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How to Make $4,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on eBay and Amazon – Part 2


How to Make $4,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on eBay and Amazon –   Part 2

Transcribe of “How to Make $4,000 PROFIT Each Month Selling on eBay and Amazon – Part 2”

I’ll talk more about it tonight. So the question always comes up. I get this all the time. Even had this this afternoon. Should you sell on eBay, Amazon, or your own independent website? My answer’s always the same. It has been for the last 15 years. Sell on all three. Because they all have their own audiences. If you only sell on one, you just capture that one audience.

Sell them on eBay, Amazon, and your own website

If you selling these, if you want to sell more of them, sell them on eBay, Amazon, and your own website. If you just choose eBay, well you miss out these, your website and Amazon. So it’s always best to go on all three. But when you’re learning, just learn one at a time. Don’t cut yourself too thin. Otherwise you’re trying to do everything at once, you won’t. So that’s always the answer for me.

Now in Australia, of course, eBay and your own website is the biggest

Now in Australia, of course, eBay and your own website is the biggest. Amazon’s still ramping up. On average, the sales that I see are doing, on average, around about 17%, 17% of the revenue coming from Amazon Australia. Now is there anyone that’s a full time seller here that’s doing better than 17% on Amazon? Well then I’m glad at last, not a gain. Nope, no answer. Okay. So it’s normally about 17% anyways at the moment. It’s growing.

Amazon is throwing a ton of money at the market, at advertising

Amazon is throwing a ton of money at the market, at advertising. And it’ll grow, and it’ll grow, and it’ll grow. But at the moment, that’s where we are. So diversification. Of course, with everything in life, anything to do with business, or anything in life is always the key. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Many products, multi-channel. So let’s hook into how to make $4,000 on different strategies. Anyone seen me speak or read any of my books before, they know I always talk about this tree. And that’s the way I look at it.

Each leaf on a tree is a product

Each leaf on a tree is a product. And because we’re only doing new products, each product sells over and over and over. Unlike a used product where you get it, you list it, you photograph it, and sell it once. With a new product you do that, but you sell it over and over and over and over. So the more leaves on the tree, of course, the more product you’ve got, the more money that flows into your bank account each month. Simple as that. And we’re always talking about proven products. So everything I talk about are products that are already selling well. So we’re not talking about, that might sell. No, it has to meet a criteria. It has to be already selling and already proven.

Another way to look at it is many streams make a river

Another way to look at it is many streams make a river. So how to make, let’s start off with used items. As I said before, we don’t do used items. We used to do used items a long time ago. We don’t, but I know some people love used items. So let’s just start with the used items. So used items average sale price $50. Average profit margin 30%. Where I’m getting all this data from by the way, is we call this KPIs or key performance indicators.

KPIs or key performance indicators

And we get a lot of this data derived from the groups that I’m in plus these, as you guys probably know I’m the host of some of these groups we just got over. We have just under 6,000 members now. So I get to see a lot of our busineses plus our own. So average profit 30% after expenses. Average profit per sale $15, which is 4,000 divided by $15 profit means you need to sell 267 items per month to make four K. Or another way of putting it, 62 items per week. Or nine items per day. Okay so anyone who’s come in late, by the way, all these slides will be available. And I’ll send you a link. I’ll give you a link at the end of tonight where you can download them so you don’t have to write everything down.

Over 90% of items sold on eBay today are brand new

Now over 90% of items sold on eBay today are brand new. The first item that ever got sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. Faulty laser pointer by Pierre Omidyar who was the founder of eBay. But today, it’s all changed. Over 90% are brand new. So used items, it’s harder to automate, but it’s not impossible. I’ve got someone for years in Chicago. He’s got a warehouse and he’s got over 12 storage units full of second hand stuff. And he’s got a great model. His model, which is totally different from what we do, his model, he gets it from deceased estates. So him and his wife are really good at antiques, antiquities, paintings, jewelry, all that kind of stuff.

Used items, it’s harder to automate, but it’s not impossible

I’m useless at that stuff, but him and his wife have been doing it now. They’re in their 60s now, and they’re really passionate about it. So they have relationships with all the local real estate agents around and the lawyers around for deceased estates. And they get the goods for free, and they do a deal and they sell it on behalf of the beneficiaries, and they take anywhere from 10 to 40% of the value that they sell the goods for. Obviously if it’s a BMW, they’ll take 10%. If it’s something cheap, they’ll take 40%. And they give the rest of the money back. And then it doesn’t sell, they give it to charity. So basically they’ll rock up to a deceased estate with a truck or multiple trucks, and they’ll just load it all into the trucks and drive and put it into his warehouse.

