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Top 10 lessons from being in business for 30 years – Lesson 4


Here is lesson 4 of the 10 biggest lessons I’ve learned from being in business for 30 years and selling online for over 20 years. Lesson 4 – Outsourcing overseas.

Transcribe of “Top 10 lessons from being in business for 30 years – Lesson 4 – Outsourcing overseas”

Outsourcing Overseas

– Hey guys, Neil Waterhouse. Last month, I celebrated being in business for 30 years and selling online for just over 20 years. So, I’ve been putting together the top 10 lessons I’ve learned over the last 30 years that made the biggest difference, the biggest needle movers to my business and also to my personal life.

Last Lesson was an Exit strategy

Last week, I talked about the exit strategy about how outsourcing to low cost overseas virtual assistants is such a vital, crucial part of building an online eBay Amazon business, because it’s not the best person that wins, it’s the best team. And yet, a lot of people think, oh, that means I’ve got to employ full-time staff. These days you don’t.

You can just employ staff for an hour, a week, an hour a month, you don’t have to employ staff full-time. You can get them overseas very cheap from one to two dollars per hour. And then the other big thing is, with the time that you get from outsourcing labor, you get to enjoy somethings that you enjoy in life in doing it.

Outsourcing labor overseas

I think it is for a lot of people. I know a lot of people that realize that getting in touch with nature, turning your devices off, turning off Facebook, turning off your computer, walking away from your computer and getting back to nature gives you time to give you clarity, to clear your brain, and to see things in a whole different light. And that could just be like, for me going on like just a walk you know, a ten minute, twenty minute, thirty minute walk. Going to the beach too if you’d like to.

Today I’m fortunate enough to be in the Grand Canyon in Arizona which is just awesome. But you know, getting back in touch with nature it can just be literally walking out of the door so yeah check this out. This place is absolutely amazing, absolutely staring.

Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

So lesson this week is really getting outsource, so crucial but then once you’ve outsourced you got some time up your sleeve get back in touch with nature, turn those devices off. Clear your mind before you get onto the next project. So that’s all for this week, until next week. List more, sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse. And by the way, leave a comment below. Cheers.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 lessons from being in business for 30 years – Lesson 4”

  1. Very important to recharge literally … when near the Ocean or Running rivers or trees a lot of good feeling has to do with the negative ions emitted. Try adding barefoot walking on grass and you will feel the earths magnetism all part of the recharge ..

    1. Great point Frank! I remember when I used to live in Sydney near the beach how good it was to walk or run on the beach with no shoes.

      Totally agree with you as well about walking on grass, and even lying on grass!

  2. Adam Whitsun-Jones

    Yet again more words of wisdom. To relax with nature is just wonderful and refreshes the mind. The Blue Mountains are a tremendous tonic.

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