to use third-party logistics companies to
automate their businesses.

One of the fundamentals most eBay sellers want from their eBay businesses is automation so the business
works without them.

Using a 3PL has many many advantages.

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10 thoughts on “What is a 3PL and why many selling on eBay are moving to 3PL’s / Fulfillment?”

  1. I was not aware of this company before now. We have been using Amazon exclusively but they are not always the most cost-effective, nor is the order fulfillment timing always reliable. Thank you. My head in now spinning with possibilities…

  2. Hi Neil,

    Can you please recommend a 3PL which is reasonably priced and can accommodate a startup. Most 3PL’s I have been speaking to have a minimum number of orders and are expensive leaving little room for profit.


  3. Hiring a third-party logistics company has become the need of the hour for companies that hope for an efficient and effective supply chain management. The points you mentioned on what is a 3Pl and why many selling on eBay are moving to 3pl’s is essential. Keep sharing such useful points and these tips will work for us.

  4. Hi Neil

    I need to use a 3PL logistics company in the USA

    I have searched for Weblogistix in Buffalo / USA

    I can’t seem to get any results on this Co.

    Nothing comes up
    Kindly confirm

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