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How to beat Chinese sellers on eBay


How to Beat Chinese Sellers? This short video talks about how to compete with Chinese sellers on eBay and how to beat them.

Also talks about the great opportunities the Chinese sellers offer us.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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13 thoughts on “How to beat Chinese sellers on eBay”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the info but i have noticed lately that the Chinese are now selling/shipping larger items from China on eBay(example-bicycles) and just simply reducing their margin and charging normal EMS,DHL, etc. freight from China, this seems to get around their limitation of only selling/shipping small items. I think they will “own” eBay soon using this
    method !!
    Your Thoughts ?

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      If a Chinese seller is shipping direct from China via airfreight then this can give you a very good opportunity.

      To ship a box a bit larger than a shoebox from China via airfreight costs around $100.

      If you bring in the same bicycle like you mentioned via sea freight, the cost of shipping can be much less. For example our last 20 foot container from China to Australia cost $2200 and that holds 27 m³. That is room for a lot of bicycles.

      You of course do not need to bring over a whole container, you can see freight one bicycle if you like however it is of course cheaper to import more at a time.

      Every time you find a Chinese seller shipping large items via airfreight it is a good thing as you may have just found a great opportunity.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I will try.

      I 100% admit I have lots to learn about making videos and I am a complete novice in front of a camera!. These days I sure take my hat off to professional broadcasters.

      I appreciate your feedback.

    1. You’re very welcome Frank.

      After a lot of deliberation and requests I have decided to create a home study course first. This is nearly done and I’m just adding the final touches on it now. Hope to have it released before Christmas.

  2. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your videos.

    I have noticed Chinese sellers with warehouses located in Australia who are selling on Ebay. They call themselves “Aussie Sellers”, can offer free fast shipping like I do, and still have margins to make when I am only able to break even. The only way I have been able to distinguish myself is on my template, which is much more professional than theirs.

    Any suggestions?


  3. Hi Neil

    I was looking in selling jewellery on eBay, but now that you have explained how the Chinese can ship items under 500g for cheaper .. do you still recommend me to sell this niches ?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Vicky,

      When you start off, I highly recommend that you sell anything and everything and therefore have eBay username which is generic i.e david jones.

      And then when you have a lot of a particular niche i.e. baby products, pet products, toys etc, you then move those products to their own eBay account and/or website and have eBay username which aligns with  the niche i.e xyy pet products.

       You then get a listing template created to suit that niche i.e.  a pink listing template with love hearts for the baby products, a listing template with dog bones et cetera for the pet niche etc.

      Each niche has its own separate eBay account and separate eBay listing template.

      You can then if you wish, like we do, sell off those niches for 1-8 times the years profit for that niche but keep the main business.

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