Free eBay Workshop – How To Sell – How To Make Money On eBay

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Just a quick video this week as I’m finishing off the last bits of the eBay home
study course workshop which I will be making available for free next week.

I only release this workshop once a year so If you’re looking at creating a
full-time online income, you might be interested in checking it out. Last
year we had over 2000 people go through the workshop and many now have full
time online eBay businesses.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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17 Responses to Free eBay Workshop – How To Sell – How To Make Money On eBay

  1. John Soko says:

    …. I am a little confused Neil – is the free Homestudy course still available?

  2. cameron scott says:

    Hi Neil. i would love to see a little bit more on the images if possible. especially for thoise that dropship & are always sourcing the images from retailers or other sellers, im finding a large number of images are too small when we save them & then when i resize them to suit the gallery they become grainy or even blurry im not sure why some do this & some dont but is there a way to resize & remove the grainy or blurry element.
    also sourcing images would be a great topic especially when there are only one or 2 with the retailers & we google & get nothing cheers mate. your teachings & vlogs are always great & insightful

  3. Andrew Sun says:

    Hi Neil,

    I used to create Shopify store to sell Kitchenware, but I have to shut down due to very low traffic. Although I created a few sales, it cost me too much for advertising via Facebook. I came across with your YouTube video a few weeks ago and started to follow your suggestion by opening personal account on eBay. I use drop shipping strategy to make profit, however the profit margin is low.

    I am confronting a problem is I like to import goods from China, but I don’t have too much money in my bank account, besides I am not sure the products that I imported will sell good on eBay or not.

    So right now, I just do drop shipping. But the shipment takes too long and many sellers based in China who sell cheap price. So I have to lower my price to compete with them which left me too lower profit margin.

    So I am in delima, don’t know how to level my eBay business to high profit margin. Do you think I need to upgrade my sell account from personal to open eBay shop?

  4. Daniel Brady says:

    I’m interested in :

    How importing to US (FBA) works for Australian companies. Need a US company? Different safety regulations? Need a US accountant?

  5. A Hodges says:

    Please cover the methodology of researching items to source from China. Recently read your book and some links are no longer valid so couldn’t follow the step-by-steps.

    And Cheers!

  6. Lidy Seysener says:

    Hi Neil – Looking forward to doing this course. I’m not sure that there is anything in particular that I want to know about. My ebay business currently is only about selling things I’ve got around home that I want to get rid of. When I’ve got through this then I would like to expand into selling other items so it’s all useful to me. Thanks and Regards Lidy

  7. Ivana says:

    Wonderful news, I am looking forward to it… Some of the topis I would like to suggest and questions answered if possible please:
    I make women’s clothes and often have 1 style available in up to 40 different colours. I love listings with variations because you keep your sales history in one listing. However, how to make an appealing main photo for an item that’s available in so many variations. Is it better to list all items separately?

    If an item has a sales history, but no sales in the last 30 days – is it better to end it and relist it, or leave it as is so that we keep the sales history in that listing?

    I’ve tried promoted listings, but with no much luck. Do you recommend it?

    I would like to be able to offer a free pair of shoes with any kaftan purchase… This is how I’ve done it: Is there a smarter way of doing it?

    In the same listing example I though I had used an optimised image as per your advice, but have not had any success. This particular item (same quality and same manufacturer) is sold for about $180-$220 on EBay. I am selling it for $120 and giving a pair of shoes for free.. I’ve tried promoted listings too. How some people manage to sell it for so much higher price… Some feedback I received was that because the price is too low, buyers seem to think that it’s not the same quality 🙁 What is the right approach about this?

    Does a number of watchers against an item without sales help in anyway?

    Some business claim they do SEO for EBay listings for a fee… Reading about Cassini I find it difficult to believe that that is possible. What are your thoughts about it?

  8. John says:

    Hi Neil,
    I started an ebay business but due to long work hrs and family commitments I did not have any time left to get it off the ground (only managed to list 1 product) You often talk about outsourcing the work, I would need someone to find products then find those products available in Australia at a competitive price (my business is dropshipping) If you could offer more advice on this it would be very helpful, advice like, what sort of help to look for and where to look, will they understand what I need and how much to pay them, would it be per hr or per product?
    Some indepth advice on this would be very helpful.

    Regards, John.

  9. Adam Whitsun-Jones says:

    Thanks Neil, I am looking forward to the workshop.

  10. Chris.shipman says:

    I am really interested in your ebay tutoring course kind regards Chris

  11. Chris.shipman says:

    Im really interested in your ebay tutoring

  12. Trevor says:

    Hi Neil better way to do pictures on eBay

  13. Gabby says:

    Suggestion for your webcast:
    What to do if all your suggestions do not work?
    I have tried everything & my sales are increasing only a little


  14. Brent says:

    Wow cool stuff -can wait for the free workshop

  15. T says:

    Hi Neil, very interested in attending the free workshop. Where do I sign up?

  16. Anne Duncan says:

    Hi Neil

    Not sure if I am registered for this worksop. I clicked on the button which downloaded the action guide, does that automatically register me?

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