The way of automating is, he’s got all these people that work for them that are listers

And the way of automating is, he’s got all these people that work for them that are listers, and he’ll take a batch full, put it in a trailer, and drive to their house and give it to them. And they’ll list it. So that’s his way of automating. So it’s got partial automation. Now so it’s not my cup of tea ’cause I know nothing about antiques and paintings. That just doesn’t do it for me, but everyone’s different. Maybe if it does it for you, maybe it’s your calling. We’re all different. Okay, so sources for used products. Council clean ups where people put stuff outside their houses. You can get that stuff for free.

Facebook marketplaces, Gumtree, garage sales, bundling, charity thrift shops, just don’t tell anybody you’re going to sell it on eBay and Amazon

Facebook marketplaces we’re going to talk about tonight. Gumtree, garage sales, bundling, charity thrift shops, just don’t tell anybody you’re going to sell it on eBay and Amazon. The three Ds, deceased estates, divorce, downsize. Police auctions, car boot sales, eBay incorrectly listed items, even though eBay’s search engine which is called Cassini, is much better about picking incorrectly listed items now. So it’s harder to find those items these days.

So it’s harder to find those items these days

So ten years ago, there was a lot of money in eBay in incorrectly listed items. Today not so much. Billboards at shopping centers. You walk outside a shopping center, there’s like a billboard there. And it’s got stuff in there for sale. So the question comes down to how do you find out how much something’s worth? So you’re at a garage sale, or you’re where ever, and you want to know how much something’s worth. If you look on eBay, you can see stuff for sale. But the prices for sale is absolutely irrelevant because something’s only worth as much as someone’s going to pay for everything in life. Doesn’t matter what you’re selling, whether it’s your house or anything, it’s only worth as much as someone is going to pay.

So you need to find out how much is stuff sold for

So you need to find out how much is stuff sold for. Not selling but sold. On eBay, if the price is green, it’s sold. That’s all we care about. We don’t care less about how much stuff is being asked for. It’s irrelevant. It’s like you go to a car yard, and you see all the prices of the cars there. That’s not how much they get sold for. That’s just how much they’re asking for. So if the prices are in green, not black, that’s how much they sold for. And I’ll show you how to get to that stage, so we can find them in green. Now I’m going to share that tonight.

Facebook Marketplace is another hot source of stuff

Facebook Marketplace is another hot source of stuff. There’s a lot of traffic on Facebook Marketplaces these days. Every city’s got multiple marketplaces. If you go to Facebook down over here, you’ll find multiple marketplaces in your area. I live rural. I live on a farm. Even where we live, out in the sticks, we have multiple Facebook Marketplaces, and they’re really active. But there’s always, you can always get stuff there cheaper on average because the people that buy that stuff are local.

If you sell it on eBay, you sell it worldwide

If you sell it on eBay, you sell it worldwide. Bigger audience means you get more money. If you watch that American Pickers show, this is what they give out to get second hand stuff. All this is hot power, what we call power key words. Now the difference now that I know what a power key word is, is a power key word is a product name. Like, let’s take something.

Power key word is a product name

Oil bottles. Oil bottles, right? So a Shell one liter oil bottle is a product. An oil bottle is just a generic power key word. Dishwasher is a power key word. Dishlex X-Y-Z is a product. So these are all power key words, and we can do all the same stuff ’cause these are all hot used items. Of course, we can do everything except for guns. All right, so used products. Everything I’m going to show you tonight has got pros and cons. Used products pros. You can get them for free and low cost. It’s a great way to make some quick cash. You can use the profits for new items.

You can purchase poorly listed items

You can purchase poorly listed items. Limited stock is the cons. Requires time to get it, so this is a problem that you’re not sure if you’ve got a young family, getting out there on the weekend and going to pick up all this stuff is a real pain. That’s why I like importing and drop shipping because you can do the whole thing 100% on line. So cons, it’s usually not 100% online. If you train someone for your used items, and they get really good at it, you can guarantee what they’re going to do. They’re going to leave and do it themselves. So you need to photograph each item, write the ad copy for every single item, and sell it once.

