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How to Increase eBay Sales Fast – Even for Beginners! – Part 3


How to Increase eBay Sales Fast – Even for Beginners!

Transcribe of “How to Increase eBay Sales Fast – Even for Beginners!

– Displays and so on. And we mentioned anybody listening to us before how critically important they are. This is the kind of a checklist you should have on your listing template. It should be simple visually pleasing. Like logo, they over complicate things. Think about the most used website in the planet, which is Google and what do you see, mostly white. So keep it simple and these days over 70% of people use mobile phones or smart devices to buy items. So you can’t have something too complicated. So at least have your logo which we’ll talk about how to get down to $5. A flag, a short story. A short story, which is what we call the elevator pitch.

 You’ve got zero to the 10th floor only in an elevator, zero to 10th floor to explain what in earth this thing is. Everything should have a short story whether it is a used item or a new item. A short story, I need zero to 10th floor explaining what on earth this thing is. She’s got a call to action, why I should buy it right now? A good call to action we’ve used over the years a lot is, please note, the next shipping of these will be more expensive due to the drop the Australian dollar or whatever country you’re in. Australian dollars, they’re dropped to X, Y, Z. And we also use things like Easter sales, Muslim sales, Christmas sales, all those things, but you need a call to action, terms and conditions and a great way to get terms of conditions just look at three prominent eBay sellers.

 Look at their T’s and C’s and compile around from those, use those for inspiration. A return policy, a warranty, payment information, 20 bullet points about the item. I try to always aim for 20 bullet points for each item. The more bullet points you got, the more perceived value that its got, everything, you name it. This pen, the more things you can put about it, Stansfield, sign, whatever you can put in there. The 20 bullet points, makes it more valuable. RRP, it’s going to appear at regular retail price. I mean right pictures, preferably 12 pictures, and the pictures should always be two across and then expensive. If you got 10 pictures, it should be two across and then five down. Always two across by X down.

There should be captions on the pictures explaining what on earth, the art is in the picture. So when you have a lot of pictures, you tend to zoom in on something and you explain what you zooming in on. You can do that part again with Canva. Again, you got to find out why you competitors don’t do this stuff. Like I said the beginning you need one to beat them. But you know, when you have the eyes working for you, I’ll always very often sight of it nearly, this competitive, hardly got new things. Just do this, no. Every single time you fully optimize every listing. And the other great benefit of doing that is you’re finding competitors Just leave you alone.

 But look at your listings, I can’t compete with that, and I just walk away and use the next one. And that’s another great reason to fully optimize them. And of course, learning yourself an outsource. Template should have nothing to click. We call it bio leaf, is nothing to click. And it’s just exactly like you walk into a travel agency, and you want to go to Bali as example on August 10th as an example. And then the travel agent says, “Oh, have you thought about going to Somalia? “You thought about going to this place, this place?” “No, I haven’t been” You might have any credit card hanging out of your wallet ready to go to Bali.

Now you got holiday more places to read credit card guys back in. So when people go to your listing, they buy or leave, there’s no distractions. There’s nothing else to click. Black text only ’cause anything else doesn’t work at all fine. No borders, it must work on a mobile. Must be mobile responsive. So don’t go and find some old template ’cause it’s free on the internet. Yeah, that’s 10 years old, ’cause I guarantee it will not be mobile responsive. Mobile responsive needs to work on a mobile phone. And then someone else has got a 27 inch screen, it needs to work on both. So don’t try and save a few bucks by getting some old fashioned template, ’cause it’s free. So it must be visually pleasing. And we mentioned before, it template can very, very easily over double the sales, and that’s part of the 16 times rule. Get templates done on for less than 100 bucks. All right, and we talked about impressions sale ratio, is Low impressions plus High sales. And this gives you what we call the jet stream. This is how you get your listing onto page one in the search results.

 And we call the jet stream because the just when I can show you the beginning, between a listing the 10th highest seller, and the number one can be a factor of six to 10 times of sales. So instead of getting 50,000 on the sales of one item, or 20,000 on the sales of one item, you can get $200,000 of sales in the same period. Okay, now good news is over 90% of sales don’t optimize. And ’cause there’s barriers to entry, we got to learn how to do this stuff. It’s not that hard, just going to keep doing it. So, next thing is, what’s the date of arrival of your item? Have a look when your item is going to arrive down here. eBay shows what the day it will arrive. And have a look at your competitor. ‘Cause if yours is going to arrive a few days later, than you competitor all things equal, your listing is going to show lower in the search results. colostomy bag part of the Cassini was convenience.

