eBay Shipping Australia – eBay Rates Table

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This video shows how to set up free shipping in some parts of Australia and make buyers pay for shipping in other regions.

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2 Responses to eBay Shipping Australia – eBay Rates Table

  1. Geoff Blake says:

    Hi Neil, All very sketchy…
    As you know eBay just Loves Fast n’ Free and claims to give higher ratings to Sellers who do this.

    So if one has FnF for say Cap Cities only and someone from Dingo WA clicks Buy Now, does the Postal rates calculator come up ? or are they “excluded”
    And under what what description in Sales Manager Pro shipping descriptions would you put this please ?

    With 30+ items and multiple pricings/images the loading of the Tables becomes herculean……15 Ares x 30 = 450 entries


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