It’s harder to automate

And then it’s gone. All that work is out the window unless you can miraculously find another used item which is exactly the same. Good luck with that. It’s harder to automate. So let’s say you find one of those at a garage sale or where ever, and you want to find out how much is this thing worth. Like really worth.

Not how much is someone asking for it, but how much is it actually worth?

Not how much is someone asking for it, but how much is it actually worth? So this is a Singer Overlocker, and of course, a lot people say, well you know I don’t know anything about this. Well you don’t need to know anything about it. If you just chose items that you know about, you’re an expert at, you just limited yourself massively. Me and my staff, my team, we don’t know about it.

99% of the stuff we sell, we haven’t got a clue

99% of the stuff we sell, we haven’t got a clue. But we figure it out. It’s not hard. So anyway, so this overlocker, what’s it worth? What you do. Go to eBay. Put in Singer Overlocker. The reason I’m doing eBay a lot is just ’cause eBay is renowned for being the place to sell second hand stuff.

Amazon’s renowned for selling new stuff

Amazon’s renowned for selling new stuff, so we’ll get to Amazon later. So Singer Overlocker, put it in here. Hit the blue search box. Every page for the newbies in the room, at the top here every page has got the search box. So Singer Overlocker search, bang. Then you click sold listings down here. Click used, bingo. All the prices now are changed to green. And they’re all sold. It shows you the date they sold. So now we can actually see how much these Singer Overlockers actually sold for.

Again, not what the people are asking, but what they sold for

Again, not what the people are asking, but what they sold for. So I’m not going to go right into used items. I’ve got a whole free course here if you want to know more about it. And that’s what I’m going to be doing a lot tonight is each topic, we can’t spend the whole night doing one topic. Otherwise, no one’s going home tonight. So I’m going to show you multiple strategies, and I’m going to give you more information, how to get more if you want to go in that direction.

How to get more if you want to go in that direction

So if you want to do used items, a whole course there how to do it. Okay, so let’s move on. Any questions on used before we go onto importing? Let’s quick have a drink. No, all quiet, okay. Okay so importing. Average sale price $100. Average profit margin 30%. Profit per sale, of course, $30. $4,000 divided by 30 is 133 items you need to sell per month to make four K. Or 31 items a week. Or 4.4 items per day.

With importing, dropshipping, you never can run out of products

Now with importing, dropshipping, you never can run out of products. So I’m going to show you tonight. I’m used to talking about when get into the 80 20. You can never, ever, ever run out of products to sell. Ever. It’s impossible. And that’s the great thing about it. Whereas used items, you got to get out there. And the more time you throw at it, the more products you get. But you got to go out there and do it. With importing you don’t have to. And the great thing with importing dropshipping is you can run it fully online.

The great thing with importing dropshipping is you can run it fully online

So you can do it from anywhere. This is a photo I took on a cruise ship running the business, so you can. You know, we’ve run it from cruise ships, tents, remote places, all over the show. And you can do exactly the same thing. Coffee shops. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve got internet, you’re in business. That’s all you need. So importing. Pros. You photograph the items and list them and sell them over and over and over again. Use staff from one to two dollars an hour to run the whole shebang.

You can be 100% online if you’re importing if you use a 3PL

You can be 100% online if you’re importing if you use a 3PL, which is third party logistics. So if you’re importing, you got to put the goods somewhere. So you don’t have to get a warehouse, you don’t put them in your house, your garage, where ever. You can use a 3PL. It’s fully automated. Work from literally anywhere in the world. You can build these businesses all over the world. We’ve build them all over the place, including Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Ireland, U.K., Spain, and South Africa. And you can do the same.

You can also sell the niches

Okay, you can also sell the niches. So I’m going to talk more tonight about this. There’s a huge amount of money to be made in there. I’ll talk about why shortly. So the cons with importing. Requires cash flow. And a lot of people don’t get how much it costs to run an import business. KPI on average, to make $1,000 profit per week, you need to invest $36,000 on inventory to make one K. So why is it that figure? Because when you import goods, you’ve got to order from, say, China.