 And if you’ve got like, you know, three days handling time, and your competitors got it one day ahead of time, then all things equal your listing is going to show lower in the search results. You shipping service, what’s your shipping service? Like if you start saying Australia sandal, you’ll generally show have higher search results, then someone who’s using say, Australia post. you can click on here whee it says see details. And you can just compare different postcodes. If you click on a little hyperlink, a hyperlink have labels people don’t know is this anything that’s linked, so that’s actually a hyperlink, you click on it and when you click on it, you go to this section here and you can put in here, the postcode, any postcode and it will show you the delivery time and also the cost.

You can compare how is your competitor sending and how are you sending it? And you put it on postcards, compare the price and delivery dates. Do you offer Express shipping? to get the email premium service badge to show which I’m going to go through shortly, you need to offer Express. Now, a lot of time Express can be a real pain. And now a lot of sales out there they offer it but they make it horrendously expensive, like the service officer said yes, we offer it’s 1000 bucks. So they’ve offered it which keeps the Cassini search engine happy, but no one takes it because it’s horrendously expensive. Service bears to show which is this branch up here. On the right, you need to have four things in place. They should be listed here. So free shipping, Express option, one day handling time and a minimum of 30 day returns. And you also need to be an eBay top rated seller.

So you totally make it your price. And you need to be in the money. When we always like to try to always match the price or a competitor. And to get initially if you can be more aggressive, you start $1 cheaper until you got five sales and this gets the rounds on the board gets the ball rolling. And not only do we get one dollar cheaper but in the report nine seven. So for example, if you compare to say $100, you make yours 98.97. And that way it appears the totals tab up here in only 89.79 against and the dollars. And the shipping cost, make sure to compare what your shipping cost is to compare now. You can see down here. Now next thing is I using the eBay postage rates table and the eBay postage rates table allows you to set up break Australia like Australia to 15 different zones and it makes you compete seem to say, let’s say you’re based inside Melbourne as example, you can have free shipping just for Melbourne area, and then you can make everyone else in different areas pay. And if you don’t have the best address, it’s a huge thing.

It’s a great thing it’s we’re on eBay for years and years and years of affiliate related. And I did and a year ago they upgraded so you could have up to 100 different rates table in one account. I’m not getting into right now but again, here’s showing how to set the rates table from scratch. Now next thing is eBay it’s a bit most preferences to when you list an item you get the most traffic in the first 12 hours and the last 12 hours. So if you don’t end up missing until midnight, it’s a waste to them because you get the most traffic in the first 12 hours. So if you do listen either at midnight, scheduled to start next day, nine or 10 o’clock in the morning. 12 hours are not wasted.

Always set them up to start and go for 12 hours. Item specifics. Now, this is a really, really important one. A lot of people shoot themselves in the foot with item specifics. Now the specific sections here. Now, if you put in, he have identical item specifics to another seller, eBay will automatically figure out this is exactly the same item as the competitor. They may want to compete with their competitor, but you may not. Now we always talk about only compete with one seller and the seller you’re competing with, use the same item specifics as that seller.

Not the same as another seller you do not want to compete with. So be very, very careful with item specifics. I’ll just go through a couple more questions here. I think we’re on time we check. So far so good. So good question, I’m selling on Amazon FBA, I want to sell through eBay and deliver through FBA, certainly can’t sell bright not too much like so far I guess it might the same needs to be optimized etc any recommendation on how to really go about, any link which can help me, this is the right fashion? So tonight’s all about just how to optimize your listings but don’t use Amazon as an to supply eBay sellers. In April last year, eBay specifically said to not use Amazon as a supplier because the problem is that things Roku and Amazon box that does not look good for eBay.

So they did say specifically don’t do that. So but tonight’s all about how to optimize those listings, but I highly recommend do not use Amazon FBA. There’s a lot of other three PL you can use besides Amazon, you can use Coughlin, there’s Next logistics, there’s about many of them and I’d highly recommend using our three PL not Amazon. Jake’s house was specifically IOV is doing for you. So firstly, like it depends what business. Is it important drop shipping, let’s say this drop shipping as example. The first thing I does do researching. So researching with drops when we talk about column B same day, column B is your supplies, column C is the names of your dropship sellers. In column D are the proven arms, arms of saltwater in the last eight nights.

And the research is all they do is just continually grow those three lists and they give you a report on every Friday, showing you how many they’re added to each list. That way you’ve got a never ending amount of items to list. And other VI doing a listing, job is always items from scratch. And that’s the task. and then another way to do your purchase also ordering from your suppliers and they can also be doing the customer support as well. Let’s do one more question then we’ll get back to it. Where will this presentation be available recording of later date.

We’ll get around doing that yes. All right, so let’s keep on moving. Okay, now is it zip code mismatch is something that’s eBay’s recently brought in? And what that means is eBay wants postcards to show where things come from, ’cause of course, if someone’s bought from one location that they want to make sure that it’s showing listings that are close to that location, and in your listing, you can put down the zip code or the postcode or where your supplier is or where you’re located. So, you can go in there and review any listing and put in the correct postcode. Next is are you in the correct category? Compare your carry to compare to this one up here shows what category this particular is set as an example.

