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Home » How Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay?

How Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay?


    How Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay?

    How Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay?

    Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. Over the last 24 years of selling on eBay we’ve tested a ton of⁣ different eBay store names. What we see over and over⁣is an eBay store name that quickly gives buyers the feeling of quality and trust get more conversions or sales ⁣than an eBay store name. That gives the feeling of cheaper, nasty. And the good news is it⁣doesn’t take a ton of time and it’s free to quickly ⁣find a name that quickly gives eBay buyers the⁣feeling of quality and trust. As I’ll show you in this quick video if anybody new to this channel.

    My name is Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling on eBay for 24 years and I’m the author of a ⁣million-dollar eBay business from Home and Credit⁣of Drop Shoot Formula. So let’s launch Australia into it. Your eBay username needs⁣to attract buyers instead of pushing them away for branding. Your username should be the same name across all the markets that you’re selling on I, eBay, Amazon,⁣Shopify store, et cetera. Your eBay username is very important if you are or you wish⁣to be a full-time salon. eBay, your username should⁣give buyers the feeling of trust and confidence, not⁣a feeling of cheaper, nasty. Put yourself in the⁣shoes of an eBay buyer. Let’s say the buyer wants to purchase say a to of cartridge for their printer.

    how Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay

    The buyer searches eBay and sees two sellers selling ⁣the identical toner cartridge and both sellers are selling⁣them at the identical price. One eBay seller has a username⁣or say, Joe’s Reject store and the other seller has⁣a name like David Jones. Which seller do you think most buyers are going to choose when⁣everything else is equal? From our split testing of usernames over the last 20-plus years,⁣most people prefer to purchase from a seller that gives ’em the feeling of trust and confidence in the land of traditional⁣bricks and mortar stores. Popular names that give the⁣feeling, of trust and confidence in Australia.

    David Jones in America,⁣Nordstrom, in the UK herds. These names give most ⁣people the feeling of trust and confidence. Names that for most people,⁣don’t give the feeling of trust and confidence and⁣names like a reject shop a discount store, a variety⁣ store, a bargain bazaar, or a $2 store. Whatever eBay username you’ve⁣got now, get it surveyed. It costs nothing to do so. To get your eBay username⁣surveyed, simply go to half a dozen of your family⁣and friends and ask them if your eBay username gives⁣them the feeling of quality and trust, ask them to⁣give you an honest answer and tell ’em not to worry⁣about hurting your feelings. As it’s very important, they⁣give you an honest answer.

    If they come back and say⁣that your eBay username does give them the feeling of⁣trust and confidence, awesome. But if it doesn’t, simply⁣change your eBay username. eBay allows you to change⁣ username at any time and it costs nothing to do so. However, you can only change⁣your eBay username once every 30 days. So the next question that normally comes up is, how do I choose An username that gives the⁣feeling of trust and confidence? Here’s a simple method. It sounds crazy but we’ve split-tested this⁣strategy a gazillion times over the last 20-plus years. To cut a long story short,⁣Westerners love European names.

    Simply go to a free online German or European dictionary or⁣thesaurus and scroll through it until you see a name that⁣gives you the feeling of trust and confidence. The crazy thing is, even⁣if the translation from say German back to English⁣is say dog’s breakfast. It doesn’t matter. People trust European names, especially if the word has an omelet.

    how Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay

    I e two dots above a ladder. As an example of a European name, Edisons have a brand name called Baer.


    Another example of a European⁣name is Hogan VAs Ice Cream.

    how Important is an eBay Store Name for Selling on eBay

    Most people think Hogan⁣VAs is a European, however, it’s not, it’s an American⁣ice cream brand established in the Bronx in New York in 1960. Another big bonus of this European name⁣strategy is that quite often the domain name for that word⁣is available I e www So if you wish to also set up⁣a website, I have a Shopify store with the same name, this⁣strategy can save you a lot of time trying to find nearby username and websites that are both available. If you also want to know⁣how to increase eBay sales by a factor of 16, make sure⁣you watch this video up here and I’ll put a link on⁣the screen up below. Until next week, Lismore⁣Selma, this is near Waterhouse.

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