Most suppliers don’t keep stock

Most suppliers don’t keep stock. It could take a day to make, to produce the stock. It could take a week. It could take two weeks. It could take 90 days to produce the order. So you pay them normally a 40% deposit. So your money’s tied up from then, the first 40%. They produce the goods. Then they send them to a freight forwarder in, say, China. Then they do the paperwork. Then they get them on the next available ship, which takes anywhere between 11 to 13 days to get into Australia. Then the container arrives. Then you get it cleared by customs. Then you get the container. Then you unpack it. You list the items, and then you sell them. And when they’re sold, you put the money in the bank.

A stock turn

And that’s called a stock turn. And that whole process takes time. So to make multiples of this, you’ve got to do multiples of the 36K. I’m going to tell you tonight another strategy which is dropshipping, where you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to buy stock until it’s sold. So you need to warehouse when you import using a 3PL or FBA. You need to ship the inventory, again, unless you use a 3PL.

You need to handle returns unless you use a 3PL or Amazon FBA

You need to handle returns unless you use a 3PL or Amazon FBA. You need local staff to pick it and pack it and ship it. Again, unless you use a 3PL. So there’s pros and cons of everything. So I’m going to be showing all different options. So then another question comes up about, why don’t I just get my own website or my own Shopify store?


And then I don’t have to pay eBay fees. I don’t have to pay Amazon fees. And life’s going to be good. Well, there’s a big problem. And this is the bit that gets left out a lot. I hear all the time. And that’s how much it costs to generate traffic. You’re nodding your head, you know about it. So if when you open a website, you are literally dropping a needle in the haystack. People don’t know you exist. And a lot of people will say just do a little bit of SEO work, which is search engine optimization, and bingo we’re going to find you. Well it’s not that easy. I’ve been doing this in this game now for a long time, over 20 years. One particular product. It costs to get traffic to one product. And this is called pay per click. I’m going to get a little bit into this tonight. And that’s you put an ad up on Google, Facebook, or whatever. And you get people to click on the ad, and that takes you to your website or your Shopify store, and they see your product. And that’s called a click, so pay per click. Not like a paperclip. Pay per click. So we’re talking about click the mouse. It costs you money. And this is how much it costs just on average over a 30 day period for one product. 1,148 clicks costs $2,724 on Google. Facebook costs, for 734 clicks, 1,238. And Bing ads, et cetera. And there’s no guarantee they’re going to buy it, that’s just how much it costs to click. And now, yep.

– [Audience Member] So how many sales did you get out of those clicks?

– We got an ROA greater than one. I don’t have that data on me. But we always want to have, obviously, an ROA greater than one. So if you spent a dollar on advertising, you want to make more than one dollar. That’s the whole goal of it. Because a lot of people say, well how much should I spend with pay per click advertising? Well my advice is always, well you should be spending at least a million a month. Because if you can spend one dollar and make back $1.50, how much are you going to spend? You’re going to go for broke, aren’t you?

– [Audience Member] A lot.

– Why wouldn’t you?

– Yeah, I’m going to get to that. I’m going to get to that, shortly. And the reason why is because if you look at Google, I went to Google. I just put the work barbecue in there. So I went to Google, typed in barbecue. And up comes here. Now if you’ve got a brand new Shopify store, it’s got no authority. So in other words, Google is not going to put you up high. Where it’s going to show is like here, barbecues Galore, Wikipedia, Harvey Norman, appliances online. So if you go to an SEO expert, which is search engine optimization, which is someone that you pay to get your Shopify store to the top. They’re going to say, oh yeah, no problem. We’ll get you onto page one of barbecues in Australia. No problem. You got another thousand SEO experts, they’ll all tell you exactly the same. Yeah, we’ll get you to page one. Well here’s the problem. There’s only one page one. There’s a saying in this industry, where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On page two. Because people don’t go to page two. So here’s the problem. So although people will BS you and tell you they’ll get you to page one, they won’t because these sites have got authority. And if you start off, you do not have authority. We’ve been doing this a long time, right? I used to be in Perry Marshall’s group. That used to cost me 15 grand a year to be in that group, U.S. And that was some of the top marketers of Google. He’s the author of “Google Ad Words for Dummies”, so he knows a lot about Google. So there was a group of us. I kept to see how much they all will spend on this stuff. Anyway, we used to be spending five cents a click on some of these clicks.

