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ebay Fees Illustrator


ebay Fees Illustrator, eBay fees vary in different countries however they are all relatively similar.  For the examples below I have used the ebay fees from eBay USA and PayPal USA.

eBay charges a listing fee (also called an insertion fee) and a FVF (final value fee).

Often eBay has promotions where you can list items for free but you still have to pay the FVF (final value fee).

Currently eBay is allowing you to do 50 listings per month with no insertion fees.

If you do more than 50 listings in a month, you will be charged the normal insertion fees of $0.05 cents for fixed price Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, and Video Games or $0.30 cents for auction-style and fixed price listings in all other categories.

Readers should note eBay, like most companies charge higher fees to smaller sellers and reward larger sellers with lower fees.  Larger sellers do not pay listing fees if they have an eBay store and can also pay reduced PayPal fees.

FVF (Final Value Fees)

The FVF (Final Value Fee) varies for different categories, from 7% up to 12% so a quick rule of thumb is 10%. This is 10% of the price the item sells for up to a maximum amount of $250.  i.e. if your item sells for $100, the FVF you pay eBay is $10

Other eBay fees:

There are other optional services you can use which have additional fees i.e

Gallery Plus – which shows a larger picture in the eBay search results:

$0.35 cents

Listing Designer: $0.10 cents

Subtitle: $0.05 cents

Value Pack (all of the above): $0.65 cents

Bold: $2.00

PayPal Fees

Like eBay fees, PayPal charges smaller sellers higher fees and rewards larger sellers with lower fees.

PayPal fees start at 2.4% of FVF (final value fee) for same country sales and 3.4% for international sales and can be as low as 1.1% for high volume sellers.

If you are selling a motor vehicle, the eBay fees are different.  See

For help on creating the title for your listing, see

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ebay Fees Illustrator

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7 thoughts on “ebay Fees Illustrator”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Right now I am a very small seller and I’m suffering from Paralysis of Analysis. Is there a trick to getting past this. I’ve not sold what I have listed in the past 2 months. So I’m having a huge problem deciding on things to sell. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks so much

    Nan Ruhl
    Golden Ruhl Auctions LLC

    1. Hi Nan,

      I know how you feel. To get through this, we adopted a strategy of “we have to order” if all the numbers line up.

      To do this, first write your criteria down. If a product matches your criteria, then you “must” order it.

      Does that help?

  2. Hi Neil,
    Does ebay FVF and also Paypal charges also includes the amount charged for shipping? I mean if item I am selling is not free shipping and I have listed a shipping fee for that still I need to pay 10% of shipping fee to ebay and 2.4% to paypal?
    Is there any strategy to reduce ebay and Paypal fees?

    1. Hi Keivan,

      Yes you will have to pay FVF on the sell price of shipping.

      In regards to decreasing PayPal fees, yes you get them down to 1.5% as your sales grow.

      Best way to make more o money on eBay is focusing on selling more and buying for lower prices.

  3. Hello Neil,
    I believe the current FVF for the Clothes and Accessories category on eBay UK is actually 12% not 10%.
    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Patricia,

      I think you will find, if you read Neil’s article properly …..he said this!!!!

      The FVF (Final Value Fee) varies for different categories, from 7% up to 12% so a quick rule of thumb is 10%.

      Might pay to read,before you post.

      Hope that helps
      THANKS Rob

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