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eBay Announces eBay Plus


This short video explains the features and benefits of the new eBay Plus.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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17 thoughts on “eBay Announces eBay Plus”

  1. It is not worth becoming a member at thr moment as a buyer because they have not advised the actual discounts or bonuses you will receive. Similarly as a seller if you list an item as an eBay plus item there are insufficient advantages to you over fast and free apart from the “free returns”. However given that genuine buyers are buying your product and not intending to return it, there is little advantage even if your listing does manage to move a bit higher up the ranks. If a buyer is in the habit of returning things then they may have value from eBay plus. Until eBay has sufficient sellers making eBay plus listings then for buyers they may not see many advantages in paying $49 per year. In this case it is better to wait/watch and see.

  2. you are right neil nothing is for free. im sure ebays fees will increase somehow to cover this.. but the big question is what if we have free shipping already ? should we & can we still sign up to it ? it would be probably of no use to free shippers ? i have had ebay rep call me last week from inside Australia to try & convince me top turn on guaranteed 2 day shipping, ahh no thanks maybe if we are importing & using a courier it would be ok but not dropshipping !

  3. Hi Neil, thanks for the video. I understand there are some ebay requirements around shipping and handling times to qualify for ebay plus. Have you looked at these and do you have any thoughts on how difficult they will be to meet.

  4. Hi Neil, great news! How do you plan to handle dropshipped listings that require approval from the supplier *before items are shipped back? The FAQ states return address must be up to date as buyer will be shipping returns back immediately I assume.

  5. Interesting to see if Ebay Plus will work. For many years now sellers have been pushed to offer FREE shipping and many have now built the shipping costs into their pricing. I would estimate that 70-80% (Neil do you have actual stats?) of all items sold offer FREE shipping. So I can’t see the immediate benefits of Ebay Plus. Free Returns might prove useful for prolific returners or high volume buyers but probably not worth the $49/year for 90% of buyers.
    One interesting thing for local sellers to watch will be the seo bump (if any). Could yield some small wins over Chinese sellers, but I suspect they will adapt and start listing more items as located in NT or Darwin, when the item is actually located in China. Very shady practice. They use an Aussie carrier (like FastWay) who have international forwarders to obtain a local tracking number. Then the delivery takes weeks rather than days. Ebay will need to watch that.

    1. Good point Andrew, I will be doing another video blog about this shortly.

      Another good thing which will help Australian Sellers is the new GST eBay will be charging for international suppliers. This will essentially give Australian Sellers and extra 10% margin.

    2. Well my biggest competitor on ebay is from Thailand, this is stated on their ebay profile. But claims to post all items from Perth. Feedback from customers would suggested this is not correct. But anyway all their listings have now got the “ebayplus” logo. My listings check all the requirements but still waiting on my “ebayplus” logo to appear ???

  6. Hi,
    Just wondering if you’d gotten around to approving my last comment. I felt it was useful for the discussion.
    )Obviously you should delete this comment.)

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