Now it’s paying on the same words five dollars. And so people will say, okay, well, why don’t you sell yourself? It’s free. Well is it really free because that’s lost opportunity time. That’s all that time that you’re learning something that you could be doing something else. To be an SEO expert, this is what you got to do with your pages. All this stuff. And that’s not free ’cause time is money, whether it’s your time or someone else’s. So my point is, it’s not easy to do this stuff for SEO. That’s why the majority of people these days pay for traffic ’cause you get instant response. So notice also barbecues, Google shows ads. That’s an ad. So you got Google barbecues. Oh this is binoculars, right? So you’ve got an ad. You’ve got You got ozscopes, BCF. These are the people that you’re competing with. So if you think you’re going to ping these guys down, and get your listing up here, it’s not going to happen in the short term. Google makes over 100 million U.S. a day from this stuff. And to give you some idea how much cost per click, this is some words. Bincoculars 97 cents per click. And again there is no guarantee they’re going to buy your product. You might get a one in ten. You might get one in every hundred people buy. So, of course you want to try to increase that. But they’re certainly not going to buy every time someone clicks on your website. That’s for sure. And 97 cents, 57 U.S.D. And just at the bottom, just for interest’s sake. It’s got nothing to do with this, but home loans. Every time you click on a home loan ad, they get billed $21.63.

– [Audience Member] Wow.

– Yeah. So here’s some other words. Again, these slides are all available for everybody. And this is the latest data we’ve got from all this. So like barbecue store, $1.54. Two burner bbq aldi, 53 cents. There’s all the prices it costs per click on Google today. And this is in Australia. It’s even more expensive in the U.S. So there’s some more, so you can go through them. So as opposed to like eBay. You can list 40 items on eBay for free each month. And then you can pay a store level, which is $20 a month. And you can list even more for free ’cause you get a higher number. Where Amazon’s $49 or $50 plus GST per month. So the advantage of doing it when you’re starting off is you can just load stuff up there, and it costs you no money. Whereas you get a Shopify store or whatever, which is awesome to do, you have to have some methodology in place to get traffic. Otherwise, you’re not going to get any. Okay, how to find top selling items on eBay. It’s the next topic we’re going to talk about. There’s many ways to find the top selling items on eBay.


I’m going to go through a couple tonight. The first way is the category way which means you just go to eBay, click on here, takes you to the home page. And then you’ll see at the top here, it’s all sorted by the most popular categories. So in Australia currently fashion is the most popular. Motors. So it goes from left to right. And it’s always sorting. So eBay’s always telling you what the hottest categories in Australia. If you go to any other country, like so the U.S.A., motors is the number one category. And you can do this in any country. You can download a free, a plug in for like Google Chrome called Hoxx, which is spelled H-O double X. It’s called a VPN which tricks your computer or tricks Google into thinking whatever country you’re in, so you can download it. England, U.K., Canada, where ever. And Google thinks that you’re in that country. That’s a free product plug in. You can see what’s the hottest things in each country. The U.S. currently is motors. So I went to Home and Garden. Then I, by the way, these are called parent categories. These are called child categories. So I went down here to the child categories. I selected Fireplaces. Down here I dropped down even further to Fireplaces because that was Fireplaces and Accessories back there. I went to Fireplaces. And now it shows me all the fireplaces that are on eBay right now.


Notice the prices are in black, so they haven’t sold. ‘Cause all we care about is the green ones which have sold. So then we go down to, and we click down to Sold Items here. And bingo, now we can see all the items that have sold. That’s all we care about. Again, we only care about stuff that’s sold. So you can go through there, and you can find all the items that have sold. Now you can go even deeper into this. I went into this product here. So this is just the random item that was in the middle of the screen, so I clicked on him. This fireplace for $89. And, by the way, if you click on here, it takes you into that listing. Anyone who knows anything about eBay would know that, but for the beginners in the room. Click on this 80 character title. Bang, now you’re in that listing. You can see here, this particular item has sold 47 times. Now that’s actually called a hyperlink. If you click on that 47, it takes you and you can see when they sold and how much for and the date. So I clicked on the 47. You can do this with any product on eBay in any country. eBay’s in 37 different countries. And it shows you here, the price they sold, the date they sold, and the quantity per sale. Okay, so you can do more. When I first saw this, this was really exciting. You can look inside any big seller. So you can go to any eBay seller on the planet. Like is said, eBay’s in 37 different countries. You can look inside any eBay seller’s account and see exactly what they sold in the last 90 days. Now and that’s absolutely gold because no other business you can go and say, hey what’s your top selling item? You can’t go to the restaurant across the road and say, what did you sell last week? What did you sell last month? I want to know what your top 20 products are. And the awesome thing about this, the 80 20 rule, the Pareto Principal. 80% of most businesses’ revenue comes from only 20% of their products. You drill down in almost any business, 80% of their revenue comes from only 20% of their products. So of course, if they’ve got 100 products, what are those top 20 products? So I’ve got 1,000 products, what’s the top 200 products ’cause they’re the ones you want to get involved with.

