Success Selling On eBay Amazon Is Much Closer Than Most People Think

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Success Selling On eBay Amazon Is Much Closer Than Most People Think

Transcribe of “Success Selling On eBay Amazon Is Much Closer Than Most People Think”

So most people I speak to don’t realize just how close they are to having a successful, full-time eBay or Amazon business. Most people don’t realize to be successful on eBay and/or Amazon. It’s all about the power of just one. Think about it, if you have a repeatable methodology in place to research and find just one product. And then repeatedly sell this one product, you’re more than 90% of the way there.

Keep doubling down on what’s already working

What you have to do next is keep doubling down on what’s already working. And the great thing with online businesses is, of course, you don’t keep on doubling up on the amount of work that you’re personally doing. As I’ve mentioned many times before, you can get low-cost overseas staff from one to $2 per hour, who can do all this work for you. And if you use 10% of your profits for your virtual assistants, the virtual assistants don’t cost you any money. In fact, the opposite, they’ll grow your business while you’re doing other things in life that you enjoy doing the most. And they also grow your business while you’re sleeping.

Steps on how to Successful in Selling On eBay Amazon

So the point is, step one is to get a repeatable methodology in place that can find just one product, and then repeatedly sell it. Then, have some fun. Get a piece of paper out, and start figuring out what happens. When you keep selling that same item, over and over, week after week, month after month. Let’s just say this one item, and you make, say, $10 profit per sale, and it sells just once per month. That’s an extra $120, per year profit in your pocket.

Double-down strategy

Then using the double-down strategy, get your paper out, or your spreadsheet, if you’re spreadsheet savvy, and calculate how much profit you would make, if you had just two products. Then double again, you have four products, then eight products, 16, 32, 74, keep doubling, 148, 300 products, 600 products, 1200. Calculate how much extra you’d make if these products didn’t sell monthly, but weekly, or daily. Some products even sell hourly. In fact, some products sell multiple times per hour.

What if your average profit was not $10 per sale

So, what if your average profit was not $10 per sale, but $20, or $30. Yet many items make hundreds of dollars profit per sale. Now I know I’m a numbers geek, but this is what I love geeking out on. If you have a partner, this could be a lot of fun. Especially, this could be life-changing, as it has been to so many thousands of people. How would it affect yours, or your partner’s, or your family’s life if you had one product that sells over and over. Two products, four products, how would that change your life.


Have some fun, write down a goal, and then figure out how many products you need to sell each month to achieve that goal. Like I mentioned in the beginning. If you already have a system in place, where you can repeatedly research and find one product, and then repeatably sell it. You’re literally over 90% of the way there.

Just keep doubling down on what is already working

Just keep doubling down on what is already working. So the bottom line is. Building an eBay Amazon business is all about getting a methodology in place to find and sell just one item. Then just double down on what’s already working. Now, of course, there will be growing pains on the way, as there is with every business out there, but there’s always a solution, always. The path before you has already been paved. That’s all for this week, until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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