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Drop Shipping on eBay


4 years ago I wouldn’t go near an eBay drop ship business
with a barge pole due to the high risks and me being too
much of a control freak.

This video is all about why myself and many other sellers
have changed our tune.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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18 thoughts on “Drop Shipping on eBay”

  1. Thank you for making this video.
    -What is the workaround for the packaging/box slip? I have heard of using gift options, and sellers on sites such as doing plain box shipping. What’s the common practice?
    -How do you handle returns?
    -Have you noticed a higher percentage of negative feedback with this business model?
    -I recall something about Amazon suspending accounts if they catch on that you are using them like the example of K-Mart in the video.

  2. another excellent video – thank you Neil… even though i have completed your Home Study course, i am always up for a refresher on dropshipping !!…. kind regards Jenny

  3. Always great material Neil, thank you!

    I guess the next question is how do we find reputable drop ship suppliers? Are they local or overseas? Overseas drop shippers like China may take weeks before the product reaches the customer, does this work drop shipping from china?

  4. This opens my eyes thanks Neil
    As a new be I would be interested in the simple courses if you can start me from scratch or know any one local who can. I struggle and believe I need personal coaching or at lest over Head video . kind regarded harry from Goldcoast

  5. Okay, so what I am seeing here is that if I were to sign up for the $30 per month Platinum version of Scarcity Manager, it would allow me to use the “Automatic Oversell Protection If Supplier Runs Out Of Stock” and “Automatically Adds eBay Inventory When Supplier Has Re: Stocked” function. And you are inferring that if I use a dropship supplier that maintains a dynamic website, then Scarcity Manager will be able to switch my ebay listings on or off depending on whether or not that item remains available on the dropshipper’s website. Is that right?

    If that is correct, I’m just wondering how well Scarcity Manager is able to interact with other websites? I wasn’t able to find much info on the scarcity website… How does that part of the process work? Would you insert a link for the product into scarcity manager and it would be able to identify the details?

    Great book by the way, really enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes all correct. Just add a the link / URL for each item into Scarcity Manager and SM will automatically continually check the suppliers inventory.

      If the supplier runs out of stock, SM will automatically change your inventory on eBay to zero.

  6. Good to know Scarcity turns off your listing if the supplier runs out. But does it run the listing back on when the supplier gets more inventory?

  7. Also, my main problem with drop shipping initially is the product is priced very high and it is difficult to make a profit. Do you recommend drop shippers who don’t charge a high price so the seller can make some profit? Preferably in the US.

    1. Yes there is a list of 200+ drop ship suppliers in the eBay home study course plus instructions on how to get hundreds more for free. I cannot give this out this info for free as it would be unfair for everybody who paid to a home study course owner.

  8. Hi Neil… question round ScarcityManager…. does it have the function to show us the top selling items of any seller??

  9. Hi Neil

    Is the Home Study Course the same as the one day course? If so, how do I order it?

    When will you be doing another one day in Melboune?


  10. How do I find/approach an ebay dropshipper. I know the area I want to go into and see some people here selling the item just don’t know how to contact the dropshipper to have them as a supplier.

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