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How To List Your First Dropship Product On Your Shopify Store 2023


How To Drive Traffic To Your Shopify Store

How To List Your First Dropship Product On Your Shopify Store 2023

This quick video shows step-by-step how to list your first drops,⁣ and your product on Shopify. Now, I’m assuming that you’ve already set up your Shopify store, but ⁣if you haven’t already set up your Shopify store,⁣ I’ll put a link at the end of this video to a previous⁣ week’s video showing step-by-step how to set up a⁣ Shopify store from scratch. Anybody new to this channel? My name is Neil Waterhouse. I’ve been selling online for 24 years. I’m the author of Million⁣ Dollar eBay Business from Home and Creator⁣ of Drop Ship Formula. Okay, so now it’s time to list⁣your first drop-ship product on Shopify. First, choose one of the drop ship products⁣ that you’ve researched.

If you’ve done my drop ship course choose whichever drop ship product on your column D that⁣has made the most profit in the last 30 days. For this example, I use a⁣kid’s ukulele from Kmart. By the way, if you haven’t⁣done my free drop ship workshop I’ll also put a link at the end⁣of this video to that video. So to list this kids’ ukulele first log into your Shopify admin page⁣and then click on products. Then click Add your product and now you’ll see many empty fields. Note though that you don’t⁣need to populate every field. Just populate the relevant fields for whatever product that you’re listing. First, enter the title⁣using relevant keywords. Again, if you dunno how⁣to do keyword research to find which keywords buyers⁣are using the most to find your product.

I’ll also put a link at the end of this video to a previous⁣week’s video as well showing how to find those keywords. Next, add the description of the item next upload images for the product. Here can add the images by⁣dragging and dropping the files selecting them from your⁣computer or by adding a url. Next is pricing prices. What customers pay at your checkout? The Compare app price is the r r p or recommended retail price. So for example, if you enter⁣$69 as the compare price and leave the price at $37,⁣then Shopify will display this as a $32 off showing a higher compare. App price encourages customers⁣to purchase the product now while it’s on sale.

The cost per item is how⁣much the product costs you including all fees. The next section below pricing⁣is the inventory section. Under the inventory column, you see inventory managed⁣by select Shopify. If you manage the inventory or⁣if you uses a third-party app like Scarcity Manager⁣to manage the inventory and to check your supplier’s⁣ quantities available then you can select that option here. A Stop Keeping Unit, also known as Skew is a unique value for the product. SKUs help you organize your inventory and it also helps you to fulfill orders.

If you use skews, then enter the skew here you also see an option ⁣here to enter a barcode. Some sales channels like Google⁣and Amazon require a barcode before your product can be published. When track quantity is checked The Shopify admin tracks ⁣inventory for this product. If you only have a⁣specific amount of stock then it’s important to track⁣inventory so you don’t sell out an item, or you can use a⁣ third-party application again like scarcity measure⁣ that tracks your supplies inventory available, and⁣then it automatically adjusts your Shopify quantity available. You can also choose to ⁣select continue selling when Out of stock. However, only select this if⁣you can keep up with demand and you will have inventory⁣ available very shortly. Next, enter the number of⁣units in stock under quantity of using Scarcity Manager to⁣check your supplies inventory.

Then leave this blanket ⁣Scarcity Manager automatically updates the quantity available based on your supply’s quantity available. If you have just one⁣supplier shipping location then your inventory layout⁣will look slightly different. Uncheck the track quantity box if you aren’t tracking inventory. Otherwise, enter the individual⁣ quantity available numbers for this product at each⁣ location where it’s available. The next section is shipping⁣Under shipping Select. This is a physical product. Now enter the product’s weight and here you can select between⁣ different measurements such as pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams.

If you want to ship the⁣product internationally with Shopify shipping, also ⁣known as selling cross-border then you need to enter⁣the customs information for the country or region of origin. Next, enter the harmonized system code. If you’re not sure what this is then you can simply just start typing in your product in the search ⁣field to look for an HS code. For this example, I⁣type the keyword guitar and automatically found code 9 22 90. The next section is options Select. This product has options like⁣ different sizes or colors if this applies to the ⁣product that you’re listing. Like this ukulele, which ⁣has got three colors each product option is known as a variant. For example, this ukulele⁣ comes in three different colors which is called three⁣different variations. Next, under options, enter a title for the optional variation name.

Continue to add options for other variants by clicking the add another option button for all the available variants. The next section is search engine listing. The search engine listing⁣ preview is a preview of how your product appears⁣in the search results like Google. Click edit to make changes to the preview. Now scroll back to the top right hand side and you’ll see sales channels and apps. Sales channels are ⁣different marketplaces where you sell your products, i e,⁣Google, Facebook, Instagram et cetera. Click the check box for⁣the channels where you want this product to be available. Under product organization,⁣you see product type.

This is the category for the product. You can use the product⁣ type as a condition for an automated collection or to filter products in the Shopify admin. A product can have only one Product. You can use a⁣product type already made or you can create a new one⁣to create a new product type enter it into the prototype field. The vendor is a supplier, wholesaler or seller for the product. If you work with a lot⁣of drop ship suppliers this can be useful to⁣organize your products. You can also add the product directly to a collection collections group your products and make it easier for customers to find ⁣them on your online store. Use the collections field⁣ to add the product directly to a manual collection. In this example, this kids ukulele is part of the musical instruments collection.

Next tags are searchable ⁣keywords associated with your product tags help⁣ customers find your product through your online store search and you can also use them to ⁣create automated collections. For this example I want customers to see this⁣ukulele whenever they search for the words kids⁣ukulele or just ukulele. Now review the details you’ve⁣entered and when you’re ready for this product to appear⁣live on your Shopify store select active under product⁣status at the top of the page. If your store is live, then⁣this active product will be on your store straightaway⁣for customers to buy.

If you’re not yet ready for this item to appear on ⁣your store, then select draft. But note that Shopify⁣automatically saves products in the draft mode until⁣you make them active. Now, click save and your product is now⁣added to the Shopify admin. At the beginning of this video, I made reference to a⁣previous week’s video showing how to quickly⁣do keyword research to find which keywords⁣buyers are searching for. To watch that video, I’ll put⁣a link up here and I’ll also below the video and I’ll⁣also put on the screen. Also, if you need more drop ship suppliers I’ll also put a link on⁣the screen and below. We can download over 900⁣popular dropship suppliers. Now again for free. Until next week. This is more Selma.

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