 Are you in the right category? Where are you competitors? What category about your competitors in? Very, very important. If you’re in the wrong category, you can be sharing a lot but your impression the PSA ratio is very low, very important you’re in the right category. Next is your social proof, and mark on this particular listing here so 107 times. If you don’t get that 107 sold, you need to have your listing service what we call GTC or good till canceled. With a good till canceled listing that runs every 30 days, then after 30 days are automatically released, no keep your social proof.

 So if you sold what this says 107 of this item under 30 days listing will not end it will keep going. If your listing ends 30 by 107 sold has gone forever. And that’s your social proof. And it’s exactly like I mentioned the beginning are going out to dinner on Saturday night two restaurants next door each other one’s empty, one’s got 107 people in it. Which one do you go to? Normally toward full posing. Most people will choose the one that’s got the people in it. Exactly the same with eBay. Social Proof rocks. Make sure before your social proof you have this enabled and this is not enabled by standard, you have to enable, this is the what we call the out of stock function.

 The out of stock function means that if you sell your last item, eBay will not end that listing. If you leave it default turned off, and you’ve got one item remaining, and that item sells, then eBay ends your listing. That’s it, you’ve lost all your social proof. So to find this out of stock function, it’s in the site preferences. So you go to my eBay up on the right to demo account site preferences at the very top there and make sure you turn it on. Next is what we call the airline strategy. The airline strategy also known as scarcity is making it look like tilting the supply demand curve in your favor. And that means we don’t want to show many items remaining.

 So in this scene, this particular case is almost gone. So you can set up just like an airline. So the answer is exactly like you walk into a travel agency and you say I want to go to Bali, whatever date and they’ll say, oh, you know from this 10 seats remaining. You go, oh my God only 10. Well, I’ve got to get my credit card out and book it right now. And the ultimate is for 25 years. So you’ve booked your 12345 here how many seats you want to take, when you walk out the door, and those seats get magically replaced. So the next person walks in the door, the airline, or the travel agent gets told only 10 seats available. And the airline’s figured this out over 10 years ago. We can do exactly the same thing. We can create scarcity by making your listing have less.

So instead of saying has more than 10 available, you can say it’s only got one available, one remaining. And eBay will do things like saying almost gone, only one remaining, be quick, also stuff to get people to buy. You do it manually just by going in there and changing the number or you can optimize using Chrome’s case image which I’ll show you a sec. And the other thing is this. What quantity do you put? If you look at your competitor, go through the feedback for that item and see how many times that item was sold. Like in that boat cover, you can pretty much guarantee most people only buy one boat cover at a time.

You sell light bulbs example or batteries, people buy multiples. You can’t show one remaining. So you just go look at each individual listing and look at competitive look through their sales history to see how many competitors sold and that can tell you how many you should show. you can I get another one ’cause one works the best. But if they’re selling multiples, then you need to show them how that makes sense. So you can do it automatically through scarcity manager or you can do it manually yourself. Next is sponsored listings, sponsored listings rock. Now all everything we can do on optimization like everything a lot, any 20 Rule comes into play.

You get a percentage results from 20% of what you do. Sponsored listings is one of the things it’s a needle mover. Yes, it costs money. So when a sponsored listing puts your listing up higher in the search results, it costs money. But unlike conventional advertising, you only get charged when items sell. So you know if you can advertise you know the newspaper or you know, even Google pay per click advertising or Facebook pay per click advertising, you pay money, no matter what. Doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer or not, you still pay money. With eBay, you only pay when it sells. Doesn’t sell you pay nothing. So eBay, you can pay, eBay will give you a recommended amount, a suggested amount. And that’s somewhere between 1% up to 20%. You never pay that much though.

And down here you can show you here you can put the amount here or whatever. eBay suggests Asians Turning around 6.3, 4.7. Now a big thing to remember here though, is eBay will only have a billion around 40%. The time was in 40 years in four out of 10. That’s America changes of math. So you will not get billed every time, normally originally four out of 10. So it looks like 6% you’re only going to go around 4% of the time, we’re going to know why that happens is a very long, convoluted story, but it’s random for you to say highly recommend sponsored listings are seen many, many, many times many people I’ve coached over the years to their sales bump up over 30% by take sponsored listings.

Search and try to accept trending right do the first five sales and make sure you only build around 40% of time. Do you have an eBay store? It store categories if you do have a store, you can have on here eBay stores and then you’ve got all different categories. With your categories, you should name your categories to relevant keywords ’cause everything by default will all go in the other category. So name your store categories for SEO. And that helps Google spider eBay and find your listing. So when people search on google it Google to find your eBay listings. Make sure you have the right carrier with the right keywords. Another awesome thing to do is multi variation listings.

