Latest tactic or… mindset. Reflection on returning from a mastermind on the other side of the planet


Transcribe of “Latest tactic or… mindset. Reflection on returning from a mastermind on the other side of the planet”

– Hi, guys, Neil Waterhouse. Just on the way back from my mastermind meeting in the U.S., and, for me, these mastermind meetings take me normally a couple days to get home, but by the time you stick on a five and a half hour flight back from, in this case, Orlando to L.A., then 15 hours from L.A. to Sydney. Then, off and over the night, then I normally catch either a plane or a train, which in this case, I got a train because I couldn’t get a plane, and it’s another five and a half hours, so I stay overnight in Sydney.

Always keep up-to-date with what’s the latest and greatest of the techniques

So, the time I use for these to get home, I reflect back and take out all my notes and try to always keep up-to-date with what’s the latest and greatest of the techniques of what we should be implementing. Obviously, with the 80/20 rule, or in some cases, it’s the 90/10 rule, but the ironic thing, is after, I’ve been crunching numbers now, for, seems like the last couple days. And big thing is, the takeaway, is that 90% of it comes down to a mind game, and only 10% of it is tactics. So, I spend a lot of time talking to people over here, how they got started, why they got started. Trying to always work out why some people have got success and other people don’t, why other people are more successful.

Procrastination and profit are the opposite things

And a lot of people think it comes down to skillsets. But in reality, it’s not. It comes down to reason for starting, because it takes action, and why do people take action, and why some people don’t. You know, there’s a saying that procrastination and profit are the opposite things. So, procrastination kills profit, but the reality is, it’s action. We have all the stuff on how to do it, but why do some people take more action? A lot of people come from a source of desperation when they start.

Being desperate is what takes a lot of people to get going

And that can be, being desperate is what takes a lot of people to get going. Then later on, we move into inspiration. And once you get to the stage where you’re paying your bills or you’re mortgaging, and whatever you’ve got is being covered, then you can get to this sense of comfort. Comfort can be a killer, because if you’re too comfortable then you tend to do nothing, and a business that’s not growing, is dying. We then need to move our mind game into some other reason to keep going, and for me, it’s inspiration. So, I really enjoy crunching the numbers.

Control is whatever’s winning

I love doing split tests all the time and working out and trying to beat our, what we call our control, so our control is whatever’s winning. We try to beat it. We just beat it. Really do enjoy that. Also really enjoying seeing other people’s business’ growing. I enjoy teaching it. Don’t like seeing people wasting time doing strategies that don’t work, you know? And recently I was at my sister’s funeral. And she passed away at a very young age of 55, and there’s so many things that she’s missed out on in life, and the thought that we’re all on this planet for such a short amount of time.

Every single day that we get, we really have to really enjoy that day

Every single day that we get, we really have to really enjoy that day, you know? Even things, little, simple things like pouring a glass of water into a cup. My sister can never do that, you know? But things like that, hearing a bird on a tree or a leaf on a tree, seeing all that stuff, that stuff can go in a flash. So, it’s really, really important that if we want to make money to give us a better lifestyle, whether we want to save ourselves or we want to save the planet or whatever, it’s so important that every minute we spend we are getting the most value for that minute.

Make sure that we’re doing the right strategy.

Whatever strategy, we want to make sure that we’re doing the right strategy. for me, that inspiration is what drives me, as well as crunching the numbers. So, you know, a lot of people, though, tend to think that, I need more knowledge. I know one guy, he’s got several multi-million dollar businesses. He’s less than 30 years of age. He’s never read a book in his life. Never read one book his entire life. So, a lot of people get bogged down, thinking, you know, if I just had more knowledge.

It’s not more knowledge. It’s more action

Nup, it’s not more knowledge. It’s more action. And then it comes down to the mind game of, the more we take, the more I can take. You know, I always finish my videos off by saying, “List more, sell more.” And that’s what it comes down to, listing more, selling more. And you list more and you optimize, and all these things, so. Today, just really wanted just go through this thing about the 90/10.

10% tactics

It’s 10% tactics. It’s 90% mental game. But most people are always looking for that 10%, the one thing that’s going to completely pay off their mortgage, buy this new, white and shiny object, and it’s not that. 90% of it is mental game, and then 10% of it’s tactics. That’s for the week. Please scroll down, leave me a comment below. Until next week. List more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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