– [Audience Member] Uh sorry. Quick question for you.

– Sure.

– [Audience Member] That item is quite large, so on a pallet in 3PL it’ll take up a large space and volume per area. Is it really viable to sell something like that?

– Totally. Yeah, 100%. Because most beginners all go to the small, cheap stuff. iPhone cases, USB cables. That’s where all the beginners gravitate to. Big stuff, expensive stuff rocks. ‘Cause there’s so much less competition.

– [Audience Member] In your sold items, how far back can you track it?

– Doing this I’m showing you now, for free, 90 days. Use a program like Terapeak, which is owned by eBay, you can go back 365. Okay, so how’d he do it? So the 80 20 rule. So we want to find out what the top selling products are of any eBay seller. And like I said at the beginning, you’ll never ever run out of products to sell because you can find the best selling products. There’s a familiar face.

– [Audience Member] Just going back to the bigger stuff. I’ve got some big stuff. And I’ve just found that like I don’t have a shipper at the moment. I’ve just found that not everybody will take the big stuff. And if they do, it’s really expensive.

– Yeah, so we do a lot of garden sheds. So we use a company for those called Main Freight. And Main Freight is, they do depot deliveries. So if you can send it to a depot, it’s way cheaper. And then that person will go out there with their box truck and pick up their eight kilo garden shed. Otherwise, go to, and Baggage Freight is a place where you put in the dimensions of the item and your post code and their post code, and it’s like Web Jet for, you know. If you want to go from Melbourne to Brisbane, you put down the dates there, it’ll come back and say Tiger Air costs X, Quantas is this much, Virgin’s this much, and it’ll show you the cheapest one. will do exactly the same thing, but it’ll say T and T is the cheapest or Couriers Please or Fast Way is the cheapest. But then the really, really, really awesome thing about them is you can book it. Because if you don’t have an account with T and T, good luck getting one. If you can’t prove to them that you’re doing at least $2,000 a month with shipping, they are not going to talk to you.


They don’t really want any more business it seems. But anyway, so that’s the amazing thing. You can actually book it right there, and have a T and T truck turn up at your house tomorrow. We dreamt about that stuff when we started off. Because haggling to death with these couriers, but Baggage Freight rocks. Okay, so let’s move on. So 80% of the revenue from 20% of the sales products. So you can look inside any eBay seller to find this out. How do you do it? Over here it has their name, their user ID. You go to click on it, then you go to Items for sale. Then you click sold listings. Bingo, all their prices turn green. You can now see everything that any seller has sold in the last 90 days. You can also sort by highest price first, so you can see the highest price. And that will group them together for you. That is absolute gold because you can never ever run out of products to sell. Any questions on that? Like with most things, there’s always a faster method. So I try to with these events, try to always start off by showing every way you can possibly do something for free.


Because a lot of people say, I don’t see those tools because they cost money. Well, you know, everything costs money if you want to speed it up. If you want to mow your grass, you can go out there with your scissors. Or you can get the Murray out. It’s up to you. Tools are awesome if they do what they’re designed to do, which is to save you time and money. And if they don’t do that, then don’t use them. So as an example, you can use Scarcity Manager. Just click on eBay categories. This will cost you about 15 bucks a month. You can go to any category here, so for instance Smoker, Pool, Billiards. And you click on that, and then it’ll show you in this category. So, going back, these are all the categories in eBay. It goes down and down, pages and pages, and I mentioned before, you can never run out of things to sell. So you choose any category. I choose Smoker, Pool and Billiards. Click on it, bang. You now get this page, and you can see here number of items sold. This at the top, for instance, sold 2,101 times.


Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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eBay Tips – Many Streams Make a River – What To Sell On eBay

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Neil Waterhouse

Before you go, get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful eBay Amazon Dropship sellers.

These are powerful tactics that I’ve used to launch and grow my own online businesses… and they can work for you, too