If you sell let’s say you sell this seven t shirts, you have the choice of sending out well actually got a lot more than seven here because you’re different sides you got different colors. So you can have 20 different t shirts. So you got a choice. You can have 20 separate listings. Or you can have one listing with multi variations. And the question always comes up which one sells the best? On average, multi variations always sell best not always but normally they sell better. The reason was is social proof, ’cause you got 20 items, every time one of those 20 sells, it will show here like this particular see here, it’s got 14,000 sold. If it had 20 different listings, obviously it wouldn’t be 14,000 sold. Like everything in life, one t shirt would sell best, perhaps it’s the black men’s, large t shirt is the number one seller.

So that one has the most feedback. They’re not they don’t go all the way down to the worst color which could be on the green small t shirt sold the worst. And that’s the way it works. So the green small t shirt will have very low feedback. While the black ones got huge. So generally put them all into multi variation listing, works best. I’m not getting into more variation listings tonight, ’cause I’ve done it before again, but you won’t know how to set up a multi variation of our house step by step but again, look at these are all free so you can take a photo of that link and it will show you step by step how to set a hot multi variation listing from scratch.

So before we wrap it all this time a few questions, so Joe is asking What is today’s call, what’s what do you recommend importing FBA or drop shipping? These days at the moment drop shipping is a rock because we can use at any use local suppliers and because you’re in these local supply you don’t get caught up in these issues about items not being kept from China or wherever else. You can also pivot to the very fast to what some of the best. It’s much harder when you just import a whole lot of suitcases as example. And now of course, the market dropped out of suitcases. Say with drop shipping, you can just instantly move to the hottest selling items. So we said the biggest growth of not businesses but the people in the members of the groups that I involved with a coach I’ve seen the biggest loser and shakers have been with drop shipping at the moment. Next one, do you recommend multi variation listings if I have only two items? Yeah, even with two items, yes, I do multi variations only work the best ’cause the social proof highly recommend them. Identities are hideous social proof when you study on eBay, eBay doesn’t lead to promote your listing.

So when you’re starting out, just start buying and selling stuff, change your buying habits. Everything you need, if you got a partner a book and a buyer, come talk about consider buying through eBay instead of driving to your local mall. Around 40% of people will give you feedback and that gets you social proof up for your businesses no matter of feedback you got. And also start selling a few things, it’s awesome experience. Its mission is beginning, find some stuff that’s collecting dust, we’ve all got stuff with it seen the guarantee or you know, wherever you got some place most of the stuff that he does think that science gives you more social proof.

 So a great way to go. I’ve just lost one, Glen’s asking do you recommend the rates table? Yes, I do highly recommend the rates table, highly highly recommended it. It’s one of things that most people will not do it. The more times you do things that other people don’t do, the average Joe Blow when they start all the one day they’ll come to me they’ll say they’ll only the by I want to start selling small cheap items and also you know USB cables or iPhone covers and it’s like somebody else’s just get away from that stuff. Middle way what if we meant his Joe is doing rates tables yet most of what a lot of play. So it’s been make you make a cup of coffee. We’ll snack sit there. Watch that video showing you how to do it and figure it out? It’s not that hard just do it and you list somebody fell behind.

 I said last two on one level. Carlos I see if you have an old personal eBay account can it be revolved using your business? Totally you can definitely use it. If you have an old eBay account, totally, you can change it rename it you can change the name of it. You can change the name of it guys, yep, you got no one awesome. Yep, you can use. This is thanks to Joseph. You’re welcome guys. I hope you got something out of that. Yes I will send you through a link about how you can get the slides for that.

 I have learned something and I’ll just before I wrap it up two things he said like it says here, most people over estimate what they can do on the short term, but they underestimate what they can do in the long term. When we started off as my first time I was an old rusty socket said under him imagined that we would be doing this full time 20 years later, for the last 20 years. I should say no to anybody but it just start off and just get into it. And it all comes down this baby steps. Just one little baby step at a time. A lot of people say to me, you know how much time should I commit to this.

If you can commit five minutes a day you’ll get there exactly like building a Lego set. If you bought a Lego set. If you start on page one, if you only do five minutes a day, you will 100% finish that Lego set. But what most people do is they go and buy five Lego sets, and then stick them all on the floor, though guys should rescheduled paces and see exactly what they do in business. They have all these things on the guide, and they just don’t focus on one. success comes from what we say not the most to. So just focus on five minutes a day. Any more than five minutes, it’s a bonus. It really is. So thank you guys, hope you got something . Have a fantastic night, stay safe and I’ll talk to you soon, all the best.

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