Bad Day For Traditional Bricks And Mortar Stores However… Good Day to Be You!

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We’ve all seen the news showing how more and more bricks and mortar stores are closing down due to now over 46% of people purchasing online however…. when one door closes, another one opens…wide.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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7 Responses to Bad Day For Traditional Bricks And Mortar Stores However… Good Day to Be You!

  1. Mike says:


    I also find it sad that B&M stores close but from when I started part time 13 years ago I knew
    That on line made financial sense. Why pay £2000 per month store rent plus overheads when I can send worldwide from my online shop from home! Yes I would like a store/warehouse/display on a good footfall but it just does not make any sense financially, unless you are using it as a warehouse to employ staff and store items and even then you need to do the calculations carefully!


  2. Frank says:

    Start a website selling model planes and parts ?

  3. Such an inspirational video Neil. I liked the correlation between bricks and mortar vs online sales. We should support all businesses on both sides of the monitor for the personal service they provide. My key note to many e-commerce businesses out there is, just because they can’t see you, doesn’t mean your company is faceless. Look after your customers and they’ll be back.

  4. Renee Qin says:

    If the brick n mortar stores don’t adapt or change with the changing ways of the market, doom is enevitable. Expensive shopping centre rents and stiff labour laws make it too difficult for retailers.

  5. Joel says:

    My partner owns a child care centre I can’t see how that will be replaced by a internet business

  6. Karen says:

    very true, I am sure people mourned the loss of the horse and cart that delivered milk, and wondered where they would get fertiliser for their roses. We, as a society are changing and growing, keep up or be left behind.

  7. John says:

    It is happening o so fast! in 2004 we owned a B&M business selling a wide variety of soft furnishing related goods – including brand name sewing machines. We took the machines online to expand our sales base. Within 3 months, we were effectively forced to ‘close down’ online sales by the suppliers as it did not align with their philosophies for selling sewing machines 🙂
    For B&M businesses offering goods for sale to continue, they have no option but to have an online store running in parallel ….. or go as most of the dinosaurs.

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